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80 Badass Joker Tattoo Designs (2022)

Jocker Tattoos


The Joker is a memorable character from DC Comics. He has been the subject of many films, and actors have taken on the momentous task of representing this complicated and interesting supervillain. He is often associated with rebellion and evil but can represent determination and perseverance, even if his energy is channeled into something negative. Combining an image of Joker and his arch-nemesis Batman could indicate the balance between good and evil and life and death. Or, you could focus on the more romantic association by including a picture of Harley Quinn. There are many ways to add the Joker to your body art and, despite being the bad guy, there are qualities associated with him that people can relate to. Keep reading to find out more.


1. Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo

The Joker and Harley Quinn have one of the most complicated relationships to be portrayed by DC Comics. To some, they represent everlasting love and passion. They are two people who cannot live without each other and belong together. They are also toxic together, and their relationship is volatile and abusive. A tattoo representing these two could mean several things. It could indicate obsession, dedication, and undying love, or it could serve as a warning, reminding you to stay clear of unhealthy relationships and people who are bad for you. When deciding on your inking, you can choose a cartoonish approach, more in line with the original drawings of The Joker and Harley Quinn, or represent them as the actors who have played the characters.


Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo


Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo2


2. Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos

Several films feature the Joker, each with a slightly different interpretation of how he acts and looks. A memorable portrayal would be of the character from Suicide Squad. You can choose to add markings and body art that the Joker had from this film, or you can ink Jared Leto’s Joker, making your tattoo more about what the character represents. This could be madness, perseverance, or darkness. If you choose to include an image of Harley Quinn, it could show undying love, dedication, and obsession.


Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos


Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos2


3. Joker Smile Tattoo

The Joker’s smile is one of the most iconic things about the character. He has a smile tattooed onto his left hand, which he can bring up to his face and cover his mouth with this maniacal grin. There are many interpretations of what this smile means; it represents disguising pain and hurt to some. For others, it is associated with madness or our potential to do something evil. You do not need to get the smile inked on your hand, and it will look good anywhere on the body. That said, choosing somewhere visible is a good decision because you can see it every day and remind yourself of why you got it tattooed.


Joker Smile Tattoo 3


Joker Smile Tattoo


4. Joker Card Tattoo

A Joker card often represents good luck and the unexpected. It can also have a negative meaning associated with it, including deceit and bad luck, so it depends on how you interpret the card for yourself. If you think of it as a symbol of fortune, then you may feel that your inking will bring positivity and luck to your life. Whereas if you view it as an omen of negativity and misfortune, then your tattoo could be a way of reminding yourself to carefully consider each decision you make and be wary of those you trust. Getting inked somewhere you can see every day is an excellent choice as this is a symbolic tattoo.


Joker Card Tattoo1


Joker Card Tattoo


5. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

Over the years, several actors have portrayed the Joker, but a fan favorite was Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight. The actor was a convincing joker in his 2008 role with his creepy grin and maniacal laugh. It was made even more significant because he passed away six months before the film was released, making it his final role. The makeup for this character was also exceptional, and although your tattoo can be done in black ink, it would look best in color to accurately represent all the details. This is a large and detailed piece, so choose a placement with enough space to allow for this. It would also be best to choose a tattoo artist specializing in portrait artwork for the best results.


Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo2


Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo


6. Joker Face Tattoo

The Joker’s face is defined by his unusual makeup and scars, which give him his frightening appearance. Choosing a Joker tattoo is an excellent choice if you want something symbolic and interesting. It often represents the dark side but can also comment on how there needs to be a balance in life for light and darkness to coexist. His determination to succeed in destroying Batman can represent endurance and motivation. There are many reasons why someone would want to get inked with a design like this, and they can be deeply personal or as simple as you love the character and the Batman and Joker storyline.


Joker Face Tattoo2


Joker Face Tattoo


7. Joker Hahaha Tattoo

Batman’s arch-nemesis is a complicated character. He is often associated with mischief, darkness, and even death, but there are also a few standout things about him that people are fascinated by. This includes his maniacal laugh, which is terrifying and exemplifies how unhinged he is. He does evil things and laughs about them, indicating he has no remorse or regret. This laugh makes for an interesting tattoo and is bound to be a conversation starter as people figure out what this piece means to you. If you think it’s no one’s business and the inking is personal, choose somewhere on the body that can be easily hidden with clothes and shown off on your terms.


Joker Hahaha Tattoo 2


Joker Hahaha Tattoo


8. Joker Smile Hand Tattoo

The joker has many tattoos himself, but his smiling hand is one of the most famous. It is a way to remind yourself that there can be two sides to a person. One that puts on a facade in public and another that suffers in silence. It could serve as a warning to guard your heart and be wary of those you trust. It could also explore the importance of taking mental health seriously. Or, you may just want to pay tribute to your favorite supervillain and think this is an edgy and cool way to do it. Hand tattoos will hurt, and they are also controversial because of their visibility. Be sure to consider this before getting inked, as the stigma associated with body art could negatively impact your life.


Joker Smile Tattoo2


Joker Smile Tattoo 2


9. Simple Joker Tattoo

Tattoos do not have to be large or detailed to make a statement, and sometimes the most basic designs can effectively convey the meaning you wish to associate with it. Simple tattoos are great for the individual who prefers a more minimalistic approach to body art and will focus on the basic elements of your piece. This could be an outline of the Joker or feature little detail and no shading. Your design could represent the struggle between good and evil, it can be to help you avoid temptation and sin, or it could be a reminder to take mental health seriously.


Simple Joker Tattoo


Simple Joker Tattoo2


10. Black Joker Tattoo

When deciding on the perfect tattoo, there are several things to consider; the placement, the design, the style, and the choice of ink are among the most important. Many pieces would benefit from color because the Joker is an interesting and bold character with facial makeup, green hair, and scars. That said, black ink is also a great choice and will often fade slower. It can also give your tattoo a dark and moody feel. Black is a better color for all skin tones as color can be restrictive for darker skin.


Black Joker Tattoo2


Black Joker Tattoo (1)


11. Joker Tattoo Why So Serious

One of the most famous phrases associated with Joker is “Why So Serious?” It often is related to the HAHAHA and can represent how the Joker doesn’t take anything seriously in life. He does evil things and laughs about them. His laughter is also a way to disguise his pain, and his storyline often involves a dark past and a troubled childhood. Perhaps your design is a way to show what you have overcome in life. Maybe it reminds you to keep going even after a particularly challenging time. There are many interpretations, making this inking simple yet meaningful.


Joker Tattoo Why So Serious2


Joker Tattoo Why So Serious


12. Jared Leto Joker Tattoos

Jared Leto played The Joker in the 2016 film, and the interpretation of the character is slightly different from others. He also has more ink, with tattoos including “damaged” across his forehead and a smiling piece on his stomach and left hand. If this was your favorite portrayal of the Joker or you are a big fan of Leto, this is a fantastic choice for your next body art. His teeth are crooked, looks deranged, and has bright green hair; if you want an interesting inking, this is undoubtedly it.


Jared Leto Joker Tattoos2


Jared Leto Joker Tattoos (1)



13. Joker Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos tell a story, and when deciding on them, it helps to stick to a theme. This is something that can easily be achieved with the Joker. A sleeve covers your arm up to the wrist the way a sleeve of clothing would. They make a statement and are eye-catching and cool. They are large designs, and using the entire arm ensures you are not restricted with space, allowing you to get creative and produce something visually striking and symbolic. Your ink can be in color or black and be a cartoon representation of the joker or a more realistic one. Work with your tattoo artist to find the style that best reflects your personality. It is also worth remembering that sleeve pieces are time-consuming to complete and will cost a lot of money. 


Joker Sleeve Tattoo2


Joker Sleeve Tattoo3


14. Joker Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are a controversial placement, and thus, getting inked with a supervillain on your hand seems like the perfect pairing. Hand tattoos are one of the most visible locations on the body, and it is difficult to cover them up; this gives your ink a rebellious feel and makes it an edgy and cool location. There is also a stigma attached to body art, and a piece as noticeable as this may impact your job opportunities. Another thing to know about hand tattoos is that they hurt. This is because of the area’s sensitivity, thin skin, and proximity to bone. Your piece will also fade faster than other locations because of the frequency of use and exposure.


Joker Hand Tattoo2


Joker Hand Tattoo


15. Joker Forearm Tattoo

A forearm tattoo is a wonderful placement for a design you want to see every day. It is a versatile spot, lending itself well to medium-sized or small designs, and can be easily covered up with clothing. This is appealing if you work in a corporate environment or are required to keep body art hidden. It is also not high on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the area’s thick skin, muscle, and fat. This makes it a good location for a first tattoo.


Joker Forearm Tattoo


Joker Forearm Tattoo2


16. Joker Arm Tattoo

The arm is one of the most popular locations for body art. The right piece can be incredibly flattering, highlighting your muscle definition and working with the body’s natural curves. Other appealing things about the area include that it is low on the tattoo pain chart scale. This is because of the thick skin, muscle, fat, and general lack of sensitivity. If you plan to get a large area of the arm tattoo, be aware that the elbow can be incredibly painful. The arm also provides you with a decent-sized space for your design, allowing you to get creative. It can be a single piece or a combination forming a sleeve design. The arm is not susceptible to stretching, and your tattoo should age well.


Joker Arm Tattoo


Joker Arm Tattoo2


17. Joker Chest Tattoo

There is no denying that a chest tattoo of a Joker will look cool. The chest is usually a body part reserved for particularly meaningful tattoo designs because ink here can be painful. This is due to the general sensitivity of the area but also the proximity to bone and thin skin. How large and detailed your piece is will also impact the discomfort. Another pro is that you can cover up your chest tattoo and show it off when you want, making it a very versatile location. The Joker has many meanings associated with it, including deception, perseverance, and even death. This makes for a thought-provoking piece.


Joker Chest Tattoo


Joker Chest Tattoo2


18. Joker Back Tattoo

The back is one of the most seductive placements for body art. It is often one of the most flattering parts of a man and woman’s body, and ink here can complement your curves. Your design can cover the full-back or a portion of it, but the size is appealing as you will not be restricted with your design thanks to the large canvas you have to work on. A back tattoo is not high on the tattoo pain chart scale because of thick skin and muscle, but the closer you ink toward the spine or hip bones, the more discomfort you will experience.


Joker Back Tattoo2


Joker Back Tattoo


19. Joker Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos are great for designs that you want to show off but can just as easily be covered up. It is not just the versatility that makes this an attractive location, but it is also a flattering one; the right design can highlight your muscle definition, and legs tend to be one of the most muscular and toned parts of the human body. It is not high on the tattoo pain chart scale as the leg has muscle, fat, and thick skin. However, if you ink toward the knee, this can cause severe pain. Small or large Joker designs will look great on the leg. You can work with your chosen tattoo artist to create something you’re proud of.


Joker Leg Tattoo2


Joker Leg Tattoo


20. Joker Bicep Tattoo

If you want to draw attention to your muscles, why not get inked over them? A bicep tattoo is an appealing location for someone who wants to show off their muscle definition, but it is also a placement that is discreet and easily covered by clothing. The concentration of nerve-endings on the underside of the arm can cause some discomfort, but this area is not among the most painful places for body art. For men, this is also one of the most masculine areas of the body and can be a great way to show off your strength. A Joker tattoo here will make a statement, and your chosen design can give a glimpse into the inner workings of your mind.


Joker Bicep Tattoo


Joker Bicep Tattoo2


21. Joker Neck Tattoo

The Joker is a rebellious character and supervillain, and since the neck is a controversial location for tattoos, this can be an excellent fit for your joker design. Neck tattoos are visible and challenging to cover, so they often make a statement. There is also a stigma attached to this location as criminals and gang members have long favored it. That said, the attitude toward neck tattoos is changing, and it has become a popular location with male models and those who have an edgy or alternative appearance. Your piece will hurt because of the thin skin and sensitivity of the area, but for some, this is part of the appeal as it shows you are tough enough to withstand the pain.


Joker Neck Tattoo2


Joker Neck Tattoo


22. Dark Knight Joker Tattoo

Of all the Batman and Joker films that have been made a fan favorite is The Dark Knight. The Christopher Nolan-directed film starred the late Heath Ledger as Joker. His performance is memorable, and so is his character’s appearance with heavy facial makeup and a scar. If you loved this film or want to honor Ledger, who passed away before the release, this could be a great way to do it. Consider a colored ink piece and work with a tattoo artist specializing in realistic artwork to fully show off the detail.


Dark Knight Joker Tattoo


Dark Knight Joker Tattoo2


23. Joker Girl Tattoo

The Joker doesn’t have to represent the male character from DC Comics, and there are also female versions of jokers or clowns. One of the most popular portrayals is the payasa which is popular with the Chicano type of artwork. It typically features a woman with clown makeup, and the style is realistic and detailed. The female clown can represent different things, including tragedy and trouble. It can also show the combination of beauty and misery. Before getting it inked, consider what this piece means to you and Chicano culture.


Joker Girl Tattoo


Joker Girl Tattoo1


24. Watercolor Joker Tattoo

The watercolor technique makes for some of the most visually striking tattoo designs. The vibrant artwork is created by blending several colors. It gets its name because it resembles how the paint would dry on a canvas. Watercolor tattoos are often without outlines, but you can also use them as a backdrop for a more detailed piece. The appeal of this option is that it has a gorgeous effect making for an eye-catching design and because the Joker is so colorful, this is a fantastic way to bring that to life. Other pros include that it tends to hurt less than traditional tattooing techniques. However, it does fade faster and can be expensive.


Watercolor Joker Tattoo


Watercolor Joker Tattoo 2


25. Joker Skull Tattoo

A joker skull makes for an interesting and intimidating tattoo. The skull is a universal symbol of death, but it can also have a more positive interpretation, focusing on life and its beauty. If you are a fan of DC comics and love the thought of getting tattooed with The Joker, this could be the body art for you. The Joker is a supervillain who has, on numerous occasions, cheated death, and therefore your inking could represent that death always catches up to you. Alternatively, it could be to show that you do not fear death or that you are not someone who is to be messed with.


Joker Skull Tattoo


Joker Skull Tattoo 2


26. Killer Joker Tattoo

In some films, the portrayal of the Joker may make him appear more humane, albeit mentally disturbed and unhinged. But he is also a killer. You could decide to get a killer joker tattoo because you wish to intimidate or scare people with your body art. It could act as a warning to others not to get close to you. Or it could represent your feelings; perhaps you are experiencing an internal conflict of good versus bad. Your design could also be symbolic of darkness and betrayal.


Killer Joker Tattoo2


Killer Joker Tattoo


27. Joker Ribcage Tattoo

A rib cage tattoo is not for the faint-hearted because this is a placement that hurts. It is one of the most painful locations for body art because of the thin skin and proximity to bone, so you should reserve this spot for meaningful designs. It is also a more intimate location and is easily covered up, which makes showing it off more special. Many people choose images or quotes that move them, but the Joker is rich in symbolism and can represent the balance between light and darkness. He can also represent trickery, mischief, deception, determination, and evil.


Joker Ribcage Tattoo


Joker Ribcage Tattoo 2


28. Small Joker Tattoo

You do not need a large and detailed design for your Joker piece to be meaningful. Although many designs feature the image of the Joker’s face or combine several images to tell a story, you can also opt for something tiny or minimalistic. Small tattoos are versatile because they can be inked anywhere on the body, so you are not limited in placement. This could include your finger or your back. If you are easing into tattooing and this is your first time for body art, a small piece is ideal.


Small Joker Tattoo2


Small Joker Tattoo


29. Batman And Joker Tattoo

Batman and Joker are two characters that are often shown side-by-side because they have contrasting qualities associated with them. One is good, and the other is evil; one is a hero the other is a villain. One wants chaos, and the other wants to fight to prevent it. Though both characters are complex and flawed, these examples are far too simplified of what they mean. Despite being the bad guy, many people are drawn to the Joker because some of his qualities are relatable. This could include the pain and struggles he has endured in his life and his perseverance and determination, even if his energy is channeled into something negative. Showing an image of the Joker alongside Batman can serve as a reminder of the importance of balance.


Batman And Joker Tattoo


Batman And Joker Tattoo2


30. Joker Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are popular locations for inking for both men and women and are among the most flattering parts of the body. The shoulder is not susceptible to stretching, unlike other areas, making it an appealing location as your ink will age well. It can be covered up easily and shown off when you want. In addition, it is not high on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thin skin, muscle, and fat. It is also associated with strength and power, and your choice of design can add to this. This could be something large that covers the entire shoulder or small and simple, taking up only a small space.


Joker Shoulder Tattoo 2


Joker Shoulder Tattoo


31. Joaquin Phoenix Joker Tattoo

One of the more recent portrayals of the Joker was in the 2019 film, Joker. Joaquin Phoenix played the character, and it gave fans a glimpse into the circumstances that led to the Joker becoming the evil villain he is today. If you were ever to feel sadness and compassion for this unhinged individual, it would be in this film. The Joker can represent how people can make monsters if they are not thoughtful and kind. This tattoo can represent carelessness, chaos, and regret. There are many reasons why someone would be drawn to body art in this character’s honor, making it a meaningful design bound to be a conversation starter.


Joaquin Phoenix Joker Tattoo


Joaquin Phoenix Joker Tattoo2


32. Cartoon Joker Tattoo

Several films have been dedicated to the Joker, but his start happened much earlier and can be traced back to 1940. The Joker is a character from DC Comics, and as such, he would have first appeared in cartoon form. If you want to go back to the origin, this is a good choice. Over the decades, his image has changed significantly, so there are many choices. When deciding on your inking, there are several options to choose from, and you can include other images such as Batman if you wish to portray an idea of light versus dark. The joker represents many negative things, but he could also be associated with longevity, endurance, and dedication. Your tattoo will look good in black ink, but this is a piece that will work best with colored ink.


Cartoon Joker Tattoo


Cartoon Joker Tattoo 2


33. Joker and Batman Symbol Tattoo

The Joker and Batman are arch-nemesis; for many, one represents bad and the other good. They are the balance between light and dark and also an internal struggle for which will triumph. These two characters have a massive fan following, and choosing to get body art that represents both of them can make a powerful statement. There are several ways to include them; opting for their faces or using symbols that represent them. For example, the Bat-Signal, a sign of a bat with outstretched wings, is a distress signal. It can mean Batman’s desire to protect and watch over Gotham city, but you can choose to include the Joker within it by using something that represents him. For example, his smile or iconic laughter.


Joker Symbol Tattoo


Joker Symbol Tattoo2


34. Joker Stomach Tattoo

The abdomen is an excellent placement for a stomach tattoo if you want something large and detailed. The appeal is not just the size but also that this spot can be easily covered up. This gives you versatility and allows you to show your design on your terms. It is also a way to hide areas such as stretch marks or scars. Among the many pros, there is a con: the pain. This is one of the most painful body art locations, especially for those with slimmer builds. This can be part of the appeal for some, showing that you can endure pain. Similarly, the Joker is a character who has experienced much hurt during his life. If you want to symbolize the turmoil you have overcome or want a symbolic design of rebellion or trickery, this could be it.


Joker Stomach Tattoo2


Joker Stomach Tattoo


35. Matching Couple Tattoos Harley Quinn And Joker Tattoos

Matching couple tattoos are an excellent way to show your love and commitment for your partner. It is also a fun thing to do together to show your seriousness, and choosing the right design can be a bonding experience in itself. Some people choose quotes, while others opt for images that belong together, like the lock and key. The Joker and Harley Quinn will make for a striking design for those who want something different and somewhat rebellious. Their relationship is passionate and can represent undying love and dedication. Of course, you would need to look past their toxic traits. When deciding on a matching tattoo, consider how stable your relationship is and how long you have been together; you would want it to be less volatile than Joker and Harley Quinn so that you do not need to cover up your piece after a few weeks.


Matching Couple Tattoos Harley Quinn And Joker Tattoos2


Matching Couple Tattoos Harley Quinn And Joker Tattoos


36. Joker Graffiti Tattoo

The Joker makes for a bold and striking choice of tattoo. This is because of his unusual makeup, creepy smile, and body art. It is fantastic when created in colored ink but can have a dark and gloomy feel when inked with black ink. If you are looking for a fun and expressive style, consider adding graffiti-inspired artwork to your piece. This could be of the word “Joker” or something as simple as an initial. The style is very noticeable, but it lets you get creative by choosing different font styles and color combinations.


Joker Graffiti Tattoo


Joker Graffiti Tattoo2 (1)


37. Evil Joker Tattoo

It is not hard to find an image of the Joker looking evil because his creepy grin makes him intimidating and scary. The Joker is villainous and associated with darkness, deception, and even death and can make for a striking design. Your piece can reflect your thoughts and feelings and remind you to stay on the right path and not become like the Joker. It could also be a simple way to honor your favorite supervillain. Regardless of how you choose to interpret it, there are many ways to design your piece. You can also opt for a more general joker image instead of the comic book character. This could be an evil clown or jester and could be a way to show the world that you are not someone who is to be messed with.


Evil Joker Tattoo


Evil Joker Tattoo2


38. Jack Nicholson Joker Tattoo

Over the years, there have been many people who took on the role of Joker. Jack Nicholson was one of the first to portray the supervillain in 1989. If he is your favorite actor to show the Clown Prince Of Crime and you feel he delivered the most memorable performance, then focus your design around his likeness. There are differences between the appearance of all the Jokers, allowing you to choose the one that appeals to you the most.


Jack Nicholson Joker Tattoo


Jack Nicholson Joker Tattoo2


39. Joker Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos can say a lot about your thoughts and feelings. The great thing about the Joker is that there are many different catchphrases to choose from, meaningful and powerful statements. Your chosen words could reflect how you feel about your own life or bring you comfort when facing a challenging time. Consider the placement of your design, too; somewhere like the forearm or wrist is excellent if you want to view your piece every day and remind yourself of its meaning. If you opt for a large and detailed design, the back or thigh are good options. A chest tattoo is also fantastic for inking, which means the most to you as it is close to your heart.


Joker Quote Tattoo


Joker Quote Tattoo2


40. Gangster Joker Tattoos

The Joker, or a clown, can sometimes be associated with gangsters. Your choice of a tattoo can represent many things; this could be an act of rebellion or indicate evil. It could also show that you are tough and determined and not someone who tolerates nonsense. Clowns can also represent incarceration, chaos, or despair. The choice of meaning associated with your piece will differ depending on the images you choose. If you want a visible location and will make a statement, consider the hand. Or, if you prefer to cover up your inking, then the shoulder or forearm are great locations.


Gangster Joker Tattoos2


Gangster Joker Tattoos



What does a joker tattoo mean?

The Joker is a supervillain and arch-nemesis of Batman. He represents many things, including evil, darkness, trickery, and rebellion. For some people, some of the qualities that the Joker has are also relatable, and your chosen design can have a more positive interpretation. It could represent dedication, determination, and perseverance. It could show a steadfast belief in what you are doing. Depending on the images you choose, it could also take on other meanings. For example, combining a picture of the Joker with Harley Quinn is associated with love, commitment, and obsession. Alternatively, you can get a more standard image of a joker linked to good luck and fortune.

What is the most popular joker tattoo design?

There are many popular joker tattoo designs, depending on your preference. For those who want a realistic portrayal of the character, you can be inspired by the actors who played him in a film. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is one of the most beloved versions of the supervillain. His character is also one of the most interesting, with an expressive grin and heavy makeup. Other options include Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jack Nicholson. Alternatively, you could opt for a comic book cartoon character. Or your design could have nothing to do with DC Comics at all and involve a joker playing card. This focuses on mystery, surprise, and good luck.


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