8 Gorgeous Beaches In South Korea That You Must Visit In 2020

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Whether you want to surf or soak up in the sun, South Korea boasts world-class beaches, that satiate your desire for an excellent beach vacation. South Korea is encircled by water on three sides, boasting a wide array of beaches that make it a beach paradise as well. Plus, some of the beaches in South Korea are commercialized with water activities and opulent restaurants while others are secluded and serene. But no matter what they offer, each shore on this land is ideal for your much-needed escape from everyday life where you can absorb the beaming rays of the sun and splash around in the water.

Top 8 Beaches In South Korea

South Korea beaches are always the most selected destinations to unwind with your family. Pick from the below-listed beaches in South Korea to make your vacation memorable.

1. Haeundae
2. Seobin
3. Hajodae
4. Hamdeok
5. Eurwangni
6. Muchangpo Beach
7. Daecheon Beach
8. Naksan Beach

1. Haeundae

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Want to observe the Busan International Film of South Korea? Then Haeundae beach in South Korea is a blockbuster beach that should definitely be on your list. Further, this event is held in October with some best events conducted right on the sand. Haeundae Beach in Busan has gained wide fame and is the most classy area in South Korea.

Counted among the best beaches in South Korea, this is a place where you can join the party to cheer for the new year or relax at this fantastic beach. Owing to its popularity, there are several projects like Marine City and magnificent skyscrapers like Haeundae LCT The Sharp and Haeundae Doosan We’ve the Zenith boosting the prestige of this white sun sand beach.

Highlights: Busan International Film
Places To Stay Nearby: Paradise Hotel Busan, Best Western Hotel Haeundae and Fairfield by Marriott Busan
Places To Eat Nearby: Seorae Seafood Restaurant, Coffee Mandalay, Burger King Haeundae Beach, and Bonchon Chicken Haeundae
How To Reach: Haeundae Beach stop is the nearest stop while this beach enjoys easy connectivity to Busan Subway Line 2
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Radium Art Center, Sealife Busan Aquarium, Buddhist temple, APEC Naru Park and Haeundae Cinema Street

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2. Seobin

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Tucked away from the Jeju coast, Udo known as Peanut Island is home to one of the most famous South Korea beaches named Seobin Beach. Hold a scoop of peanut ice-cream and relax at the bright white sand of the blissful Seobin Beach. Immerse in the beauty of the gin-clear water shimmering in its own beauty with turquoise color. This is a beautiful natural attraction and is the only coral best beaches in South Korea.

Highlights: Seobin is the only coral beach in South Korea
Places To Stay Nearby: Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Haevichi Resort and Hotel Loft
Things To Do: Songdo Cable Car and Songdo Skywalk
Places To Eat Nearby: JejuKimManbok, Ujin Haejangguk, and MODICA
How To Reach: Take a flight to Jeju International Airport and then board a taxi to Seongsan-ri port and next take a ferry to Udo island of Udo
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Seongsan Ilchulbong, Udo, Aquaplanet Jeju, and Haenyeo Museum

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3. Hajodae

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Hajodae is a beach that is stretched two miles and has many strong reasons to be nicknamed ‘Surfy’ beach. If you are really interested in surfing, then this is one of the famous beaches in South Korea known for surfing activity. Besides admiring the beauty of the beach, Hajodae lighthouse that overlooks the beach offers mesmerizing views that are worth the climb.

This beach offers two separate zones for swimmers and surfers. All the facilities are provided to allow surfers to enjoy their best. Also, the surfing facility of the new generation is available for die-hard fans of surfers. Sorted among the famous South Korea beaches, Hajodae is a must-visit place for all the surfers.

Highlights: Surfing
Places To Stay Nearby: The Suites Hotel Naksan, Daemyung Sol Beach Hotel and Resort, and International Motel
Things To Do: Surf on the beach, head to the lighthouse and enjoy swimming at the beach
Places To Eat Nearby: Deungdae Cafe, Green Sashimi Restaurant, Cheolsu Sashimi Restaurant, and Ha Gwangjeong Fishing Village Gye
How To Reach: Easy connectivity is available as there are direct buses that interconnect Gangneung and Hajodae. Also, you can take a taxi from Yangyang Intercity Bus Terminal to reach Hajodae, it will hardly take 10 minutes
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Naksansa Temple, Seoraksan National Park, and Gyeongpo Beach

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4. Hamdeok

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The shimmering and shallow water of Hamdeok Beach is the perfect place for swimmers of the young generation. You can find that the sand here is as soft and pristine as you find in Hawaii. Also, the palm trees swaying along the shorelines are a beauty to be explored. You can visit the best cafes and places where you can hire a kayak or a banana boat to indulge in adventurous rides.

Places To Stay Nearby: The Artstay – Jeju Hamdeok, Ocean Grand Hotel, and Aimi Jeju Beach Hotel
Things To Do: Head to the best cafes and places around this beach. Banana Boat Ride and Kayak are popular activities you can enjoy
Places To Eat Nearby: Cafe Delmoondo, Pigsy Empty Cans Briquet Grill and Beodeu Wood House
How To Reach: You can reach this beach via taxi, bus or car. The cheapest option is taking a bus from Donggwangyang that will take around 21 minutes. If you want to travel to this destination within 15 minutes, then take a taxi from Jeju City
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Bukchon-ri Haedong, Bultab Buddhist Temple Five Floor Stone Pagoda, Jeju Bada Chehumjang and Jeju Hangul Memorial Hall

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5. Eurwangni

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Just a few minutes away from the Incheon Airport, Eurwangni is a fascinating curve that is filled with shallow water that is apt for paddling. Also, this beach destination is crowded all around the year and is filled with shimmering white sand. Perhaps, it is the only astronomical observation area in the suburbs of Seoul. If you are planning for a stay here, then there are abundant accommodations available at a reasonable price.

Highlights: Perfect destination to relax and unwind with your family and friends
Places To Stay Nearby: Incheon Airport Beach Hotel, Cherbourg Tourist Hotel, Incheon Prince Hotel, and Seaworld Tourist Hotel
Places To Eat Nearby: Gyeonggi Sashimi Grilled Clams, Chungcheong Do Grilled Clams, Wando Office Dining in Dang and River Reung Sashimi Grilled Cla
How To Reach: From Seoul, take a bus to Eurwangni Beach via the Incheon International Airport, which will take around 1 hour 54 minutes
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Incheon Airport Maglev, Muuido Island, and Masian Beach

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6. Muchangpo Beach

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Muchangpo Beach is one of the most famous beaches in South Korea that is close to Daecheon Beach. Escape the bustling sound of the city, and you can enjoy the gorgeous view of pine trees and chilled water. Muchangpo Beach is one of the awesome beaches in South Korea near Seoul that is visited by tourists and locals alike. Parting of the red sea is a miraculous event that takes place in Muchangpo Beach.

This is known as Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Festival that is held on this beach. The sea splits during this festival that creates a 1.5 km long division all the way from Muchangpo Beach to the Seokdaedo Island. Known as Modern Moses Miracle, this event takes place every year. Besides this, you can enjoy plenty of attractions and celebratory performances, road torch parade and many more things.

Highlights: Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Festival is the key highlight of this beach
Places To Stay Nearby: Hotel Mudrin, Day Nice Hotel, Gunsan Riverhill and Lotte Resort Buyeo
Places To Eat Nearby: Yagyeong Sashimi Restaurant, Street Seon Sashimi Restaurant, Bu River Sashimi Restaurant and GreenHouse
How To Reach: Board a train from Muchangpo Beach to Seoul via Incheon Station, Asan Station, and Cheonan Asan Station that will take around 2 hours 43 minutes
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Gaehwa Art Park and Daecheon Beach

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7. Daecheon Beach

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Daecheon Beach is located at a distance of 30 minutes via road and is hardly 3 hours from Seoul. Also, you can find plenty of shells and pebbles on this beach. This beach is one of the largest beaches of Korea where the Boryeong Mud Festival takes place in mid-July. There are plenty of activities that the beachgoers can enjoy during this festival. Earned a great place on the tourism map, this beach is one of the awesome beaches in South Korea near Seoul.

Highlights: Iconic Boryeong Mud Festival is held in the month of July on this beach
Places To Stay Nearby: Boryeong Daecheon Fine, Daecheon Zenith Hotel and Daecheon Westopia Resort
Places To Eat Nearby: Ottogi Sashimi Restaurant, Angel in Us, Clams Deul Uisu Da and Cheonsu Sashimi Restaurant
How To Reach: Get off at Seoul–Incheon International Airport (ICN) and then catch a train from Onyang Oncheon Station to Daecheon Station. Then, take one of the city buses with 100, 101, 103 routes to reach this beach
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Muchangpo Tideland and Gaehwa Art Park

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8. Naksan Beach

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Naksan Beach is located on Gangwon-do Province’s northeast coast in South Korea. Bestowed with magnificent Seoraksan Mountains as a backdrop, this beach is a perfect place for holidaying. While heading here, don’t miss the awesome views of the sunrise from Uisangdae Pavilion, Naksansa Temple, as well as the Mt. Seoraksan National Park.

This is a long sandy beach that is spanning across 4 km. It is lined by broad walkways, pine trees, and much stunning scenic beauty. If you are planning to take your family on a beach vacation here, then the clean and tranquil water on this beach will definitely impress you.

Places To Stay Nearby: The Suites Hotel Naksan, Naksan Beach Hotel, World Beach Motel and Two Y Hotel
Places To Eat Nearby: Sashimi Love Sashimi Restaurant, Baekyang Sashimi Restaurant, Hamheung Sushi Centre and Fisher Female Diver Sliced Fish Sashimi Restaurant
How To Reach: Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Naksan, then from Naksan Intercity Bus Terminal turn right and head straight to Naksan Beach
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Naksansa Temple, Sangdae Pavilion and Daepo Port

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Make sure you include the above-mentioned beaches in South Korea in your itinerary for a truly rejuvenating holiday experience in this country. After all, sun-kissed beaches, serene ambiance, an awesome atmosphere, and top-notch tourist attractions are the USP of this lovable destination and your vacation in South Korea will give you memories to cherish for life!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In South Korea

Q. Is there a beach in Seoul?

A. Seoul houses Daecheon Beach, which is a famous beach among tourists and locals as well.

Q. Is Jeju island worth visiting?

A. Jeju Island is definitely worth visiting as it is a wonder of nature. It offers an amazing scenic view, wind sand beaches, and volcanoes.

Q. What is the best month to go to South Korea?

A. The best time to visit South Korea is during April, May, and June. Also, the autumn months of October, September, and November are best to visit this place.

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