8 Black Noir Cosplay That Look Just Like The Show

Despite the many changes between the comics and show, The Boys has successfully created a dedicated fan base within the course of its two seasons. As is usual with most popular shows, ardent followers have tried mimicking their favorite characters, creating cosplays, both exquisite and commendable.

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One such character, whose cosplay fans have dedicatedly created is that of the mysterious Black Noir. However, it needs to be mentioned that being a fairly new character, which enjoys a cult following, cosplays of Black Noir is rarer than most. Regardless, there exist some dedicated fans that have left no stone unturned to create fabulous cosplays that closely resemble the show’s costume for the “supe of few words.”

8 card_board_world

card_board_world Black Noir Cosplay and Helmet

card_board_world is an online shop created by a commissioned artist who makes unique and high-quality props and costumes for comic book nerds. Having created some stellar designs (do check out his Metal Gear Solid and Green Lantern costumes), this costume shop deserves every bit of appreciation that it receives.

The Black Noir helmet, created by the artist, is also one of a kind, capturing with great dexterity the subtle grooves of the character’s costume, as well as adeptly recreating the pitch-black eyewear that the helmet incorporates.

7 alessiobk

A problem solver as per his Instagram page, Santoni Alessio, aka alessiobk surely understands the intricacies of creating cosplays within a budget. While his cosplay of Black Noir might not be the best there is, it is by far the most creative.

Calling it an economical cosplay, this fitness-freak from Italy made sure that he accumulated all the essential elements necessary to recreate Black Noir’s look. Starting from the shoulder pads, the black hooded jacket, the ski mask, to the ingenious lab goggles, this Black Noir cosplay is uniquely inventive. Striking the classic pose of the deadly assassin sipping on some cold drink from the show simply completes the look.

6 thesmoke007

thesmoke007 Black Noir cosplay

Black Noir might be one of the strongest super-abled characters in The Boys, but his fans are no joke either. A pro-wrestler, as well as a US Marine, thesmoke007 is far more fun than his resume might indicate.

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An ardent gamer and cosplayer, this comic book geek has donned the black costume of his favorite superhero from The Boys with commendable elegance and perfection. The rugged helmet, coupled with the on-point mercenary attire, gets Eric The Smoke Moran perfect brownie points for a brilliant Black Noir cosplay. If his outstanding cosplay skills are not substantiated enough with this costume, his attempt at portraying Hell Boy should definitely seal-the-deal.

5 marcos_costumes

marcos_costumes Black Noir Cosplay

A talented cosplayer through and through, Marc B from Baden-Württemberg, Germany knows exactly what he is doing when attempting to embody iconic characters. His cosplays for Billy Butcher, Knightmare Batman, Old Man Logan, and John Wick are excellent testaments to his skill and dedication.

For his cosplay of Black Noir, marcos_costumes took the perfectionist’s approach, creating a stellar helmet- the best feature of which has to be the pitch-black eye cavity. The shoulder pads, chest pads, gloves, arm pads, and a tight body-hugging t-shirt only make the costume better than it already is.

4 15deadstar

15deadstar Black Noir Cosplay

The key to a good cosplay is being able to embody the emotions a character portrays on a particular show, and for a character like Black Noir, these emotions are a combination of sinister foreboding and mystery.

15deadstar captures these feelings perfectly through his cosplay of Black Noir, making him look eerily similar to the frightful assassin from the Amazon adaptation. Having already attempted cosplays for Doctor Strange, Daredevil, and Deadpool, he is no stranger to costumes or the subtle art of carrying them off.

3 ugoandcosplay

ugoandcosplay Black Noir Cosplay

A coder by profession ugoandcosplay is well acquainted with the art of costume making, creating stellar cosplays that can easily be seen on the Instagram page of this UK-based artist. The Iron Man Model 42 cosplay is a great example of ugoandcosplay’s impressive skills.

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He fares similarly high points for his cosplay of Black Noir, which looks absolutely stunning. The costume is so well made that even Nathan Mitchell, the actor who plays Black Noir in The Boys couldn’t help but comment and appreciate the attempts of this cosplayer.

2 cosplaydad_uk

cosplaydad_uk Black Noir Cosplay

A DC and Marvel fan, Craig Daley from the UK is probably one of the coolest fathers out there. Immensely dedicated to the cosplays he creates, he has successfully embodied the garbs of many iconic characters from the DC and Marvel universe, including The Red Guardian, The Joker, and The Flash.

However, being a comic book nerd, he identifies cool characters instantly. Therefore, it is no surprise that he even attempted to cosplay Black Noir from The Boys. Complemented by David Vepers creative photography, cosplaydad_uk has successfully donned Black Noir’s attire, in probably the most convincing manner by any cosplayer yet.

1 Black Noir With His Boys & Girls

cosplaydad_uk, black_and_white_cosplay, strange_porcelain_cosplay, and cosplayreject Cosplay of The Seven

Creating a cosplay doesn’t make any sense if you do not get to flaunt it with some of the other cool characters from a show or series. Therefore, when cosplaydad_uk decided to pose with the other members of The Seven, it could only have resulted in some super cool pictures.

Photographed again by David Vepers, Black Noir is seen having some fun with fellow Supes, Queen Maeve, Homelander, and Starlight. black_and_white_cosplay cosplays Starlight, strange_porcelain_cosplay features as Queen Maeve, cosplayreject dons Homelander’s attire, and Translucent is also present in these pictures in his typical invisible visage.

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