9 Best Drought-Tolerant Plants – Drought-Resistant Flowers, Grasses, Vines, and More

Drought-Tolerant Plants, Flowers, Grasses, Vines

Every garden has its challenges, be it pest control, soil problems or lack of sun. For many gardeners in the south and southwest of the United States, however, the challenge is the drought. Because sufficient water is one of the most important things that plants need to live a long and healthy life. While some plants wither after a day without water, others thrive in dry conditions.

Carpenter bees on purple cone flowers in Laconia, New Hampshire USA

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In front of us we found the best drought-resistant plants that can do without a drink for a while. From beautiful flowers such as lavender and creeping phlox to climbing plants like bougainvillea, these robust, easy-care plants set an example in your garden. They may look tender, but boy, are they sturdy. (Of course, you also want to make sure your new plants work in your USDA hardiness zone.) Would you like to receive your flowers quickly? Order them in one of the best places to buy plants online.

Purple sun hat

Butterflies love these long-lasting flowers on the face, which bloom from early summer to the first frost. These robust perennials are not only drought-resistant and deer-resistant but also extremely easy to care for, which makes them perfect for gardening beginners.

Lamb ear

These silver, flaky leaves create bizarre garden borders, especially as deer don’t like to eat them. They spread out as ground cover if you let them.


Drought will not bother these classic ornamental greens, whether they are large as hedges or shaped into a topiary in a pot.

Blue oat grass

Fill a bare spot in your garden with these spindly teal bursts that only need to be watered occasionally. Blue oat grass does not spread as quickly as most grasses, so you can keep it in your garden with minimal care.


This drought-resistant genus offers many different types of rubbery, geometric plants. Also, don’t worry about taking care of these beauties – they are deer and drought-resistant, which means you just have to put them in the ground and watch them grow.

Creeping phlox

This brightly colored ground cover system is extremely low maintenance. You will often see it in rock gardens, difficult soil conditions and planters. When you add it to your garden, you get a stunning, dense color with minimal maintenance.


Whether you pick the leaves to cook or just admire them, these herb garden staple foods are robust. It grows well in different climates and planting zones and can be harvested in almost every season.