9 Best Closet Systems – Best Places to Buy Closet Kits 2020

9 Best Closet Systems – Best Places to Buy Closet Kits 2020

If your wardrobe is visually appealing and well organized, your day will start just right. Instead of having trouble getting dressed in the morning, you know exactly where to find everything you need to put together the perfect outfit. Plus, you could even have fun doing it in a place that you actually enjoy.

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If you have thought about buying a cabinet system – whether it is one that you have put together yourself or you have commissioned a professional for the installation – you have come to the right place. Scroll down to see some of the best cabinet systems currently available, including recommendations from our experts from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

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The installation of a Rubbermaid system is the perfect weekend project. The brand’s low-cost cabinet kits, available from Walmart, are known to be easy to assemble and reconfigure as your storage needs change over time.


If you’re looking for a closet system that won’t break the bank, our experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute recommend ClosetMaid. On websites like Wayfair, Amazon and Overstock you can find an impressive selection of easy-to-install wood systems for just a few hundred dollars.

Neat freak

A favorite of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Neatfreak has a range of modular closet systems with hangers, drawers, shelves and shoes. There are a select number of options under $ 400 and they are versatile enough to work for rooms of different sizes.


For a simple, affordable cabinet system, choose IKEA’s ALGOT. The level of customization is impressive as you can choose from a range of components (e.g. shelves, baskets and shoe organizers) to suit your storage needs.

Wayfair Basics cabinet system

Wayfair reviewers rave about the reasonable price of this free-standing cabinet system (it’s only $ 128!), The durability, and the relatively easy installation process.


The ALGOT system from Ikea is common for smaller rooms, while the PAX is ideal for larger areas. It has a more polished, individual look (pull-out trays for accessories and glass shelves are just a few examples), which makes it a little more expensive than the ALGOT.

The Elfa of the container shop

The Elfa system is popular (also among our experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute) and, for good reason, fully customizable and designed for maximum space. The prices for design plans depend on the size of your room and the functions you have selected, such as surfaces and the number of drawers and shelves. You can also install this cabinet system yourself or rely on an Elfa expert for design support.

Easy track

Easy Track offers a range of inexpensive modular cabinet systems. Kits are available from Walmart that can easily be expanded with shelves, drawers and organizer accessories.

California closets

Of all the closet systems available, California Closets is one of the most luxurious you’ll find. It’s the best option when the money has no limits and you’re finally ready to make your dream closet a reality.

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