9 Best Places To Visit In Kerala In July One Cannot Miss While Here!

When you are in the south of India, there are many beautiful places. You have Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh which form southern India. Of all the states, Kerala is God’s own country! It is the most beautiful state of all and has its enticing backwaters to impress us all. Visit this state in monsoon, you will see some heavy rains and the most beautiful places that are sure to mesmerize you. Kerala has been blessed with some of the best places, with panoramic views and lush green vegetation. When they rain, they look even more green and the waters also flow with full force. But what places do you have to visit in Kerala during the monsoon?

9 Best Places to Visit in Kerala in July

July has some of the best places to visit in Kerala and one should enjoy a wonderful time to see the beautiful scenery of the state.

1. Alappuzha

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This place is known as the place with backwaters and is an attractive place. Alappuzha is one of the most popular places to visit in Kerala and if you still do not know about it, educate yourself! It is one of the most amazing and beauty will never make you tired. You have a snake boat race, an annual event that is held here in the first week of August and you should visit it. It is simply a visual pleasure.

How to get here: The nearest railway station is Alappuzha and the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is about 85 km from the city.
Places to visit: You can visit Alappuzha Beach, Vembanad Lake, Marari Beach and Pathiramanal.

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2. Ahtmudi Lake

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If you like houseboats and gharaundas, then you have to come and visit Ashtamudi lake. It is called that way because this lake has 8 arms or channels and is known for its lovely houses and houseboats. They are one of the most ancient places to spend your vacation and you can visit here in monsoon. You can relax under the coconut trees by the banks and then also catch each fresh. You can pamper yourself with a soothing Ayurvedic massage.

How to get here: Kollam Junction is just 2 km from Ahtmudi Lake. Then, Trivandrum International Airport is 70 km.

What are the places to visit here: Thekkan Guruvayur Temple, Thevalli Palace, Nindkara Port and Adventure Park.

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3. Akshar

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Do you want to visit a place where the entire forest comes alive during the monsoon? Well, the Periyar forests of Thekkady come alive in the rain of Kerala and they become so beautiful that you simply cannot miss them. You can enjoy traveling with bamboo rafting, jungle night patrol and what not. It is one of the topmost places in Kerala that you have to visit during the monsoon.

How to get there Kottayam railway station is the nearest and is just 65 km away. Madurai Airport is 140 km from here and Kochi International Airport is about 190 km.

What are the nearest places to visit: Periyar National Park, Suruli Falls, Mangla Devi Kannagi Temple, Mullaperiyar Dam.

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4. Kumarakom

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The gem of all places in Kerala is Kumarakom. It is an enchanting back water destination and has many other holiday options. The place is so popular that it is counted as one of the top 10 parades on Earth. It has some of the most amazing resorts and you have to stay here for the least resorts!

How to get here: Kottayam is about 13 km from here. Kochi Airport is 94 km away.
What are the places you can see here: Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Pathiramal, Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Mango Meadows Agricultural Theme Park.

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5. Munnar

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If you like to see tea gardens then you have to come to Munnar. There are lots of tea estates which you can just visit for a great evening. Munnar is also known for Anamudi, the highest peak in South India, which is an ideal place for trekking. There are lush green views everywhere and Munnar is the place to visit when you are in South India.
How to reach Munnar: The nearest railway stations are Aluva which is about 108 km and Angamali which is about 109 km. Kochi Airport is also 108 km.
Places to visit: Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Anmudi, Tea Museum.

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6. Wayanad

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One of the hill stations on the south side, Wayanad is a must visit place if you love waterfalls. Wayanad is the most romantic and a wonderful place to visit. During the monsoon, you have perfect tree houses that collide among the forest if you want to enjoy the drizzle season. You can have a wonderful time here when you go for a walk in the valley. Take a memorable stay at some of the treehouses here and also take a walk in the mountains.

How to get here: The nearest railway station here is Calicut railway station which is 60 km away. Calicut International Airport is also only 65 km away.
What are the places to visit here: Edakkal Caves, Soochipara Falls, Banasur Sagar Dam, Kuruvadweep.

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7. Bekal

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If you want to see a place or a coast, which can be protected by a fort, then you have to come to see the Bekal fort. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit in the monsoon and is an ideal place to witness the fall in Kerala. Bekal is known as the land of gods, forts, rivers and hills. There are also beautiful beaches and almost complete walkways for tourists to visit, so that they can explore the beauty of the fort and also the beach. You will not know how beautiful this place is, until you come and explore that place. You can also see Bekal Fort, Bekal Beach, Kapil Beach and Chandragiri Fort.

How to get here: The nearest railway station is Kasaragod, which is on the Kozhikode Mangalore, Mumbai route. Mangalore is the nearest airport which is about 50 km from Kasaragod city.

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8. Varkala

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If you want to go to a place full of peace, Varkala is your place. It is the best beach in Kerala and a must visit place in Kerala in monsoon. It is on the shimmering coast of the Arabian Sea and is a coastal hamlet full of palm trees and red rocks. The very famous Papanasam beach is here and it is one of the best places in Kerala. If you like going somewhere far away, where there is peace, then you have to come here.

How to reach Varkala: The nearest railway station is Varkala Shivagiri railway station. Also, Trivandrum Airport is just 40 km from Varkala.
Places to visit while visiting: Varkala Beach, also Sivagiri Math Trivandrum and Varkala Cliff.

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9. Marrikulam

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It is known as the treasure that is in Alleppey’s heart. It is also known as Off Pete Place which has not been fully explored. Mararikulam is one of the most beautiful beauty spots, where you can enjoy the charm of Kerala rain. The places you can visit here are Marari Beach, Pathiramanal Lake, International Coir Museum, St. Andrews Basilica Church Arthangal.

How to reach Mararikulam: Mararikulam Railway Station, Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport. It is 75 km from the airport.

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Thus, these are the places where you can visit Kerala in monsoon. Kovalam is another beautiful place that you cannot miss in the rainy season. The famous Kovalam beach is not to be missed and there are also many activities that you can do. It is just 10 km from Trivandrum International Airport and you can visit some of the best beach parks and beaches here. So if you are planning to holiday in Kerala, then make sure to spend your time at these wonderful places to visit Kerala in July.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Kerala in July

Q. It is good to go to Kerala in July?

A. So Kerala is in South India and it is officially the first monsoon state in India. The monsoon begins in the month of June and falls drastically in the month of July. The weather in Kerala in July is very pleasant for sightseeing. It is noteworthy that Kerala is the first state in India to welcome the monsoon.

Q. Which is the most beautiful place in Kerala?

A. There are more than 23 places to visit in Kerala in July where you have Alleppey – The Backwater Hot Spot, Munnar – Perfect for a romantic honeymoon, Kumarakom – one of the most tranquil places, Wayanad – Land of Heavenly Trails, Thekkady – For the love of wildlife, Kovalam – For some beach fun, Vagamon – Solitude guaranteed and Bekal – nothing less than heaven on earth.

Q. Which is the best season to visit Kerala?

A. Summer is the best season to visit Kerala. The months of March to May are the best and it is between these months that you will love the whole vibe. If you want to go to Kerala in monsoon, then you have to go for foreign Ayurvedic treatment. The wet and cool climate during the monsoon season is the best time to visit Kerala for any Ayurvedic treatment and all rejuvenation programs.

Q. Traveling to Munnar in July is good?

A. December to February, the winter months are the best time to visit Munnar and it is the monsoon season in Munnar which is from June to September. Monsoon season is the best in Munnar and if you are looking for a quiet holiday. If you are looking then you will have a great time to travel to the hill station.

Q. July is a good time to visit Alleppey?

A. Monsoon means Alleppey from July to September. June can be considered a great time to visit Alleppey. Even the first week of July is fine but visiting Alleppey after the middle of July is not appropriate.

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