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9 Hotels In Goa That Offer The Comfort And Luxury!

Diversity is the best thing about Goa and, its mode of attraction attracts every tourist and travelers to visit the state. But, does this mean that it is difficult to determine the prices, reviews, ratings and facilities offered in Goa hotels? The answer will not be clear. There are many hotels with affordable accommodation and prices ranging from 3-star to 5-star ratings. Hotels in goa Many special remedies are given to their customers to maintain their love.

While the beautiful beaches are bustling with a story of their own, it is also very important to find a comfortable stay option in the city. But don’t fret. We have made your work easy by creating a list of hotels that will not only suit your wallet but will also enhance the overall experience.

Top 9 Hotels in Goa

Whether you travel to any place within the country or outside, it is important to establish a comfortable base in the city. Hotels in Goa are equipped with special services that make them better in terms of accommodation options.

1. Taj Exotica Goa, Benaulim

Taj Exotica Goa in Benaulim

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It is one of the highest priced and deluxe hotels in Goa. The hotel is built in the Mediterranean style and boasts some very nice amenities. Located on a private beach where one can see the Arabian Sea in all its glory, one can also have a spa in a hotel after a day. The poolside bar has a wide variety of drinks and restaurants serve a variety of dishes to taste. Surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful hotels form the best base when traveling to the city.

cost: INR 24,000 / night
place: Calavado, Salkete, Benaulim, Goa 403716

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2. W. Goa

W goa

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W. Goa provides a beautiful and panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and hills. This place will give you a dream-like experience as one can only drown in the charm of the Arabian Sea from the hotel. In addition, lounges and bars allow you to relax and chill, while DJs and cabanas play rhythmic applause. Cited as one of the most luxurious hotels in Goa after Taj Exotica, it is another venue to relax after another day.

cost: INR 22,500 / night
place: Vagator Beach, Goa 403509

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3. Grand Hyatt, Goa

Grand Hyatt in Goa

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One of the most promising options for rejuvenation in the country’s tourism capital. The hotel has luxurious rooms with an aerial part with a luxurious view. The swimming pool at the hotel provides another option to stretch your legs after a long day. While in the hotel one can also taste the taste of the cuisine as well as enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding places from the comfort of their room. A heavenly place providing royal treatment, it is definitely one of the best hotels in Goa.

cost: INR 12,400 / night.
place: Goa University Road, Bambolim, Goa 403206

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4. Radisson Hotel, Fort Aguada Road

Radisson Hotel at Fort Aguada Road

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Radisson Hotel is a popular destination for base in Goa. The hotel is popular for the wide variety of services they provide. While therapeutic spa massage will relieve you of all worries, one can also try one or two games in a game room. In addition, a multi-dining restaurant along with a coffee shop is best suited to indulge your senses in delicious food. A gala way to spend your evening in joy and peace.

cost: INR 11,500 / night
place: Fort Aguada Road, Baman Waddo, Candolim, Goa 403515

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5. Vivanta by Taj

Vivanta Taj

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If you are looking for an unforgettable Goan experience then Vivanta is the best option for you. The hotel boasts vocal cottages with elegant interiors that ensure your comfortable stay. The breathtaking view of the Arabian sea, when combined with sniffing lips, will not only energize you, but also provide a great travel experience with lots of memories. Also, when the city lights start bothering you, enjoy some solitude in the garden or salon inside the complex.

cost: INR 10,000 / night
place: Sinkim, Candolim, Bardez, Goa 403515

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6. Fahrenheit Hotel

Fahrenheit Hotel

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It is one of the best hotels in Goa. The hotel has many basic facilities in its kitty that cater to every visitor. While the multi-cuisine restaurant is filled with beach bars with culinary bars and miniature golf will definitely raise your expectations. The outdoor pool is the perfect place to relax after a busy day and also offers spectacular views of the above horizon. The ultimate way to spend a wonderful and relaxing evening.

cost: INR 9,500 / night
place: Calangute – Baga Road, Calangute, Goa 403516

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7. Club Mahindra Varaka Beach

Club Mahindra Varaka Beach

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One of the cheapest and budget hotels in Goa for all. This place combines your energy to travel and does not let you live up to your expectations. The place is catered to its visitors with world-class services with a luxurious architectural interior. The luxurious rooms when paired with bars and multi-dining restaurants are a completely different story. Also, if you want to relax every inch of your body, then go for a spa massage after a day’s tour.

cost: INR 8,400 / night
place: Survey Number 176/1, Varka Village Salkete Taluka, 403721 Varka

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8. Fairfield by Marriott

Fairfield by marriott

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Now the time has come to enjoy the serene scenery with an extraordinary view of the inner hotel. Fairfield by Marriott is one of the best hotels for comfort. With many basic facilities such as airport shuttles, swimming pools and bars, this venue will make you active. In addition, the multicolored restaurant with a myriad of multicolored dishes fills energy with each bite of the taste of happiness. Also the pool views, including a bar for top tasting drinks, is something to look for when consoling.

cost: INR 6,000 / night
place: Survey No. 11/14, Plot B, C&E, Anjuna, Goa 403509

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9. Pharmagudi Residency

Pharmagudi Residency

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For those looking for a budget hotel in Goa, this is the place for you. The hotel has comfortable air-conditioned rooms and 24 x 7 room services at your request. One can feel the gentle breeze on the manicured lawn walking a long distance and caressing the face. The hotel complex also has ample types of cottages that provide serene views of mountains, temples, and fields that prove to be the ultimate iteration for one and all.

cost: INR 1200 / night
place: In Ponda, close to Karmali railway station

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Every popular tourist destination has the perfect hotel lineup for your stay. Hotels in Goa are also no less. The magnetized atmosphere, beautiful atmosphere, is the perfect place to retreat to a complex designed room. While the above details are sorted from high to low, one may also find other options to suit their budget. So next time you plan to visit Goa, an attractive place, check out these hotels listed above and make your stay comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Goa

Q. Which is the cheapest price hotel for vegetarian people with only pure vegetarian food?

a. Hotel Panchel is the cheapest hotel with a accommodation price of INR 1000 and special dishes of North Indian food for vegetarian South Indian or vegetarian people.

Q. Which is the highest priced hotel? What special features does it include?

a. The highest priced hotel accommodation in Taj Exotica per night is INR 24, 000. It has special facilities for Spa and Body Massage, Arabian Sea View, Beauty Salon, Coffee House, Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Gym.

Q. Which of the few beaches in Goa are perfect for long walks to spend time with your better half, families and children?

a. Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach and Candolim Beach are some of the beaches in Goa, which last longer to spend time with your better half, families and children.

Q. Which are the two most prominent beaches of Goa? Name some good hotels near them.

a. Baga Beach and Calangute Beach are the most prominent beaches in Goa. Some good hotels they have are given below:
1. 16 degrees north
2. Cavala Seaside Resort
3. Fahrenheit Hotels & Resorts
4. Acron Waterfront Resort
5. Casa de Casino
6. Castle House
7. So My Resort
8. Renzo’s Inn
9. Resort Terra Paraíso

Q. What are the major attractions of Vivanta by Taj Hotel?

a. Yoga Pavilion, Thai Restaurant, Beach House, Rock Climbing, Beach House are the major attractions of Vivanta of Taj Hotel.

Q. Are unmarried couples allowed to stay in Goa hotels?

a. Yes, unmarried couples are allowed to stay in hotels in Goa. One needs to carry his / her local ID as proof.

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