8 Exciting Places To Visit In Sikkim In July 2020 For A Great Trip

As summer arrives, holiday planning becomes a natural instinct. July, with its pleasant weather in most places, holds the promise of a delightful hillside escape. It marks the transition from scorching heat to the gentle embrace of monsoon showers.

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India boasts a myriad of tourist destinations that cater to everyone, be it families, friends, or solo adventurers. Among these, Sikkim stands out as a traveler’s paradise, enchanting visitors with its diverse offerings. Surrounded by the neighboring countries of Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal, Sikkim is truly a gem in the crown of North-East India. July unveils an abundance of captivating places waiting to be explored in this scenic wonderland.

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8 places to visit in Sikkim in July

There are many places to visit in Sikkim in July. Here we will tell you about some of these places which you can visit at a good time with your friends and family.

1. Nathula Pass

If you are fond of trekking, this is one of those places that you should not miss while traveling to Sikkim. Nathula Pass is located at an altitude of 14,140 feet. A border trade market is located here. The market name is Sherthang. In Sherthang, a wide range of Tibetan goods are available at very low prices. It is one of the most popular travel destinations among those who come here. Additionally, there is a small place here known as Kupup. If you love clouds, then visiting this place will be one of the most frightening experiences of your life as this place is surrounded by clouds throughout the year. You will get an amazing view from Nathula Pass.

Where to: 56 km from Gangtok
Time: Open from wednesday to saturday
entrance fees: The cost of the permit is Rs. 200 per person

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2. Gurudongmar Lake

The lakes, which are situated on the mountains, is a beauty that is worth seeing. It is such a beauty. Gurudongmar Lake is situated at an elevation of about 17,800 feet above sea level and is a quiet place to visit in Sikkim in July. It is one of the lakes of the Himalayas situated at high altitude. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The lake remains frozen during the winter. The real beauty of a lake can be seen during summer when the lake acts as a mirror and reflects the sky and mountains alike. The lake is located near the Chinese Tibetan border, due to which a person has to obtain a permit to visit the lake.

Where to: 174 km from Gangtok
Time: 24 hour
entrance fees: free

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3. Rwangala

If you are traveling in search of peace, there is a good chance that your search may end here. Ravangla is not such a popular village in the lap of the high mountains of the eastern Himalayas in South Sikkim. This quiet and beautiful village is situated at an altitude of eight thousand feet above sea level. You get to see here. The landscape is formed by Kanchenjunga and other peaks, which are believed to have sister peaks such as Kabaru, Pandum and Siniolchu. Some of the local attractions that you must see are Temi Tea Garden, Relang Hot Spring, etc.

Where to: 69 km from Gangtok
Time: 24 hour.
entrance fees: free

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4. Teesta River

Teesta is the major river of Sikkim and one of the best places to visit in Sikkim in July. It separates the state of Sikkim from the state of West Bengal. The length of the river is about 310 km. And finally meets the Brahmaputra River. During its journey, the river Teesta passes through the cities of Rangpo, Kalimpong, Jalpaiguri, etc., from where it passes, it is considered a major of existence. The river originates from a very high lake in North Sikkim and from the Teesta Kangse Glacier. There are many places in the course of the river where a person can try adventure sports.

Where to: Sikkim and many parts of W.B.
Time: 24 hour.
entrance fees: free

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5. Yama Samand

If a list of the most sightseeing places to visit in Sikkim is made in July, then Yum Sandong will be placed somewhere near the top. This place is also popularly known as zero digit. The point is located at an altitude of about 4,700 meters. This place can easily be considered as the boundary of human civilization because no road leads anywhere from here. The peaks here are laden with snow and make a wonderful pair with beautiful skies above them. If you want to see Mother in her rawest form, then this is the place for you to travel. Here you will get to see and experience nail-biting temperatures, valleys and mastiffs.

Where to: 15 km from Yumthang
Time: 24 hours, preferably during the day
entrance fees: free

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6. Tso Lhamo Lake

Another place to visit in Sikkim in July is Lake Tso Lhamo. The lake is situated at a brain-numbered altitude of about 5,300 meters. This makes Tso Lhamo Lake one of the highest lakes in the world. The place is a bit difficult to reach because the weather conditions are a bit harsh here. The temperature of Lake Tso Lhamo sometimes reaches sub-zero. If you somehow reach this place, you can see the nearby mountains, casting a huge shadow in the clear blue waters of Lake Tso Lhama. The lake is a of river Teesta, which supports the entire state of Sikkim. If you are an adventure-seeker and want to go on a trek or try some adventure then this is the place for you to go.

Where to: 184 km from Gangtok
Time: Preferably during the day
entrance fees: free

7. Thangu

Located at an astonishing height at an altitude of about 4000 meters is Thangu Valley. The Thangu Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sikkim in July. It is covered under a thick ice sheet for most of the year. From May to July you can see the growth of lush green alpine plants. If you want to go on trek on Chopta valley or Mugthang trek then this place will be your base here. From here onwards you will start your trek. This valley has got not one or two, but three rivers, which pass through the valley to create a beautiful landscape. These three rivers are Teesta, Chopta, and Lassar.

Where to: 141 km From Gangtok
Time: Preferably during the day
entrance fees: free

8. Enchery Math

The Enchei Monastery was established during the nineteenth century. One of the early and spiritual places to visit in Sikkim in July, the monastery was owned by Lama Dhrupath Karpo. It is an architectural beauty as it is designed like a Chinese pagoda. The monastery was rebuilt in the year 1908 by Kind Sikyong Tulku. Enchi Math is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Sikkim.

Where to: 3 km from Gangtok
Time: 6 AM to 4 PM
entrance fees: free

Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Sikkim in July

Q. How is the weather in Sikkim during July?

a. From July to September, Sikkim experiences a monsoon. The temperature of the places comes down due to rain. Temperatures range between 4 and 15 degrees Celsius during July.

Q. Is it safe to visit Sikkim during July?

a. Sikkim can be visited during July, but with heavy caution. There are frequent cases of landslides due to the monsoon.

Q. Which places to visit in Sikkim in July?

a. Sikkim has many tourist spots and vacation spots. Some of the most popular holiday destinations in Sikkim are Yama Samdong, Ravangala, Thangu, etc.

Q. What are some things to do in Sikkim in June?

a. If you are visiting Sikkim during July, you will get a long list of activities to be done in Sikkim. Some important efforts include river rafting, trekking, rock climbing, camping, paragliding etc. You will get relief from all these activities during July.

Q. What are the major railway stations and airports in Sikkim?

a. If you are living in any other part of the country and visiting Sikkim for holidays, there are many spots where you can combine your trip. If you are traveling by air, you can fly to Pyongong Airport located in Pyong. If you are traveling by train, I will tell you that there is no major railway station in Sikkim.

Q. What are some famous dishes of Sikkim?

a. Once in Sikkim you can try many popular cuisines. You can try momos, thukpa, fagaspa, sha pods and more. If you are a food lover then this place is heaven for you.

Q. In June, Sikkim is a good place for honeymoon?

a. Yes, Sikkim is a great place to go for your honeymoon in July. Sikkim has many places to visit during your honeymoon such as Gangtok, Nathu La Pass, etc.

Q. It is ideal to travel to Sikkim during July?

a. Sikkim has a low temperature during July. Despite this, there are many places in Sikkim that can be visited in July to spend a good holiday with friends or family.