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9 Best Windows Backup Software for 2020 [Free and Paid]


CloudBerry is not your standard cloud backup solution. Instead, it is a backup control center.

In plain English this means:

It doesn’t provide cloud storage but rather allows you to store your stuff on one or more cloud solutions of your choice and lets you manage all your backups from one place.

Ease of Use

I was able to download and install the software with ease. Its user interface is pleasing to the eye and nicely laid out. However, with a plethora of Windows backup programs, navigating through it might prove tough sledding for newbies.

To be fair, though, the software is designed for power users and IT professionals — so the geekiness is not out of place.


CloudBerry has two unique selling points that make it one of the best backup software in 2020.

First, it offers 65 storage destinations, including all the big names like Amazon S3, OneDrive, and Microsoft Azure.

Second, it covers just about every mixed storage scenario.

Want to backup your stuff on Google Drive to OneDrive? CloudBerry has you covered. Need to back up a business presentation to a USB flash drive and Google Drive? Easy-peasy.

From your documents folder to Amazon S3, as well as a network storage device? No problem.

CloudBerry’s scope is truly mind-boggling.

Windows Backup Software
Windows Backup Software

And in case you’re wondering if it can backup images of an entire hard disk, the answer is yes.

With CloudBerry, you get real-time backups, as well as a number of scheduling options, like hourly, daily, and weekly. If you want, you can set up your own schedule, too.

It encrypts backups with up to 256-bit AES Encryption on the client-side and uses the TLS protocol to protect data while it is in transit. On top of this, it also provides ransomware protection to keep your data safe from bad guys.

CloudBerry can restore server images to VMware, Hyper-V, and cloud-based virtual machines. This means that, if you are using this backup solution, you can have your servers up and running in no time at all in case of a crash.

It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, 2008, 2008 R2. 


If there’s one gripe I have with CloudBerry, it is the lack of phone support. On the brighter side, though, the email support is top-notch.

I contacted them twice with questions, and both times they responded within 20 minutes, with step-by-step solutions to my problems. So you can count on their speedy and efficient reply when you need help.

Additionally, you can post a query on their forum, which is well-maintained by their moderators.


Since CloudBerry doesn’t offer cloud storage, your upload and download speeds will depend on the performance of the partner service, among other things — your internet speed and proximity to the cloud server.

I uploaded and downloaded 1 GB of documents, photos, and music files on Google Drive.

CloudBerry was able to upload the data in about 23 minutes on average, which is a strong result. The download speed was even more impressive, taking all but two minutes to restore data.

These were the best results among all cloud backup solutions I researched — so kudos to CloudBerry.


CloudBerry offers a free version, Windows Free, but you can use only 200 GB of cloud storage with it.

The Windows Desktop version, on the other hand, manages 5 TB of cloud storage and costs $49.99 for one machine.

There are various server versions also, which offer 1 TB of space and allow up to 5 machines. And, finally, there’s an Ultimate version, with which you get unlimited space and machines.

Mind you, the final cost of backup will be higher, as you’ll be paying for cloud storage as well.


CloudBerry is a powerful backup solution that offers many advanced features. It is ideal for power Windows users who want more control over how and where they backup data.

It is also a good choice for small businesses, thanks to its strong data security features and ability to restore servers in a jiffy.

But if you are an average user, you might find it more than a handful and perhaps a tad bit expensive.

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