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8 Pelling Resorts Where You’ll Spend Quality Time Amidst Nature

Pelling Resorts: Meen Located at an altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level, Pelling is a picturesque hill station in Sikkim. The area is undergoing a metamorphosis, with roads being repaired and hotels as well as fast and thick-arriving resorts flocking to travelers in this period. Pelling Resorts The area has been the main attraction for tourists in comparison to hotels in the last few decades.

10 Amazing Pelling Resorts

Pelling in Sikkim is one of the most challenging places for a challenging and one-time vacation purpose. It is in the spotlight for being a special place to be appreciated by trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. When you are in Pelling, be aware of Pelling Resorts to enjoy the best accommodation.

Pelling Resort to outdoor space
Pelling Resorts

1. Chumbi Mountain Resort & Spa

One of the well-organized luxury pelling resorts, Chumby Mountain Resort & Spa faces breathtaking Mt. The Khanchandonga range looks so amazing as if sitting in the lap of nature. The resort has a natural setting that provides a peaceful luxurious option for all guests. It blends contemporary convenience with the essence of Sikkim traditions and thus offers guests innumerable avenues to learn a lot about the region. It represents Sikkim’s best choice of hospitality that remains etched in every visitor’s mind.

place: Naku Chumbong, Pelling.
Features: Two types of accommodation – suite room and hermitage room with 5-star facilities, kids play area, 40 seat movie theater.
Tariff: Starting from INR 9,400 / – per night.

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2. Norbu Ghang Resort

In a delightful hill with a breathtaking view of Mt. Khorgendzonga, Norbu Ghan Resort is spread over an abundant private space. It is one of those luxurious pelling resorts known for its delightful setting and for providing an extraordinary comfort level for luxurious furnishings and also an aura of pleasure for discerning travelers looking for the very best.

place: Upper Pelling, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: The resort has exclusive suites and deluxe rooms with private balconies.
Tariff: 7,200 / – per night starting from INR.

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3. Pelling Resort

With an impeccable garden, The Pelling Resort is the perfect pelling resort for couples to enjoy a romantic time together in natural surroundings. The ambassadors give them a romantic touch to this resort along with hiking and various other adventure and related activities.

place: Near New Helipad, Upper Pelling, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: Premium rooms with king size beds, flat screen TVs and bathtubs.
Tariff: Starting from INR 5,500 / – per night.

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4. Cherry Village Resorts

The cottages at Cherry Village Resorts are constructed with environmentally friendly local materials, and so they give an authentic feel of the Mountain State. Convenience and convenience of guests is of paramount importance in Cherry Village, with the utmost priority for cleanliness, as well as maintaining a cleanliness level. It remains one of the best cheap pellet resorts available in the area.

place: Darap Pelling, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: Complete with daily comforts of home life.
Tariff: Starting from INR 2,000 / – per night.

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5. Tashing Resort

Tashing Resort is a place where classic elegance and glamor combine with contemporary luxury and hospitality. At this Pellet Resort, guests can experience the joy of snow-capped mountains amidst the homely atmosphere to feel like a kind of familiarity while exploring the pelting.

place: Yangtie, Gyalushing, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: 3 types of accommodation – Super Deluxe, Deluxe Cottage and Suite Cottage – all with cable TV, free Wi-Fi, provision for indoor and outdoor games, lawn and conference hall.
Tariff: 2,850 / – per night starting from INR.

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6. Green Leaf Resort

The resort is surrounded with a 180-degree landscape view and the 180-degree view of Kanchenjunga truly captivates travelers. Guests sitting in the landscaped gardens are treated to a view of the colors with a breath taking view at the Pelging Resort. While experiencing the property, you will feel complete relaxation and can also enjoy the natural beauty of Sikkim during your stay.

place: Naku Chambung Road, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: Two types of accommodation – deluxe rooms and standard rooms – complete with king size bed, cable TV and such.
Tariff: Starting from INR 2,300 / – per night.

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7. Yangthang Dzimkha Resort

The calm and natural environment of Pelling in Sikkim features a comfortable and relaxed stay at the Yangthang Dzimkha Resort. Guests can enjoy amazing views of the snow-capped mountains from this resort. This luxury pelling resort has all the traps of 5 star accommodation facilities.

place: Upper Pelling, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: 4 types of accommodation – deluxe, premium deluxe, suite and executive suite – with highly personalized service offerings.
Tariff: Starting from INR 7,000 / – per night.

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8. Club Mahindra Resort

Surrounded by rolling mountains and a flowing river, Club Mahindra Begunai Resort in Pelling in Sikkim is the perfect place. Spread over 6.5 acres on the banks of the Rangeet River, it is a comfortable and relaxing place to stay, with all the amenities that ensure your stay turns into a memorable one. This Pelling Resort must be booked a lot in advance as this accommodation is limited and is often carried by travelers. Chances are high that it is always full so booking in advance is recommended.

place: Beside Sisni, Papelli PO, Pelling, Sikkim.
Features: All rooms have air conditioner, color TV, free Wi-Fi and other facilities.
Tariff: Starting from INR 6,500 / – per night.

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The Himalayas and Kanchenjunga can be seen in the quarters close to Pelling in Sikkim, which is one of the highest hills of Sikkim. It is also the base from which trekkers and adventurers undertake many strenuous and difficult treks in Sikkim. The hill state of Sikkim is calling you to go trekking in Pelling. It is high time you plan a trip and choose some of the best resorts from the luxurious but affordable stay options during your Sikkim trip.

10 Frequently Asked Questions about Pelling Resorts

Q. What is pelting famous for?

a. Pelling is a city in the West Sikkim district of India. The pelting is nested at an altitude of 2,150 meters. The city is located 10 km from the district headquarters of Geising. The city is famous for treks and adventure trails.

Q. What are the best pelling resorts to stay in?

a. Many resorts in Pelling like Chambi Mountain Resort and Spa, Norbu Ghang Resort, Club Mahindra Resort provide superb facilities while others Pelling Resorts Like Green Leaf Resorts, Green Valley Resorts are the ideal budget option for tourists.

Q. Are resorts in Pelling safe for families?

a. Yes, all of Pelling’s resorts are safe for families and provide decent levels of service.

Q. What precautions should be taken while staying at Pelling Resorts?

a. Like any other place, be sure to be hardworking with new people. From a comfort point of view, carry enough woolen clothes as the winters in the palling will be harsh.

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