8 Rameshwaram Travel Tips That Are Worth Knowing About

Rameswaram travel tips: If you are into festivals and religious beliefs and pilgrimage in general, Rameswaram is probably one of the best places to explore the spirituality that the place encompasses. With so many amazing places to explore and such a wide range of temples to offer your prayers, you want to do everything right.

Those unaware, the place is famous for embracing one of the most popular Jyotirlingas worshiping Lord Shiva. For those planning a trip to Rameswaram, you should have something most important Rameswaram travel tips In mind, you can have a smooth journey.

8 Rameswaram Travel Tips

Rameswaram is not only known for its beautiful places and importance of pilgrimage, this place is more important than this. Given that there are a lot of spots that you can visit and see, we would suggest you keep these suggestions in mind.

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1. Book in advance

Regardless of the time of year, Rameswaram is more or less flooded with tourists throughout the year, all with such significance. It is best suggested that you focus on nearby locations and if you are booking in advance, you should have everything sorted. Given that there is no airport facility at that location, the train is the safest and best bet you can travel. This is why it is best suggested that you consider your booking in advance. Apart from train booking, accommodation is also an important factor. If you want confirmed booking at hotels and resorts around sightseeing and temples, it is best to book in advance.

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2. Know the ritual

Given that Rameswaram is visited solely for pilgrimage purposes, you should be aware of all the rituals that occur from all around because more than anything, it is a necessity. You cannot offend anyone just because you did not know anything around the temples. It is best suggested that you focus on getting all the information online or ask someone who has been there. These are some travel tips that you simply cannot do on one side. If you are traveling to Rameswaram, you should be aware of rituals for worship and even time for worship so that you can reach there on time and serve your offerings and prayers there before anything else Can.

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3. Learn the basics before entering temples

When you are visiting the main temple in Rameswaram, you do not have to sort your priorities. To help yourself and the people who accompany you, you should familiarize yourself with the same before visiting the place. There are many entrances and this is the only reason you are going to be confused. Do not be confused with the gate as the eastern gate is the main entrance.

It is also important that you put your shoes outside the entrance before entering. You have to walk the entire distance barefoot from there, so be prepared. For the entry fee, the person has to pay INR 50 per person and then roam in the various wells inside. Don’t fall into the hands of fraudulent people, who sell the same ticket at twice the price, sometimes even more. The main temple has a very large queue, so make sure you focus on being patient.

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4. Know the remedies for worship

To worship you, there are important rituals, through which you need to follow. It is also quite important that you focus on knowing the stages of the ritual before the puja. This is a requirement and it is also important that you focus on what is usually done before worshiping inside the temple. You start by bathing yourself or taking a dip in the sea, after which you bathe in 22 wells around the temple. The final stage of the ritual is the main darshan in which you have to live in fresh clothes without question. Since the temple is so large, you can ask for volunteers and they will guide you through the passage without any issues. It is one of the helpful Rameswaram travel tips.

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5. Beware of Scam

Most of the crowd and tourists like to roam in Rameswaram during the festival season and while it is peak season and provide some of the best experiences around, you should also know for a fact what you do and what you don’t do there. It is best suggested that you concentrate on res to break through the queue during those days and if not, make sure you travel quickly when the crowds do not gradually deteriorate. You will also often find people who will try to fool you and tell you that they can provide early access. Don’t fall for those types of talks because they can’t do anything.

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6. Stay alert

One of the most important Rameswaram travel tips Be aware of fraud. Pandits and many scammers often infiltrate the temple and temple premises, trying to earn their two easy bucks. If you do not want to get caught in a scam in the event of any kind of fraud, then you should avoid people like plague. It is best suggested that you also focus on keeping all your valuables safely with you. More than anything, it is a requirement that you cannot go without. Therefore, make sure that you focus on being attentive and alert when you are inside or even around the temple as there may be risks of stealing otherwise if you are not alert.

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7. Make an Itinerary

One of the smartest Rameswaram travel tips Is to make an itinerary. It is true that people mainly visit Rameswaram for the main temple, but there are many other scenic spots that you can also visit. For this, you need to plan the journey according to yourself so that you are not in a hurry to do anything. It is best suggested that you plan things, so booking can also be done accordingly. Online booking is best for hotels and even train tickets. For a better experience, be sure to book a car, if necessary.

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8. Try Local Food

Food is yet another important factor in Rameswaram that you cannot take without. If you are wondering here what kind of food you can try and find, pure vegetarian options are the best. It is also the best suggestion that you focus on tasting street food which is as surprising and exciting as trying out. If possible, look through the streets as the best options are often hidden around there.

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If you are planning to visit Rameswaram, then these are some important travel tips that you need to keep in mind. Make sure your trip has a checklist and you close these before planning your last trip. More than anything, it is a necessity. You need to be careful with all plans and even look around for necessary safety precautions. If necessary, take back the valuables of the hotel you are staying in before coming to visit Rameswaram. Which can solve a lot of problems. Now, pack your bags and plan a trip to Rameswaram for a quiet holiday.

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Frequently asked questions about Rameswaram

Q. Who is Rameshwaram known for?

a. The holy place of Rameswaram is known for embracing one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. This place is a popular place of pilgrimage and many people come from all over the world to offer their prayers.

Q. Which time of the year is the best time to visit Rameswaram?

a. If you are planning to visit Rameswaram, the best time to do this would be in the month of October to April. For the most part, traveling at any time throughout the year is fine.

Q. Can you see Sri Lanka from Rameswaram?

a. Sri Lanka is very close to Rameswaram and it is believed that one can easily see the neighboring country off the coast of Rameswaram. Dhanushkodi is a small town which offers the best view.

Q. How long does it take to visit Rameswaram?

a. To be honest, there is no standard time limit and it depends on how many people are queuing and how quickly you stand in the queue. There are two slots for darshan, one in the morning and the other from evening to night time.

Q. Is it safe to visit and visit Rameswaram at night?

a. Rameswaram can be very unsafe if you are not careful. Make sure that you are always alert and the necessary security measures are useful. If you are traveling, just stick to where the crowd is and you should be good.

Q. Is bathing or bathing in Rameswaram mandatory?

a. It is a myth that bathing is mandatory. that is not the case. It is entirely on personal choice. If you want to take a shower, you can. If you do not want to bathe, there is no force.

Q. Is there any dress code to wear in Rameswaram temple?

a. Yes, there are dress codes that you need to follow. It is essential for people to wear traditional and vest. For girls, it is either a churidar or a saree, whatever you think is suitable for you.

Q. Is it permissible to keep mobile inside the temple?

a. No, you cannot take any kind of equipment inside the Rameswaram temple. You have to deposit everything in the main entrance and then walk barefoot from there to the main temple.

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