8 Hotels In Hallstatt To Ensure A Comfort Stay In Austria!

Located in the mountainous region of Salzkamergut, Hallstatt is one of the best places to visit in Austria. Equipped with alpine houses and beautiful scenery, the city is known for its salt lake, ice caves and other places. While staying here, you should definitely visit the stage to watch the Skywalk Hallstats, from where you will be able to witness breathtaking views of the surrounding area. While there are plenty of hotels in Hallstatt, here are some of the top Hotel in Hallstatt Which will make your stay memorable.

8 Best Hotels in Hallstatt for a Wonderful Vacation

If you like to stay for a holiday in the holiday, choose from this list of the best hotels in Hallstatt and enjoy your time on your trip to Austria!

1. Seehotel am Hallstattersee

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Located by Lake Hallstatt, this hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Hallstatt. After being renovated in 2015, this hotel today allows you to rejuvenate yourself with a breathtaking view of Hallstatt Lake. It embellishes itself with a swimming pool and other modern amenities such as a bathroom, TV, WiFi, and so on. If you are lucky enough to get a balcony room, don’t forget to enjoy the view of the courtyard. The rustic rooms here will definitely make you feel at home. Both the Duchenstein West Ski Area and the Krippenstein Ski Area are throwing a stone from this hotel. It is one of the best 3 star hotels in Hallstatt.

Tariff: Starts at INR 10,500 per night.
Address: Sestrai 152, 4831 Obertoon, Austria
Features: Swimming pool, free wifi, beach, flat screen tv, private bathroom.

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2. Wolfuhlhotel Goiser locality

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Located in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria, the Wöhlfluthalhotel Goeser Mühle is one of the best 5-star hotels in Hallstatt. The graceful rooms here are equipped with modern facilities, which provide you with the ultimate comfort. They are adorned with gorgeous artwork. The restaurant here is perfect for those who want to infuse their taste buds with regional dishes made with fresh farm ingredients. The nearest attraction is the Duchenstein West ski area.

Tariff: Starting from INR 10,678 per night.
Address: Kurparkstraerne 9, 4822 Bad Goisern, Austria.
Features: Bathroom, bar, free wifi, swimming pool, free parking.

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3. Mondi Hotel I Grundlesi

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Being one of the top hotels in Hallstatt, the Mandi Hotel am Grundle is situated on the banks of the Grundlesi lake. Located about 5 km from Bad Aussee, this hotel refreshes your body and mind with a panoramic view of the lake. With an indoor pool, free WiFi, restaurants and mountains, this hotel comes with both furnished rooms and apartments. If you are looking for the top 4 star hotels in Hallstatt, then this should definitely top your list. The spa here is equipped with steam bath, infrared cabin, bio sauna, etc.

Tariff: Starting from INR 13,971 per night.
Address: Archkogl 31, 8993 Grundlsee, Austria.
Features: Swimming pool, bar, spa, buffer breakfast, wifi, restaurant.

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4. Hotel Lindavuram

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Located in the Bad Goisern area of ​​Salzkammagut, Hotel Lindavum is one of the cheapest hotels in Hallstatt. Equipped with modern amenities, this hotel has rooms furnished with wooden furniture. Other facilities include flat screen TV, bathroom, sun terrace, garden etc. This hotel offers you the chance to wake up to breathtaking mountain views. You can freshen yourself up at the spa here which comes with a sauna and steam bath. Some of the nearby attractions include cross-country ski, Duchenstein Glacier ski area etc. This hotel should top your list of budget hotels in Hallstatt.

Tarif: Starting at INR 6,244 per night.
Address: Untere Marktstraße 93, 4822 Bad Goisern, Austria.
Features: Private bathroom, bar, flat screen TV, free toiletries, heating.

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5. Dormio Resort Obertoon

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The Dorimio Resort, located in Oberstown, is one of Hallstatt’s best 5-star hotels. Equipped with a wellness area, on-site restaurants, beautiful rooms and gorgeous views, this hotel offers you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation in a boutique style restaurant. The wellness area includes an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. The rooms here are decorated with wooden furniture, flat screen TVs, private saunas etc. They have also added a playground for children. The UNESCO-protected Hallstatt is just 5 km from this property which is one of the most famous hotels in Hallstatt.

Tariff: Starting at INR 12,000 per night.
Address: Obertran 302, 4831 Oberstown, Austria.
Features: Wellness area, on-site restaurant, sauna, hot tub, swimming pool, playground.

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6. Landhaus Kollar

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Being one of the top 3 star hotels in Hallstatt, Landhaus Kollar is actually a villa that dates back to the 1850s. It takes you to a magical land, from where you will be amazed at the magnificent Salzkamergut mountains and the Gosau valley. This Art Nouveau villa is well known for being ornate as a garden, outdoor pool and sauna. The well thought-out rooms here are designed to incorporate modern amenities as well as a rustic style like TV, bathroom, minibar etc. The famous Duchenstein West ski area is just 1.5 km from the property. The property is one of the most preferred hotels in Hallstatt.

Tariff: Starting from INR 12,972 per night.
Address: Pas-Gschütt-Strasse 23, 4824 Gosau, Austria.
Features: TV. Bathroom, minibar, outdoor pool, sauna.

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7. Sehotel Grüner Bom

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Being one of the best hotels in Hallstatt, Seehotel Grüner Baum warmly welcomes travelers. Situated in the car-free center of the Salzkammergut region, this 4-star hotel lets you enjoy a gorgeous view of Lake Hallstatt from your room. Being the backdrop of many films, the hotel has hosted many famous celebrities such as Agatha Christie, Adalbert Stiffer, and so on. You should definitely try the fresh fish in the on-site restaurant name Zum Salzbaran. The hotel is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Hallstatt.

Tariff: Starting at INR 21,000 per night.
Address: Marktplatz 104, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria
Features: Parking, wifi, bar, flat screen tv, coffee machine, sauna.

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8. Heritage Hotel Hallstatt

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Heritage Hotel Hallstatt is one of Hallstatt’s top hotels, located in the car-free center of Hallstatt. The hotel has 3 renovated historic buildings and is equipped with well-appointed rooms. The café with an adjacent winter garden is perfect for the ultimate peace among nature. Rooms here are equipped with cable TV, mini bar, coffee maker etc. The three buildings of this hotel are Haus Canz, Haus Stocker and Haus Sithaler. It is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Hallstatt.

Tariff: Starting at INR 17,351 per night.
Address: Landungsplatz 101, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria.
Features: Coffee machine, mini bar, flat screen TV, minibar.

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Tips to visit Hallstatt

1. Hallstatt remains at its best during the months between March and May, you may also consider visiting Hallstatt during October and November.

2. If you are traveling from Salzburg or Vienna, you can take the Austrian national OBB train to reach Attenang-Puchim from where you will get the local REX train.

3. Hallstatt is known for its salt mines, archaeological culture, ice caves, Hallstatt Lake and so on.

4. If you are visiting Hallstatt during the months between December to March, you should carry warm clothes with you.

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The first step in planning any trip is to book the right accommodation. Make sure you choose from these best hotels in Hallstatt on your next trip to Austria to enhance your Holiday experience and enjoy a memorable trip with your loved ones. Start planning your trip now!

Frequently asked questions about the hotel in Hallstatt

Q. What are the best hotels to stay in Hallstatt?

a. Some of the best hotels that you should visit for a trip to Hallstatt include Heritage Hotel Hallstatt, Landhaus Köller, Dorimio Resort Obertune, Phenix Hall Boutique Hotel Hallstatt, and Sehotel Grüner Bom.

Q. Which hotels in Hallstatt offer a particularly good breakfast?

a. Hotels that offer top-class breakfast in Hallstatt include Seehotel Grüner Baum, Fenix ​​Hall Boutique Hotel Hallstatt and Heritage Hotel Hallstatt.

Q. What are the best hotels near the Hallstatt skywalk “Welterbeblick”?

a. If you are keen on staying with proximity to the Hallstatt skywalk Welterbeblick, then you should definitely try the Gasthoff Vises Lam, Seviert Zeuner and the Seahotel Grüner Bom.

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