9 Best Hotels In Chitrakoot For That Comfortable Stay!

Chitrakoot is located in the Bundelkhand region and is called as Hills of many wonders. This is a famous pilgrimage center. People believe that Lord Rama spent 11 years here in his total 14 years exile along with Sita and younger brother Lakshman. People also believe that many sages and philosophers carried out meditation here. In this area, you will observe several temples, many religious Tourist Bungalowsites, and the essence of spirituality is spread all around. This is the place of spiritual retreat for travelers and because of its beautiful and pleasant ambiance, this is the most visited place in Madhya Pradesh. If you are planning your next trip to the city and confused about booking the perfect accommodation, then worry not. Here is a list of all the top hotels in Chitrakoot that you can check take a roof under on your next trip!

Top 9 Hotels In Chitrakoot

There are many City wise Hotels, Wildlife Resorts, Beach Resorts and Luxury Hotels available in and around Chitrakoot and here is a list of some of the best hotels in Chitrakoot that will mesmerize your vacation.

1. Tourist Bungalow

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Reeking of vibes of home away from home, Tourist Bungalow in Chitrakoot is one hotel that takes care of all the basic facilities and services. It is one of the top hotels in Chitrakoot.
Among many hotels, Tourist Bungalow is the best choice for visitors visiting Chitrakoot because this place offers a family-friendly environment and good amenities and also rated highly by most travelers. Caretaker, Doctor on call, Wake up call, Ticket tour assistance, power backup, Facilities for guests with disabilities are special and highlight amenities.

Highlight: It is just a walkable distance to visit Ram Ghat and Hanuman Dhara form this hotel and beautiful Lawn is available to enjoy your stay.
Location: Near Ramghat, Satna Road, Chitrakoot, 210204 Madhya Pradesh, India
Price: INR 2,354 for a deluxe A/C Room with breakfast (per room/night)
Make my trip rating: 4.0/5


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2. The RiverFront Resort

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It is located 2.5 km away from the city center and you will be able to enjoy the city view from the terrace. Choosing this resort is the best selection as they have good amenities like on-site restaurant, 24-hour room service, free desk service, free Wi-Fi, balcony, garden, and room amenities include wardrobe, a flat-screen TV with multiple channels, private bathroom and many more. Staff is very friendly and in total it is value for money. Allahabad airport is the nearest airport to this place. Nearby things to do while staying here is visiting Hanuman Dhara, Ramghat, and Sphatik Silpa.

Highlight: Reasonable and good dishes are prepared onsite restaurant. This is a modern and luxury hotel.
Location: MP SH 11, Near Arogyadham, Sirsavan, Chitrakoot, Satna, 485334 Madhya Pradesh, India
Price: INR 3,021 for a deluxe double room with balcony (per room/night)
Trip Advisor rating: 4.6/5

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3. Blue Lotus Club & Resorts

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OYO 46175 Blue Lotus Club & Resorts is located in Satna and having check-in available for 24 hours. This is a modern and elegant property. Only registered candidates are allowed and you must register while check-in using valid identity card if you are an Indian citizen and if you are a foreigner you must have a valid Passport or Visa. If you have any specific accessibility needs, they will provide you on request but not guaranteed.

Highlight: The property is located near to the Maa Sharda temple, Raipur karchulian and Rewa fort which are the most famous sight-seeing spots of Chitrakoot. This is a smoke-free property. The property is also close to the famous eateries such as Bombay Pizza, Manish Bake Fresh, Franky Roll, Pani Puri and many more.
Location: Near Satna Nadi, Amarpatan Road, Satna, 485334 Madhya Pradesh, India
Price: INR 2,599 for a deluxe double or twin room (per room/night)
OYO rating: 4.2/5

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4. Bindiram Hotel

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This is the best 3-star hotel in and around Chitrakoot. Have standard check-in (12:00 PM) and check-out (12:00 PM) time, early check-in and late check-out are not entertained and maybe extra chargeable. Rooms are fresh, clean, and spacious. Friendly staff. This is a modern lodge offering casual rooms, luxury rooms & suites. Overall this is a good location for sightseeing and getting around as many tourists spots are having nearby.

Highlight: You can enjoy different delicious dishes with good taste at an on-site luxury restaurant. This is the best match for both business and holiday travel. To reach here from Chitrakoot Dham Karwi railway station, it just takes 20 minutes.
Location: Near RamBhadracharya Handicapped University, Sitapur Road, 210204 Uttar Pradesh, India
Price: INR 3,447 for a deluxe room with Garden view with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (per room/night)
Goibibo rating: 4.1/5

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5. Hotel Sun N Star

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If you stay here you are lucky enough to view the city beauty from terrace, enjoy different menus in restaurants, can conduct a meeting in the meeting room and can avail self-parking for free. Alcohol is not served and permitted inside the hotel. The hotel is situated nearby the city and lets you visit there whenever you want for shopping. The on-site dining restaurant serves you International dishes. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have a playground to play, Enjoy and relax.

Highlight: With 24-hour front desk and room service, free WI-FI services, family-friendly services, this hotel truly deserves all the praise it receives from tourists. It is 45 min drive to Maa Sharda Temple.
Location: NH-75, Beside Yellow chili, Panna Road, Satna, 485001 Madhya Pradesh, India
Price: INR 3,114 for a luxury room (per room/night)
Expedia.co.in rating: 4.0/5

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6. MPT Mandakini Resort

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This Resort is surrounded by hills, mountains, and greenery making a memorable trip for nature lovers. As Chitrakoot is famous for many temples, huge numbers of travelers travel here throughout the year. This is exactly located at the heart of the Chitrakoot and is good for those who want to spend a vacation time among the natural beauty with their loved ones. The on-site restaurant caters to all of its guests with delicious traditional dishes. The hospitality of the staff is unblemished. Each room is having all amenities such as Free WI-FI access, premium bedding, designer toiletries, smart TV with multiple channels, mini-bar, bathtub, balcony and many more.

Highlight: This Resort is having a sprawling campus and serene environment and offers dormitory accommodation for a group of people. As the food is delicious and homely this is one of the most popular lodging accommodations in Chitrakoot. Located close to Janki Kund.
Location: Near Bus Stand, Chitrakoot, Satna, 485001 Madhya Pradesh, India
Price: INR 3,690 for an A/C deluxe luxury room with free breakfast, lunch and dinner (per room/night)
Makemytrip rating: 4.7/5

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7. Ram Kripa Inn

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This is an amusing budget hotel near Chitrakoot Dham Karwi railway station which is 20 min walkable distance, featuring beauty salon and Restaurant. This hotel offers unique features in its rooms offering modern ambiance with traditions. Its on-site multi-cuisine restaurant serves delicious dishes in modern contemporary style. The hotel also offers buffet breakfast each morning that is free of cost. You can host corporate gatherings here in the conference hall.

Highlight: As this is located in the heart of the town, is quite popular and easily located.
Location: NH 76, Purani Bazar, Chitrakoot Dham, 210205 Uttar Pradesh, India
Price: INR 2,114 for a super-deluxe room (per room/night)
Trip Advisor rating: 4/5

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8. Hotel Rudra

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Hotel Rudra is a three-star hotel situated close to Shivani Shakti Peeth and offers a relaxing stay. It is the best budget hotel in Chitrakoot offering impeccable services. This hotel is offering 7 rooms with all amenities such as free WI-FI, attached balcony, wardrobes and many more. It offers 24-hour front desk service for free and room service during limited hours. The nearby attractions are Gupt Godavari Caves, Ram Ghat, Hanuman Dhara Temple and Khamtaji temple.

Highlight: Here having an in-house restaurant on the ground floor which serves the best different food and having taxi services for your visit over the city. This is the best Affordable, hygienic and safe hotel in Chitrakoot.
Location: Sh-11, Opposite Satna Bus Stand, Satna, Chitrakoot 485334 Madhya Pradesh, India
Price: INR 3,719 for a deluxe room (per room/night)
Trip Advisor rating: 4/5

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9. Surendra Palace Hotel

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Surendra palace hotel offers a glorious city view and having shopping centers nearby. Located on Khohi and surrounded by greenery. The highlighted amenities of the hotel are a kid’s play area, conference room, lawn, outdoor sports, and free parking. All the rooms are equipped with heaters, flat-screen TV with multiple cables, individual balconies, and attached bathrooms with free toiletries and many more. If you are planning to visit Chitrakoot, this hotel is one of the best options for you as surrounded by greenery and having the best view from each room to cherish for life-time.

Highlight: All the rooms of the hotel are well equipped, service from staff is excellent and this is the best option if you want to spend a few days in the lap of nature and comfort at the same time. This is one of the best budget hotels in Chitrakoot.

Location: Khohi, Chitrakoot, 210204 Uttar Pradesh, India
Price: INR 1,410 for a deluxe budget Non-A/C Room (per room/night)
Make my trip rating: 3.5/5

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If you are heading to Chitrakoot, all the above-mentioned hotels are excellent in their way but chose them according to your budget. These hotels in Chitrakoot are a perfect deal for those who wish to embrace the vibes of home away from home. Plan your trip to Uttar Pradesh and visit this destination that reeks of religious vibes from every corner!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Chitrakoot

Q. What is the minimum and starting price for hotels in Chitrakoot?

A. Price range starts from ₹999 and above. The hotels cater to the pockets of every kind of traveler, ranging from budget travelers to luxury seekers. 

Q. What is the most famous locality in Chitrakoot that offers various hotels?

A. Chitrakoot Dham is the most famous locality with 3 properties. These properties offer the best of hospitality and services to the guests.

Q. What are the top best budget hotels in Chitrakoot?

A. Bindiram Hotel, Shree Jee Bhawan, Surendra palace hotel and many more are the top best budget hotels in Chitrakoot.

Q. Name some luxurious hotels in Chitrakoot that are quite well-known?

A. The river front Resort, Hotel Ram Darbar, Hotel Svarnima, Bindiram by ASAPIAN are some of the luxurious hotels.

Q. How to reach Chitrakoot?

A. If you want to reach by air, the nearest airport is Allahabad Airport which is 140 km away from Chitrakoot or if you want to reach by train Karvi Railway station is close and 9km away from Chitrakoot or if by bus many buses are available all the time from Allahabad, Banda, Kanpur, and Satna.

Q. What are the visiting places in and around Chitrakoot?

A. Gupt Godavari caves, Kamadgiri, Ram Ghat, Marpha, Hanuman Dhara, Sphatik Shila, Sati Anasuya Temple, Ganesh Bagh, Kalingar Fort, Valmiki Ashram, Matha Gajendranath Shiv Temple, Bharta Milap Temple, Rajapur and may more visiting places are there.

Q. Which is the perfect time to visit Chitrakoot?

A. July to March is the perfect time to visit Chitrakoot as the weather is not very hot during this period.

Q. What are the most shopping areas in Chitrakoot?

A. Nandu Traders, Nathu general store, Kamad Giri Prasad shop, Mastram Jewellers, city life and many more.

Q. What is Chitrakoot famous for?

A. Chitrakoot is famous for pilgrimage center and a place of cultural and religious importance situated in Madhya Pradesh.

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