81-year-old Irish Girl finally meets 104-year-old Mommy

81-year-old Irish Girl finally meets 104-year-old Mommy after over 60-year Hunt

An 81-year-old Irish girl eventually fulfilled her 104-year-old mum after over 60 decades of hunting.

Eileen Macken climbed up in a Dublin orphanage and had never met her birth mother.

81-year-old Irish woman finally meets 104-year-old mother

This past year, Macken contacted Irish broadcaster RTÉ and shared her problems finding her mum to Liveline radio show host Joe Duffy.

Following her appearance on the radio, a genealogist monitored her mum to Scotland earlier in the year.

Today Macken’s hunt that started when she was 19 years older is now finished.

Last month, Macken chose to”take the bull by the horns,” she advised RTÉ, also made the visit to Scotland with her daughter, husband and son-in-law to an in-person meeting along with her mother.

She moved to her mother’s house and if she knocked on the door it was answered by a guy who turned out to function as a half-brother.

“I informed him I was out of Ireland and I had discovered my mom and can we come back to watch her, and he said clearly,'” Macken said.

“I went to see her and she’s the most beautiful woman,” Macken remembered. “She had been reading the paper and if she found me, I said we