8 Festivals In Vienna To Attend In This Musical City In 2020

Adorned with natural beauty, rich culture and special music and film festivals, Vienna is no doubt a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. From the Viennese Classicism era to the early 20th century, Vienna has played an important role as a major European music center. The diverse culture of the city brings more than 200 dance and music festivals here every year, ranging from small regional festivals to large scale events. In Festival in vienna In fact, Austria’s extraordinary history, culture, is the best means to get acquainted with many culinary traditions and meet the people living here.

8 Best Festivals in Vienna, Austria

Planning your vacation in Austria? While you are there, do not forget to explore some music and film festivals in Vienna. Here is a list of some famous festivals in Vienna which can give you a good experience and insight into the diverse culture of Vienna.

1. Resonjen Festival
2. Weinley
3. Donoinselfest
4. Vienna Jazz Festival
5. Graphenag Festival
6. Klezmore Vienna Festival
7. Veen Modern Festival
8. Voice Mania

1. Resonjen Festival

Rezonzen Festival

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In ancient times, music was played with great potential on historical instruments, and today has gained much popularity. This is why the Resonanzen Festival is one of the most loved music festivals in Vienna. Every year in the month of January, Vienna celebrates 9 days of Renaissance, Baroque and Medieval music.

Those who want to explore the old sounds of Europe’s recorders, harpsichords, guitars, and lutes should definitely be a staple of the Rezonzen Festival. The top international orchestras gather under one roof and perform on various themes every year. In the coming year 2020, the Resonzen Festival will feature 10 concerts, each dedicated to ‘The 10 Command’.

place: Wiener Konzerthaus, Lothringerstrasse 20, 1030 Vienna
Date: 18 to 26 January 2020

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2. Weinley


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Held every year in the month of October since 1960, the Vanelle International Film Festival is Austria’s most prestigious international film festival. A wide range of films are screened in many of Vienna’s vintage theaters including the planetarium Urania Sternwort, Gartenbauchino, Philmuseum, Stadtino and Metro-Kino.

The Vienna Film Festival showcases a collection of carefully selected new films from Austria and other countries. From Buenos Aires to Cannes, the event premieres top experimental cinema, short films and documentaries around the world. The Vanelle Film Festival hosts special events, parties, gala screenings, audience discussions, interviews, and the opportunity to meet international guests of the festival.

place: Historical center of Vienna
Date: October 2020

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3. Donoinselfest


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Europe’s open-air and free music festival in Vienna, the Donoinselfest which is held annually every year. Held for 3 days in the summer, it is one of the best festivals in Vienna which is usually in full air in Veen. Scheduled on the island of Danube, the Donoinselfest festival offers you a weekend of fun, music and blurry-sighted Monday morning.

You can sing and dance to a dozen radio stations and pop stars. The music played at this festival encompasses many genres from rap, rock, pop, electronic music, hip hop, metal to folk. Also, there are other types of activities to fill each day as well as stands with delicious things to eat.

The Donoinselfest held in 2019 attracted around 2.7 million visitors, with 13 stages, 17 activity areas of various disciplines and 600 hours of music.

place: Danube Island (Donounsel)
Date: June 2020

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4. Vienna Jazz Festival

Vienna Jazz Festival

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Also known as the Jazz Fest Vein, the festival held in Vienna has been held every summer since 1991. The Jazz Festival held in 2007 was attended by 60,000 people and became the Globe’s top jazz festival.

Every year around 50 artists participate in this festival, for example, jazz, pop, soul, blues and rock musicians, fusion and a diversity of world musicians. At previous festivals, popular celebrities such as Bobby McFarin, Randy Crawford, Natalie Cole, George Benson, Helge Schneider and Brian Ferry performed.

place: Various locations across Vienna
Date: June / July 2020

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5. Graphenag Festival

Graphenag Festival

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The Held outside Vienna, based on the romantic 19th-century Graphenge Castle in the Danube’s Wachau Valley, is a favorite place for jazz and classical music lovers. Specifically for this festival, two places have been built in the palace park and it is one of the most loved festivals in Vienna.

Every summer the top and well-known orchestras and musicians including the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Austrian Tonkunstler Orchestra play and perform at this festival. Rudolph Butchbinder, the famous pianist is the artistic director of this festival. The fest includes chamber music, symphonic and recall.

place: Graphenag Castle; Schlossstraसe 10, 3485 Graphenage
Date: 14 August to 6 September 2020

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6. Klezmore Vienna Festival

Klezmore Vienna Festival

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For the past 15 years, the Xzorum festival has been dedicated to Jewish music and is one of the top festivals in Vienna. The festival lasts for 2 weeks, and offers a perfect blend of European and Jewish heritage and is held throughout the city. You also get to listen to loads of Jewish dance music and Yiddish songs by Shtetls and Steppes.

This festival is basically a joint festival of two cities i.e. Bratislava and Vienna. Typically, the first part of the festival is performed by a series of concerts by Bratislava, with a sub-story called ‘Pre-Klezmore’. Klezmer dance is also a traditional touch for kzzmer bands.

place: Across Vienna
Date: 9 to 24 November 2019

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7. Veen Modern Festival

Veen Modern Festival

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Founded in the year 1988 by Claudio Abdado, the Vienna Modern Festival is undoubtedly a must see festival in Vienna, Austria. The ultimate goal of this festival is to focus and perform on contemporary music. Scheduled every year it was started to revive the traditional music of Vienna, one of the best festivals in Vienna. Artists of this festival such as Frederick Serra, Mark Andre, Johannes Maria Stude, Olga Neuwirth, Wolfgang Mitter, George Frederick and Peter Iotovs have featured here since its inception.

The festival is unique in Vienna and provides an international stage for today’s contemporary music and is supported by performance, dance, film, visual arts and video. You can choose from 50 events held at 16 venues in Vienna.

place: Across Vienna
Date: From 28 October to 30 November 2019

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8. Voice Mania

Voice mania

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When the fog arrives in Vienna in the month of November, the most exciting, energetic festival in Vienna, Austria – Voice Mania hits the city. You get to hear great voices from abroad and Europe. Initially, the singer of ‘Bel Canto’ performs in Vienna city center with the sounds and rhythms of gospel, yodler, arias and electrification from several balconies. However, some concert theaters are held in Spittelberg.

place: Vienna City Center Balcony
Date: 8 November to 1 December 2019

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Apart from the Baroque corridors and royal palaces, the musical and artistic works of Vienna are vibrant and certainly worth listening to. For example, the Vienna Film Festival is definitely the best place to watch the many genres of cinema that you may be familiar with on your holiday in Vienna. All music and film lovers should at least attend these celebrations in Vienna.

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Frequently asked questions about festivals in Vienna

Q. What is Vienna famous for?

a. Vienna is the capital of Austria and is famous for its royal sights, cultural events, cozy wine tavernas, coffee houses and special Viennese attractions. Dating back to the first century, the history of Vienna is rich and can be seen throughout the city.

Q. What is good in Vienna?

a. Music festivals, film festivals, ancient churches, monuments and more are some of the most important and exciting things to see in Vienna.

Q. What is Vienna like in November?

a. Vienna in November is generally very cold and cold and the best time for indoor-sightseeing of museums.

Q. Where should I live in Vienna?

a. For half the museums in Vienna, the Museumquarter and Inere Stadt are the best neighborhoods for tourists. They are in the city center where you can easily reach the famous tourist attractions.

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