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8 Top Fashion Trends from Haute Couture Fashion Week 2021

Trends from Haute Couture Fashion Week 2021

Fashion Week is finally back, and we’re getting a lot of inspiration from it. This season’s Haute Couture Fashion Week was full of new surprises and the return of must-haves, mixing timeless and daring styles. Replacing sweatpants with flared pants, gray sweatshirts with bright blues and yellows, and slippers with brogues, the street style has been taken to 11 this year. From bold pops of color to chunky platforms and eye-catching handbags, there’s something here that’s sure to get you excited. It’s time to start dressing up again. We’ve picked eight top fashion trends from haute couture fashion week that you should definitely try!

1. Blue of France

Add a splash of color to your everyday wardrobe with the classic Bleu de France. Although trending this season, ombre has been around since the 12th century. With its deep history, it’s an amazing choice for your next brunch or shopping set. On a hot summer day, combine the ombre with whites and neutral shades – this will help the blue pop. If the temperature starts to drop, replace the lighter shades with gold or gray, they are complementary. Add a hint of citrus with a yellow handbag or a pair of orange shoes – they’re opposite on the color wheel, so they’ll create a striking look.

French Blue

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2. Chunky moccasins

Taking inspiration from 1950s Aldo Gucci, loafers are back in full force. These shoes are now in fashion with chunky, platform soles, which enhance your look in many ways. Pair them with your favorite jeans, pants or mini skirts for a fresh and relaxed look. You can find designs with sparkling embellishments, horsebit curls, and a wide variety of textures and colors. For a timeless feel, opt for black or brown shoes – they go with most outfits, so you can swap them out for various occasions and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Thick moccasins

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3. Green accessories

From brightly colored handbags to acrylic sunglasses to match your summer outfit, there are so many options you can wear this season. When styling these items, you can wear an all-monochrome look or shades of brown, blue or even white and gold – a pop of color never hurt anyone! If you want to add a touch of liveliness to a neutral or muted look, you can’t miss a pair of emerald green earrings or a necklace. Experiment and play around with this shade – it’s great fun and will easily make any ensemble look a little more sophisticated.

Green accessories

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4. Scarves

This trend has been around for a while, and we like that it’s here to stay. With such versatility, you can wear them every season of the year and create a different style to suit your attire. It doesn’t matter if you’re lounging on a yacht in Portofino or spending a day at the office, this is an easy piece you can replicate almost any time of year. This accessory can change effortlessly – from a simple bandana to a headband or a trim to your ponytail. Iconic designers like Pucci, Dior and Versace are among the most popular choices if you’re looking for a timeless pattern or print. Yet, many alternative brands offer similar designs, which suits all budgets.


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5. Metallic fabrics

You are one in a million and you deserve to stand out – why not do it in silver or gold? Metallic fabrics have come and gone over the past few years, but we’re starting to see them come back with a vengeance. While you can stick to traditional hues, why not be bold and try bright blue, purple or pink? The beauty behind this is its versatility. You can mix fabrics with dark accessories or stick to your favorite necklaces and earrings. It’s the maximalist’s dream outfit, so if you’re ready to up the ante on your go out together, try this one!

Metallic fabrics

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6. Oversized Boyfriend Blazers

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? That’s what we think of oversized boyfriend blazers, which are holding their own this season. As a fashion staple, this outerwear is a great staple piece for every wardrobe. Wear it with your favorite jeans and a white t-shirt for a classic and chic outfit, or opt for matching tailored pants. For an alluring and feminine twist on androgynous attire, try outerwear with a floral dress. Add a pair of tall boots or combat boots to complete the look. Whether it’s stripes, lilac or bright blue, there are so many occasions to wear these jackets, and we have a feeling they’re here to stay.

Oversized Boyfriend Blazers

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7. Pajama mode

Beauty may be painful, but this style is here to challenge the status quo. Tell the world you woke up like this by giving your pajamas a high fashion touch. Inspired by last year’s at-home looks, this trend is a little sexy and a whole lot of fun. Pair a set of satin pajamas with an oversized trench coat in a matching hue and layered accessories, or create the illusion of sleepwear while looking effortlessly chic in a similarly silhouetted shirt. Pair it with satin or linen pants and chunky boots for an edgy touch. The way to get an authentic look with this trend is to keep the shades matching from head to toe.

Fashion Pajamas

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8. Yellow handbags

Brighten up every room you walk into with a bright yellow handbag. We’re seeing plenty of pops of color this season, and this funky trend is clearly no exception. There are endless ways to rock this bold accessory, but popular choices include monochromatic and black-and-white ensembles, like a lemon shirt and skirt combination or a pinstripe suit. For an added twist on the already bright hue, look to contrasting hues for your attire – think cool tones like French blue or lilac. A fashion staple we’ve noticed is wearing shoes and accessories in the matching hue, making it a stylish and complementary outfit choice.

Yellow handbags

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What are the fashion trends for 2021?

This season is all about creating fun and exciting outfits, using bright colors and reflective textures. Some of the top choices from the runway to the streets include Fleur de France, buttercup yellow and shades of green. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, some of the current trends like boyfriend blazers, scarves, and chunky shoes remain solid picks due to their versatility and timelessness. Wear them with delicate satin and silk pieces for a sophisticated look.

Why is haute couture so expensive?

Haute Couture is the French term for haute couture – it’s essentially the most coveted and painstaking collection a designer will create for the season. Each designer on the Haute Couture Fashion Week schedule takes months, sometimes years, to find the perfect fabrics and embellishments for each garment. Typically, designers attend a fabric fair several months before a collection is fully made to gather more inspiration and selections for the collection. Unlike RTW fashion, which is produced on a larger scale, Haute Couture pieces are often hand-embroidered, taking hundreds of hours, with immaculate detail applied to each garment – this goes for jewelry, beads, dots and embellishments added. added. The quality of each piece determines a high price since many fabrics and materials are imported or made specifically for the occasion. Essentially, you’re paying for a wearable piece of art.

Do celebrities buy haute couture?

Generally, the stars are lent the clothes for a specific occasion or event. However, that doesn’t mean celebrities don’t buy their own Haute Couture. In fact, many celebrities are famous owners of high fashion pieces, especially if they are one-of-a-kind, vintage, or collectible items. Well-known celebrities will often have a personal stylist who selects from a range of designer dresses and clothes and works with the client to achieve the perfect look. Sometimes the stars also receive the pieces from the designers themselves. In this case, designers will send their latest pieces to certain famous faces, often straight off the catwalk – which is especially common if they are already aligned with that particular brand, such as Margot Robbie for Chanel or Zendaya with Valentino.

Who are the couture designers?

Haute couture has been a staple of the Fashion Week calendar for decades, with many iconic brands leading the way. These brands include Chanel, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani Privé, Givenchy and Alexandre Vauthier. However, some of the emerging designers and those not usually aligned with couture are becoming cult favorites among fashion enthusiasts, such as Ralph & Russo, Schiaparelli and Balenciaga (just returned to Haute Couture after 53 years). Labels such as Viktor & Rolf, Iris Van Herpen and Pyer Moss often make waves with their pieces as they step outside the box with their unique creativity, tongue-in-cheek credentials and innovative technologies.


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