8 Popular Places To Visit In Solapur, Maharashtra

From temples to ancient ruins, there is a surprising variety of tranquil locations in the traditional markets at Central Chowk, Solapur for a quiet and serene pace. Whether passing through 18th century street streets and watching artisans’ handlooms or enjoying roadside cuisine, seeing everyday life in this ethnic city is a gateway to unlock stories.

We have scored 8 beautiful goals Places to visit in Solapur With a vision of dreaming – the vibrant clothing of khaki mills, beautiful and lofty palm trees, centuries old architecture, as well as the finest regional gold shopping experience.

8 places to visit in Solapur

As if its historical charm was not enough, Solapur is rich in hand art and a rich collection of natural gems. Circle around some of the temple areas and you will get to the detail shaking your head from far away as the guide deemed them many history behold this city.

Here are some popular places to help you experience the place the most. Places to visit in Solapur That one should not miss.

  • Temple of lord siddharameshwara
  • Bhuikot Fort
  • Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
  • Saraf Katta
  • Solapur Science Center
  • Dharamvir Sambhaji Lake
  • Hipparga Lake
  • Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple

1. Temple of Lord Siddarameshwar

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia

The temple was built by Yogi Sri Siddharameshwar to honor Lord Vishnu and Lord Siddheshwar, one of the many forms of Shiva. He was a devoted follower of Sri Mallikarjuna of Srisailam and established 68 Shivalingas in the city of Solapur. Visit this temple during sunset and you can catch a glimpse of its reflection in the water that surrounds this dynamic structure.

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2. Bhuikot Fort

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Built in the 14th century AD under the rule of the Bahmani dynasty, the Bhuikot Fort is one of the top attractions in Solapur. According to historical records, Aurangzeb used to reside temporarily in this fort. Children will enjoy an animal park enclosed within the boundary of this fort. There is also an octagonal shaped well which can be attractive to see as it is believed to be built around the fort at the same time.

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3. Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Established in 1979, the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is a semi-arid landscape, reflecting the Deccan thorn forested forests. It is an ideal place for a full day trip with your friends and family. Maharashtra is one of the six states in India where the Indian movement (Ardeotis nigriceps) can be seen. This place is an institution that remembers this previously popular bird and can undertake an excellent wildlife expedition while visiting Solapur.

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4. Saraf Katta

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Image courtesy: by Cornelia Ng Unsplace

If you are thinking that Solapur is known only for handloom and textile industry, then you cannot get away from the truth. Forget Dubai, Saraf Katta Gold Market is one of the must visit places in Solapur, where every shopkeeper and jewelry fan will appreciate. It is a complex web of rare designed street-shops at affordable prices that you will not be able to resist.

Take a detour: From Saraf Katta, ride the nearby industrial textile plot and get yourself a Solapur Cheddar, an exquisite piece of house unique to the city and a symbol of its culture.

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5. Solapur Science Center

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia

The Solapur Science Center is one of the most visited attractions in the city and is arguably the most prestigious science museum in the state. The purpose of establishing this center was to promote and disseminate science among the public. Through its various exhibitions that can participate throughout the year, it propagates scientific principles and ideas through a simple visual showcase for children and adults.

Insider’s tip: If you have a little swing room in your itinerary, try and stay back for a night sky overview through the museum’s telescope.

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6. Dharmaveer Sambhaji Lake

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Image courtesy: Ganesh Parthiban

It is one of the largest lakes in Solapur which was recently sheltered by the government for a beautification and conservation mission. In the evening take a long walk along the lake and spend some time to see people. This can be a good pit for you and your family to steal a few moments of self-aggression before turning in for the night.

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7. Hipparga Lake

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Image courtesy: Solapur 013 by nijntjemeetsamitabh

Also known as Ekrukh Hipparga Talao, this popular lake was established by Colonel Murali during the years of British rule. Set off a small basket of local snacks and beverages before heading to Hipparga for a lazy afternoon jaundice and lose yourself in the cool air that relaxes your mind. Disconnect and maybe take a book with you, the peace of this place will not disappoint.

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8. Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia

A 45-drive from central Solapur, the Akkalkot temple is easily accessible via public transport and is perfect for a spiritual getaway. Walking towards the entrance, observe the huge banyan tree which is claimed as one of the places where Swami Samarth will practice meditation. The temple is busy almost every day of the week, but if you want to revel in the divinity and harmony of that place, consider a site stay for two days, which is offered at a generous price.

Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Solapur

What is Solapur famous for?

Solapur is famous for its textile and cotton industry, which produces some signature styles similar to Solapur Chadar, as well as crafts such as Bidriware, Mashru and Himu.

After whom is Solapur named?

The name Solapur is believed to have originated from the amalgamation of two words, ‘Sola’ which means 16 and ‘Pur’ means village. It was believed that this present day city was once a congregation of 16 small neighborhoods.

What is the best way to visit Solapur?

Various modes of transportation are available for your everyday commute from the convenience of renting or hiring auto-rickshaws, local buses and private taxis within the city.

Is it possible to buy Solapur famous sheet and other artifacts for bargain?

Visit the main textile manufacturing complex and you can choose from hundreds of merchants who have their own unique pieces of fabric for sale. Prices at the main expo are cheaper than at independent shops that sell the same.

Are there any shopping malls in Solapur?

Yes, Solapur is a host of Oasis Mall located on Surana Market Road which showcases a collection of over 60 brands and food courts.

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