9 Cafes In Vienna To Satiate Your Cravings On Your Trip

Cafe in Vienna: Located in Austria, Vienna, on the banks of the Danube River, attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of the world. Enriched with parks and recreational places, Vienna is popular for combining the beauty of nature and urban life. Equipped with historical buildings, Vienna prides itself on its royal architecture that will surprise you.

Vienna is also home to some of the greatest creators such as Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Apart from its beauty, Vienna is also known for its luxurious gourmet eateries. During your stay, you should definitely not miss Cafe in Vienna Blessed with a cozy atmosphere where you can have a cup of coffee.

Top 9 Cafes in Vienna for a Memorable Trip

Explore these best cafes in Vienna for a memorable trip in Austria and savor a good coffee with your friends or spend some time alone.

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1. Cafe Havelka

Located in the first district, Cafe Havelka is one of the top cafes in Vienna. The cafe is featured in both documentary films and songs such as ‘Josh’ and ‘Trans Europa Express’. This cafe was opened in the year 1939 by Leopold and Josephine Havelka. This best café in Vienna was visited by Austrian famous poets, politicians and musicians. The dish that has become popular in this restaurant is Buchanlan, a brioche served with custard.

place: 6 Dorotheragas, Inere Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria
Phone: +4315128230

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2. Cafe Pruckel

Located within proximity to the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, Cafe Prückel is the best place to visit when you want to visit more coffee houses. Opening in 1903, the site went through a major renovation in the 1950s. However, you will not be able to find elements of the traditional Viennese coffee house here. In addition to olive-green chairs, this cafe adorns itself with bamboo desks, chandeliers and lamps. You must try apple strudel with whipped cream at this famous café in Vienna.

place: 24 Stubenring, Innere Stadt Wien, Wien, 1010, Austria.
Phone: +43 1-512 61 15 12

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3. High Alt Vein

Alt Wien Cafe, located close to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, is one of Vienna’s top cafes. After opening in the year 1522, this coffee was purchased by Leopold Havelka. The misty lights and poster-covered walls of the Kefi Alt Vein welcome you to the charm of a classic coffee house. Their menu is decorated with traditional food which gives you the opportunity to go beyond cakes and sandwiches. You must try Viennese Schneital here. His generous open time makes him one of the best cafes in Vienna.

place: 9 Beckerstraw, Enere Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria
Phone: +4315125222

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4. Cafe Landman

Cafe Landmann is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Vienna. Located in a historic building near the University of Vienna, this cafe is decorated with black wooden furniture as well as tablecloths. Established in 1873, this cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Vienna. Nearby attractions include the Imperial Palace and Bergheater. You should try the Austrian dessert here.

place: 4 Universitring, Einre Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria.
Phone: +43124100120

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5. Cafe Korb

Opening its doors for the first time in 1904, Cafe Korb is one of the most prominent cafes in Vienna. Sigmund Freud and Andy Warhol were both regular customers at this cafe. Fitted with black and white images, this cafe will take you back to the 1960s. Here you will also find a bowling alley downstream. The interior feels full of life any day. You must try Butter Bread in this famous café in Vienna. Butter breads come with chives and boiled eggs, usually served in a glass. You will also get a glass Prosecco with it.

place: 7-9 Brandstatte, Inere Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria
Phone: +4315337215

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6. Cafe Central

Located inside Palle Firstel, Cafe Central began its journey in 1876. During its early days, this cafe served Vienna’s best intellectual minds. With its architectural sensibility, it frequently invited dignitaries such as Sigmund Freud and Adolf Laws. The cafe today is decorated with large lamps, beautiful vaults, pillars and chandeliers. Offering a diverse range of coffee, this cafe will definitely add to your memory. You can’t miss this café in central Vienna are Schneital and Tafelspitz.

place: 14 Herrengasse, Enere Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria.
Phone: +4315333763

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7. Cafe Diglas

Located on Volzile Road, Café Diglas was established in the year 1875 at Hans Diglas. However, it opened its doors for the first time in 1923. After the Emperor Franz Josef visited the cafe during the inauguration, this cafe became a home for those who were in. Look for a beautiful yet cozy atmosphere. The taste of a simple coffee and cake will also make you speechless. If you are visiting the cafe at night, you will take yourself to a magical land with a piano. It is one of the most famous cafes in Vienna.

place: 10 Volzile, Inere Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria.
Phone: +4315125765

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8. Cafe Museum

Situated within proximity to the Opera House, the Café Museum adopts the simple architectural style of Adolf Lose. Despite the lack of luxurious details, the Cafe Museum soon became one of the places celebrated by the cultural elite. The cafe today is decorated with interior and modern details. Most visitors come to this cafe before visiting Kärntnerstra –e – one of the most famous shopping streets in Vienna. You must go here for Viennese Apple Strudel.

place: 7 Oparangese, Enere Stadt Veen, Veen, 1010, Austria
Phone: +43124100620

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9. Cafe Mozart

Your list of cafes in Vienna will be incomplete without Cafe Mozart. Being one of the top cafes for over 200 years, this cafe is the perfect place to spend a wonderful evening. Most visitors love the fact that Cafe Mozart Vienna sees the grand Albertina Opera. This cafe is adorned with upholstered benches, chandeliers and small tables. You should definitely try a modern Schanigarten cafe mozart in Vienna.

place: Albertinplatz 2, A-1010 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 24 100-200

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These cafes in Vienna ensure that you take time away from your exhaustion vacation and can relax by filling a few sips over a hot cup of coffee or some delicious snacks. Vienna is a heart-warming city in Austria blessed with ambient cafes in every nook and corner that will captivate your mind and soul. Explore the culinary world of Vienna during your visit to Austria and tell us about your experience later.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cafe in Vienna

Q. What should I eat in Vienna?

a. During your visit to Vienna, you should definitely try foods like Wiener Schitzel, Sachtorte, Austrian Golash, Apple Strudel, Spring Asparagus, etc.

Q. What are the best cafes in Vienna?

a. Some of the best cafes in Vienna are Cafe Landman, Cafe Mozart, Cafe Pruckel, Cafe Central, Cafe Havelka etc.

Q. Where can I eat in Vienna?

a. During your stay in Vienna, you should dine in restaurants such as Scopic and Lohan Restaurant, Figmueller Restaurant, Fiefervirt Restaurant, Zum Schwarzen Kamel Restaurant, Dommeier Cafe, Mummy Floss Brasserie, etc.

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