8 Fun Things To Do In The Snow In 2020

Winter in Vienna A truly delightful experience that in turn has made weekend getaways more popular, especially during Christmas. Couples, families and solo travelers come to Vienna to explore the Christmas market, ornaments, beverages and seasonal food. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in winter, with its main streets and pedestrian areas dotted with beautiful colorful lights. The most famous New Year concert, and colorful Christmas markets promise snow adventures, the place is worth visiting. See how you can make the most of your holiday in Vienna during the winter season.

Winter weather in Vienna

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Vienna experiences dry continental weather with cold and winters. December to February are the coldest months with temperatures struggling to reach above 0 ° C. Also, daytime temperatures below zero are not rare. You can expect snow often in these months. Local authorities cleared roads and sidewalks very quickly to allow for hassle-free transport. In 1985, the minimum temperature in recent years was recorded at -21.7 ° C (-7 ° F). If you are visiting the place during the winter months, check the forecast and get warm clothes.

8 things to do in Vienna in winter

Here in Vienna some things are done during winter. Treat yourself to a spa session, toss a glass of wine and discover the city’s museums. This is the perfect way to make your Vienna holiday great.

1. Christmas Markets – Buy Festive Trinkets

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The major reasons for visiting Vienna include Christmas markets. You’ll see wooden stalls on the side of Christmas streets. One of the famous and traditional venues in front of the Belvedere Palace is surrounded by stalls selling traditional handicraft items, Austrian food and beverages, including gluhwyn (country liquor) and daily electoral displays.

Best Christmas Market in Vienna: Spittelberg, Wiener Christclinct, Rathausplatz, and Christkind Kindle

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2. Cafe – Indulge in Coffee Culture

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One of the fantastic winter activities in Vienna is to relax and sit down with a cup of coffee with delicious desserts. Viennese Cafe is an ideal place for a warm up after sightseeing. More than 300 years old, the coffee houses here still retain the Austrian original style, such as Cafe Leopold Havelka, Cafe Korube and Cafe Central.

Different types of coffee are offered in Vienna, locate the menu and order accordingly. If you want us to suggest, Melange is typical Viennese coffee which is Cappuccino’s Austrian cousin. Thankfully, Vienna has enough cozy corners to rest from the frosty season. There is no better place than the traditional Viennese coffee house.

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3. Ratauplatz – Go Ice Skating

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In Vienna there is an ice skating sought after winter activity which is great fun. Both visitors and locals alike enjoy this activity. You can choose from modern indoor skating rinks or go from skating before some stunning backdrop at the top outdoor ice rink in Vienna.

During the winter, the Rathausplatt in front of the Vienna City Hall is transformed into a spectacular outdoor ice skating ring. With beautiful lights at night time, Rotthouseplat is an excellent place to enjoy ice skating. During Christmas time, a 6000 square meter ice skating ring has been installed between the Inter-Continental Hotel and the Vienna Konzerthaus.

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4. Imperial Palace – Dance at the Ball

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A large number of dance balls are held at the Imperial Palace in Vienna which follows a set celebration ceremony. In addition, the Vienna ball season is within January and February. At the end of the ball, there is a traditional ritual that follows. The lights in the ballroom dim and the performance bands start playing slowly, while everyone vacates this room.

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5. Enjoy a Spa Therapy

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Get ready for temperatures below zero in winter in Vienna. To avoid wind and cold, the spa is an excellent remedy. Spend an afternoon in the steam room, whirlpool and sauna. Arni Spa Vienna, SPA on Sofitel Vienna Stephensdome and Thermé Vein are some of the best places to go for a refreshing spa therapy in Vienna.

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6. Prater Park – Play in the snow

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It is not possible to get snow in Vienna in winter due to global warming. Everything is romantic and you feel Christmas during winter. If you are lucky enough to experience snow, capture pictures during the winter or find the nearest park and make a snowman. You can visit Prater Park, where you can enjoy a fun snow fighting game with your friends and make snow fairies!

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7. Schönbrunn Palace – attend a classical concert

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One of the spectacular tourist destinations in winter in Vienna is the Schönbrune Palace which was the summer home of the Habsburg Emperors which is easy to reach via public transit. This beautiful palace is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site which is an outstanding cultural, architecture and historical monument in Austria. Vienna is a global capital of classical music, with daily Mozart and Strauss concerts in historic Aurangari. If you want to attend and enjoy the concert here, booking in advance is highly recommended.

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8. St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Climb up

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One of Austria’s most famous landmarks, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is attracting the attention of over 1 million visitors. Located in the city center, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in Vienna. Just climb to the top with 343 steps and enjoy the view of Vienna city center. But the reward you get after climbing all these steps is really a gift. With a history of 700 years, this church is one of the major sites throughout the city. Considered as one of the spectacular tourist destinations in Vienna in winter, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a marvelous architectural marvel to explore.

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By now, you should have some idea of ​​what you want to do and where you want to go in winter in Vienna to get the most out of your trip. Before booking our flight tickets, make sure that you make a planned itinerary and book a customized package for a holiday in Vienna in an economical and orderly manner.

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Frequently asked questions about winter in Vienna

Q. Vienna gets snow in December?

a. The city of Vienna receives 8 days of rain or snowfall. The city receives a maximum of two hours of sunshine per day.

Q. How cold is it in Vienna?

a. The temperature in Vienna is usually from 27 ° F to 79 ° F and is rarely below 13 ° F or above 89 ° F.

Q. What do people wear in Vienna in winter?

a. People here wear shoes and appropriate thick socks. In addition, thermal leggings, scarves, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, medium-sized winter coat gloves and knitted hats are worn by him.

Q. What is the weather in Vienna on Christmas?

a. During December, the weather in Vienna has a temperature of 2 ° C and the sun sets at 4 pm while the winter climate averages 50 mm of rain as well as a slight snowfall.

Q. Is Schonbrunn Palace free?

a. If you want to enter this magnificent tourist destination in Vienna during the early hours in winter, then you are not charged anything. However, if you want to visit special attractions like Orangeery Garden, Labyrinth, Zoo and Privy Garden, then you will have to purchase a personalized ticket.

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