9 Rivers In Sydney Nature Lovers Should Definitely Witness

People in Australia love rivers, beaches, mountains and all other natural places. But Australia’s rivers, lakes and beaches are loved by millions of people around the world. And that is why, every year hundreds of people visit Sydney to visit the river bodies and enjoy the serene environment. The super calm water of the river has the ability to cool your nerves and give you a soothing experience.

9 rivers in sydney

We are presenting you with a list of options where you can have a soothing experience near a river with your family and friends:

1. Nepean River
2. Kowmang River
3. Varonora River
4. Hacking River
5. Hawkesbury River
6. Permatt River
7. Duck River
8. George River
9. Lane Cove River

1. Nepean River

 Nepean river

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The river is located 50 km from the city of Sydney. This river bank is an ideal place for a walk with family or friends. The place has a beautiful landscape that will give you the most beautiful holiday experience with your friends and family. You can visit this place for a kayak, camping, picnic, or even a simple day trip to see the natural sights.

salient feature:

Ideal for: Adventure lovers as well as children
place: Sydney Basin (IBRA), Southern Highlands, Macarthur, Greater Western Sydney

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2. Komang River

Kowmung River

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Kowmang passes through both the Blue Mountains and Kanangra-Boyd National Park. The river runs through some of the most rugged areas of New South Wales. This river is also a part of the seven rivers which are known as ‘wild rivers’.
You can see various wildlife near the Kumang River. Some of them include shattering frogs, brush-tailed rock wallabies and southeastern petaltails.

salient feature:

  • Witness beautiful rugged scenery
  • A walk to the riverfront will give you a memorable experience
  • You can get a chance to see many amazing wildlife creatures

Ideal for: Adventure addicts, solo travelers
place: Sydney Basin (IBRA), Central Tablelands

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3. Varonora River

Varonora River

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The river passes through a residential area, and is one of the cleanest rivers in Sydney. On your way to the river, you can also visit Prince Edward Park, which is about half an hour’s walk from Sutherland Station.

salient feature:

  • Beautiful environment
  • Clean river
  • Kayak Facility

Ideal for: Family trips, or group trips
place: Greater Metropolitan, Sydney

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4. Hacking River

Hacking river

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This powerful and beautiful river lies between the southern part of Sydney and Bundena. If you want to swim and freshen up then this river is one of the most beloved rivers. There is also a BBQ for cooking for the dip-dip feast.

salient feature:

  • Great for swimming
  • BBQ availability
  • Net pool

Ideal for: Adventure people, travelers, and people in search of peace and tranquility
place: Volang, Sutherland

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5. Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River

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If you want to experience a cruise and boating then this is an ideal river location. Museums and many World Heritage Sites settle the city of Hawkesbury. There are many historical and culturally rich places where you can go near the Hawkesbury River.

salient feature:

  • Availability of many tourist places near the river
  • Bicycling and boating facilities near the river
  • You can see various freshwater and estuary species

Ideal for: Children, nature lovers and wildlife lovers
place: New South Wales, Australia

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6. Permatt River

Permit River

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It is an intermediate tidal river. The Paramatta River cut Sydney in half in a north-south direction. There are many activities that you can do near the river. Some of the activities include fishing, nature watching and ecological sightseeing.

salient feature:

  • Sailing
  • Sagar Scouts
  • Rowing
  • Foreshore walks

Ideal for: Family trips, group trips, and solo travelers
place: New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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7. Duck River

Duck river

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It is a perennial stream in Sydney. Duck River is basically a tributary of Parmarat River. The Duck River meets the Paramatta River in Silverwater. The wetland of the duck river is protected by the regional government and these wetlands must be visited. You can also see many threatened species near the Duck River.

salient feature:

  • Visit Condell Park nearby
  • Know about different species of plants and trees
  • Ideal for those who like to see different animal and plant species

Ideal for: Wildlife lover
place: City of Canterbury-Bankstown, City of Parbrata Council, Cumberland Council

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8. George River

George river

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The Georges River is also known as the Tuggera River. The George River is a tidal valley estuary. The river is a tributary of Botany Bay and is known for its tidal estuary.

salient feature:

  • Famous for recreational activities
  • Ideal for swimming and skiing
  • Photographic scene

Ideal for: Adventurous people, family trips
place: East of Appin, Macarthur area

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9. Lane Cove River

Lane Cove River

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The Lane Cove River is another tributary of the Parmarat River. It is another river with a tidal estuary. The Lan Cove River, along the Permamut River, forms a part of Sydney harbor.

salient feature:

  • Mouth of the tide
  • Mangrove area
  • Visit the nearby Lane Cove River National Park
  • Famous for various trails and tracks

Ideal for: Family travel, group travel, solo travel
place: Greenwich and Woolwich point

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When you are visiting Australia, do not wander the beaches and markets of Sydney. There are many perennial and non-perennial rivers in Australia that you can see. These rivers reflect the physical features as well as the natural beauty of Sydney. So don’t forget to visit these creepy rivers in Sydney.

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