9 Best Adventurous Things To Do In Brisbane To Feel The Rush

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Everyone will get the idea of ​​travel while on vacation. What about traveling to the most beautiful place, where you can get great memories and huge adventures. Brisbane is a place where you can enjoy the core, providing you with thrill while providing you with an adrenaline rush. If you are involved in adventurous activities, then Brisbane is the best option for you! It has lots of places which are full of fun, enjoyment and adventure. This list will help you travel to Brisbane and experience a pure form of adventure. Read to know more Adventure Things in Brisbane On its vacancy in 2020!

Top 9 Adventure Things to do in Brisbane

There are some adventurous things to take an exciting trip to this wonderful city in Brisbane:

1. Holding a Koala in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

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What about keeping koalas in your hands? Yes, you can hold a koala in your hands at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. So, prepare yourself for a picture with your new furry friend. You can hold fluffy and furry koella around your body and pose for a picture. Locals call it ‘Kangaroo Selfie’, which adds to the excitement of your vacation. In addition the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary provides you with a parent room as well as free WiFi.

Best Time to Visit: In a summer season (December to February)
Cost: Adult $ 36 (1750 INR), Student $ 24 (1150 INR).

2. Feed the Dolphins at Tangalooma Island Resort

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Tangalooma is an island resort located 75 minutes from Brisbane. It is the best place for a family vacation, and this unique place offers fun adventures and nature-based experiences. It is located on Moreton Island, which is considered a natural theme park. Activities of the Tangalooma Island Resort include ATV Quad Bike Tour, Marine Discovery, Desert Safari Tour. On Moreton Island you can stand knee-deep in water and see bottlenose dolphins.

Best Time to Visit: Summer to Autumn (December to May)
Cost: Adults $ 84 (4100 INR), Children $ 46 (2200 INR).

3. Witness the sunrise from a hot air balloon

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Morning balloons with a Vineyard Champagne breakfast on the beautiful Hindland of Brisbane, isn’t it a terrible thing to do on your vacation? It would surely be a wonderful morning to remember as you set yourself in a hot air balloon, and flying in the sky at the time of the scorching sunrise.

Best Time to Visit: July and August
Cost: $ 660 (32,000 INR) per couple.

4. Revived hours at Kuromba Lavender Farm

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If you are looking for a beautiful day trip where you want to spend quality time with your travel companions, then Kuromba Lavender Farm is definitely an important place for you. Within 70 minutes of driving from Brisbane, you can reach the city of Mount Alford. If you want to taste a sumptuous wine, you can stop at Banjurgen Estate. Then drive to Kuromba Lavender Farm and Winery for lunch. Lavender Farm has lush green fields, wine tasting and more!

Best Time to Visit: During September.

5. Explore the Rail Museum

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-518019″ src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Explore-The-Rail-Museum_27th-feb.jpg” alt=”Explore the Rail Museum” width=”700″ height=”400″ data-lazy-type=”image” />


The Workshop Rail Museum is claimed as an award-winning museum as it serves as the work place for over 3000 railway employees and visitors. You can enter here through the historic timekeeper’s building. This will really be fun for all age groups, especially those who are rail enthusiasts who like to understand the mechanisms of these quick commutes.

Best Time to Visit: Noon and evening of all 365 days
Cost: Adults $ 14.5 (700 INR), Children $ 11.5 (550 INR), Family which includes up to two adults and four children $ 44.5 (2150 INR).

6. Nature walks in Roma Street Parkland

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Roma Street Parkland is a beautiful park located in the middle of the city. It has colorful subtropical gardens, a festive lawn and a green oasis for picnics. It is the best visual and physical therapy for those who love nature. You can surrender yourself to nature while you are there, that means you can promote yourself. You can fly a kite, engage in meditation in a quiet place, wander the way and also address various species of birds and bushes. It helps you relax as much as possible. Plus the activity of kite flying and the parkland lighting offers spectacular views!

Best Time to Visit: 2 to 3 pm all 365 days.

7. Sea walk between Wellington Point and King Island

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Another popular adventure in Brisbane is a special sea walk between King Island and Wellington Point during low tide. Wellington point is popular for its waterfront playgrounds and impressive climbing trees. King Island is a place surrounded by mangrove trees. Even though it is a small island, you can get a great experience by walking at low tide. It is a 2 km walk and is suitable for all ages and is often loved by children.

Best Time to Visit: After Easter.

8. Take a wine tour on horseback

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It is said that the best way to explore Brisbane is to visit Brisbane wineries while leisurely spending hours among the locals and what is more thrilling than doing it on a horseback! You can taste the finest wine from across the country. You can also see Ocean View Estate on this expedition. At Ocean View Estate you try delicious local food that offers authentic flavors.

Best Time to Visit: All 365 days during the day

9. Visit Stradbroke Island

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-518002″ src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Visit-Stradbroke-Island_27th-feb.jpeg” alt=”Visit Stradbroke Island” width=”700″ height=”400″ data-lazy-type=”image” />


Stradbroke Island is a place in Brisbane that will surely make you fall in love with its mystic atmosphere. Even if you are staying there for a month, you will not get bored, as this place is full of pleasant activities and mesmerizing science. You can enjoy a swim in a tea lake here. Walking up to the blue lake in the forest is another interesting activity.

Best Time to Visit: January to March

A holiday in Brisbane is all about adventure activities that captures you the best memories. Plan a trip to Brisbane and don’t forget to enjoy the above mentioned adventure things to do for a fascinating holiday in Brisbane. We hope this has helped in understanding your expectations about your journey. While you are there, we would love to hear about your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Things in Brisbane

Q. What is the time difference between India and Brisbane?

a. Brisbane is 4 hours 30 minutes ahead of India.

Q. Is Brisbane safe at night?

a. Brisbane is a safe and vibrant city in Australia. But crimes are happening everywhere, so it is better to always be vigilant.

Q. What is the best time to visit Brisbane?

a. Brisbane is the best place you can ever visit. But the autumn season (March to May) will be much better than other times. Because, during this time the temperature will be pleasant and there will be a little rain that you can enjoy.

Q. Is alcohol consumption allowed in Brisbane?

a. Yes, alcohol consumption is legal in Brisbane. But alcohol consumption is illegal in public places.

Q. Is there a zoo in Brisbane?

a. The Australia Zoo is located just north of Brisbane and is the largest zoo in Queensland. It is 77 kilometres (approx) from Brisbane to Australia Zoo.

Q. are koalas dangerous?

a. Wild colons are not approached for handling. And cuckoos are soft, fluffy and sweet. Information on koala attacks is scarce so far. So, it is not considered dangerous.

Can we exchange Indian currency in Brisbane?

a. There are plenty of places in Brisbane, where you can exchange your currency; But it is advisable to change it from the airport.

Q. What is Brisbane famous for?

a. Brisbane is famous for its terrible climate throughout the year. Also, the adventure activities described above (such as snorkelling, koala fishing, dolphin feeding) are very popular around Brisbane.

Q. What is the best thing to buy in Brisbane?

a. The best things to buy in Brisbane are Opal Jewellery, Kangaroo leather products. And don’t miss Tim Tam; It is a brand of chocolate biscuits made by the Australian company Arnot.

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