8 Wonderful Benefits of Drinking Warm Water with Honey and Lime Juice

lemon water with honey

Benefits of drinking warm water with honey and lime juice

I had heard a lot about drinking warm water with honey and some lemon juice in it and ever since I tried it, I have seen some great results for my skin primarily since that was my main motive behind going after this remedy. But wait, this super drink doesn’t do only good for your skin but it also has so many health benefits like it aids in digestion, flushes the toxins out of the body, weight loss, boosting immune system. Before starting with the benefits, let’s know how to prepare that warm water, lemon juice and honey drink to get rid of the toxins.

How to prepare:

Take a glass of warm water, Pour a teaspoonful of honey and squeeze half lemon juice into it. Mix it well and drink it in the morning as soon as you leave your bed. After this do not eat or drink any other juice or beverage at least for an hour. If you don’t have honey on any day, go with the warm water and lemon juice only.
Here are some good health and skin related Benefits of drinking warm water with honey lime juice .

Flushes the toxins out: Do you know that this lemon juice drink flushes toxins out of the body? It stimulates the bowel movements and also increases the urine production, along with which toxins and other material leave the body. It keeps the excretory system in good condition and strengthens it to function optimally. It also removes uric acid from the body that causes swelling, plain and inflammation in the joints.

Helps in Digestion: When lemon juice is mixed with warm water and some honey, it boosts the bile product from the liver which aids in digestion of the food in a better way. It also makes the bowel movements smooth. It becomes a great drink to flush our toxins from the body and greatly helps in improving digestion. The water that we drink along with the lemon juice and honey actually makes the motion to pass smoothly.

Enhances the Immune System: Lemon is a very rich source of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid). Vitamin C keeps the gums, skin and other body system healthy. Vitamin C increases body’s immunity to ward of common problems like cold, cough, etc and is also anti inflammatory. Lemons are also high in potassium which is also responsible for controlling blood pressure. Potassium is also required for a lot of body’s proper functioning. This is the great benefits of taking warm water with honey and lime juice

Hydrates the body: Now, there is no need to stress how important drinking water is for the body. Water hydrates the body cells and tissues for their proper functioning. When you take warm water with lemon juice and honey in the morning, it will hydrate your body and feel energized and more active throughout the day.

Makes skin clear: This was the major reason I had started Benefits of drinking warm water with honey and lime juice in the morning. The vitamin C presents in the lemon juice makes skin clear, keep skin young for a long time as Vitamin C gives an anti aging protection. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that flushes out toxins and free radicals from the body. Free body as associated with the skin and body aging and when the free radicals are removed by the antioxidants, skin remain younger for a longer time. Vitamin C makes skin radiant and glowing. As this drink keeps the intestine clean, that shows on the face as well in the form of radiant shine.

Good for gum and oral health: Vitamin C keeps the gums healthy and also protects teeth bleeding, scurvy and other gum related problems. It also keeps the mouth fresh and reduces the bad odor.

Keeps the acidity in check: Lemons are known to be alkaline in nature, for the body. You might be thinking that they are acids which can’t be alkaline but once the citric acid enters the body they becomes the weaker acid as compared with the strong acids presents in the body. When they are mixed with a glass of warm water and some honey. They help neutralize the acidity and heart burns.

Weight Loss: Another great Benefits of drinking warm water with honey and lime juice would be for weight loss. Lemons and honey keep the body alkaline and therefore, helps in weight loss. Pectin fibers in lemons controls the hung pangs and you reduce the over easting.

Drinking warm water with lemon juice and honey has definitely helped me and I will suggest you to try this super beneficial drink to keep gut clean, stay healthy and hydrated.

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