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8 Places To Visit In Shillong In June That Makes Your Vacay Complete In 2020!

When it comes to the best hill stations around India, it is no surprise that Shillong makes its place in the top 5. With beautiful surroundings and amazing landscapes, the city is one of the rare gems in the Indian subcontinent. If you are planning to visit Shillong during June, then know the fact that the crowd is quite slow at that time. During that time the place is not infiltrated by excessive tourists, which allows you to explore the place in peace. To help you, we have sorted through some of the best Places to visit in Shillong in June Which are totally worth the trip. Since June is a month of summer months, we are going to list the places that are worth visiting during that time of the year. The weather around Shillong is quite calm and soothing during summer, so you won’t have to worry about taking out your guts.

8 Best Places to Visit in Shillong in June

Being one of the top places to visit in June, Shillong is a destination that never fails to impress. Famous for being infinitely blessed as a mother, Shillong has a lot to offer including lakes, waterfalls, caves, forests.

1. Elephant Falls

Photography in elephant falls


When Shillong arrives in June to visit, it goes without saying that you need an elephant to fall. It is an ideal place for your weekend getaway with family, which you can easily explore along with your picnic plans. The name of the waterfall is derived from a rock that sits in the flow of this place.
The attractive greenery around the waterfall attracts visitors’ eyes more, making them want to stay there and never leave. It is a very peaceful aura all around, so when you travel, you will not regret visiting this place. The water in the fall is also crystal clear and beautiful to see.

Where to: Upper Shillong
Time: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
entrance fees: INR 20 per person

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2. Umiam Lake

beautiful scene


Yet another breathtaking place worth visiting in Shillong is Umiam Lake. This place is essential to rejuvenate your life and body and relax for a few days from the constant stress in life. This reservoir sits atop the Umiam River and was built back in the 1960s. Apart from this lake is a wonderful getaway escape and perfect picnic spot, you can also be mesmerized by the water in the lake, it is an ideal place for photographers. If you are into water sports and explore the possibilities, there are some that you can explore including boating, kayaking, etc. Famous places to visit in Shillong in June.

Where to: Umiam, Meghalaya 793103
Time: Open 24 × 7
entrance fees: INR 20 per person

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3. Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Museum


For those visiting Shillong in June and want to do some indoor-type sightseeing, the Don Bosco Museum is one of the best available options. The museum has everything you possibly need to know about tribal culture and the cultural history of Meghalaya. The museum is home to some of the most popular artifacts and articles that are native to tribes in the state. The entire museum is made up of seven floors and has 17 different galleries, including artifacts, shapes, sculptures, paintings and more that you expect. It is also considered as the largest museum in Asia with such indigenous collections of artifacts and articles.

Where to: Mawlai Fudmuri, Shillong
Time: 09:00 am to 05:30 pm; Closed on sunday
entrance fees: INR 50 per person

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4. Latlam Canyon

Lethalum Canyons


For adventurers and nature lovers, next time you are in Shillong, make sure you visit and explore Latlam Canyon. The scenic view from the middle of the hills is breathtaking, to say the least. It is a 45-minute drive from Shillong in the East Khasi Hills and is located right back on your vacation. The lush greenery and majestic mountains surrounding make this place a must remember, especially for trekkers and other adventure seekers. It is also a treat for photographers due to the beautiful landscape shots around. It’s definitely one Best places to visit Shillong in June.

Where to: East Khasi Hills, Shillong
Time: Open 24 × 7
entrance fees: No one

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5. Sweet Falls

Sweet fall scene


Yet another amazing waterfall in Shillong that is worth seeing is Sweet Falls when you come in June. Unlike Elephant Falls, it does not fall into such detail, but it is an amazing option to travel and see nonetheless. The waterfall is surrounded by dense and lush greenery. It is a very beautiful place in Shillong, which you will not regret visiting. The waterfall is 315 feet which is very amazing. The intensity of the water does not allow visitors to come in and quickly takes down due to how much force the water pressure is. Around there, you can also see the Mini Zoo and the Butterfly Museum which are quite popular.

Where to: East Khasi Hills, Shillong
Time: Until sunset
entrance fees: No one; Parking fees are separate

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6. Sohpetbineng peak

Sohpetbineng Peak


The harder the pronunciation of this place, the more beautiful the Sohetbineng Peak offers. The view from the top of the peak is very beautiful, one that you simply cannot compare with anything else. It is located on the outskirts, but the drive to this place is also a very beautiful and pleasing one, one that you will not even feel when it is up. Due to it being a very important religious place for the local people, the summit is very visible place. The peak is located at an altitude of 1343 meters, which is very high, so you know for the fact that the scene will be breathtaking by chance. Apart from the view, the place is also known for its photographic location.

Where to: Lum Sohpetbineng, Shillong
Time: Open 24 × 7
entrance fees: No one

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7. Mawfalong Holy Jungle

Mawfalong Holy Forest


Mawfalong Sacred Forest is a wonderful place for adventure enthusiasts who want to do something different and explore the unique places in Shillong in June. It is one of the many sacred forests of the East Khasi Hills in Shillong. The forest is said to be over 1000 years old and is home to some of the most unique species of plants and trees. There are rules that you should know before you set foot in the forest. You need to follow them to scorn the deity who lives there. Inside the forests, you will also find many stone temples. Make sure you come out of the forest before sunset. It’s definitely one Best places to visit Shillong in June.

Where to: Sinrang Kaban, Nongru
Time: 09:00 am to 04:30 pm
entrance fees: INR 20 per person

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8. David Scott Trail

David Scott Trail


If you are visiting Shillong during June, chances are the weather is perfectly suited for some trekking trips for you as well. The David Scott Trail is one of the most popular trekking trails totaling around 16 km. The trekking trail was discovered in the days by a British, David Scott, so it was named the trail. The trail passes through beautiful sightseeing, waterfalls, lush greenery and steep hills all around. If you are into photography, you can click some amazing photos there.

Where to: Mavflong, East Khasi Hills District
Time: Open 24 × 7
entrance fees: No one

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If you are planning a trip to Shillong during June, we would suggest that you visit all these places, which we have mentioned here. Make sure you plan things ahead of time to make sure everything is happening and you don’t have to hurry during last minute booking. These are the places to visit in Shillong in June to ensure that one does not get bored when heading north east!

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit Shillong in June

Q. What is Shillong famous for?

a. Shillong is famous in India and around the world for its breathtaking natural beauty and lush greenery. It is also known for its rich tribal culture.

Q. Which is the best to go to Shillong?

a. If you want to travel during the summer months, the months between March and June are best. If you want to travel during the winter months, the time from October to February is best.

Q. What are some common things to buy in Shillong?

a. Shillong is famous for its amazing handicrafts. If you want to buy one thing from there, then the Scottish cloth which is woven by hand is one of the most popular items that you will have to buy without fail.

Q. Which is the famous food in Shillong?

a. If you are going to Shillong, then non-vegetarian dishes are very popular there. Their pork and rice combinations are very popular which you can try next.

Q. What pack should I give for Shillong during June?

a. If you are going to Shillong in June, pack light warm clothes as the weather is not hot and is quite pleasant. It is not so cold, so you can wear normal clothes.

Q. Should I book tickets before Shillong?

a. If you want good deals, why not? But, during June, Shillong does not experience too many tourist visits, so you are in no hurry to book. If possible, sort the booking for transportation.

Q. How many days are enough to come to Shillong?

a. Shillong has many spots which are worth visiting and exploring. If you want a complete experience, we would suggest that you book everything for at least 4-5 days.

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