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8 Best Upholstery Cleaners – Best Upholstery Cleaner Reviews

8 Best Upholstery Cleaners – Best Upholstery Cleaner Reviews

The upholstered furniture in your work, dining and living area is perfect for living. And with all the wear and tear, it will definitely get dirty. Regular vacuuming with the upholstery tool is a must to remove dust and loose dirt from the fabric surface. Sometimes, however, your upholstered furniture needs more.

When we test upholstery cleaners in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s cleaning laboratory, we evaluate how well they remove food, dirt, and oily stains that we’ve applied to a variety of typical upholstery fabrics. We also check whether the cleaning agents can cause material damage, how easy the cleaning agents are to use and rinse, how clear the instructions are and whether safety or warning notices are given on the product label. These are the best upholstery cleaners in good housekeeping tests for fabric and leather upholstery:



Best overall upholstery cleaner: Bissell Little Green Portable carpet and upholstery cleaner
Best leather upholstery cleaner and protection: Furniture clinic leather care set
Best upholstery cleaner for red wine stains: Wine away red wine stain remover
Best cleaning wipes for leather upholstery: Weiman leather wipes
Best upholstery cleaner for animal stains: Bissell Professional Pet stain and odor remover
Best upholstery cleaner for animal hair: Scotch-Brite roller with a large surface
Best upholstery cleaner for stains: Woolite INSTAclean stain remover
Best upholstery cleaner for sensitive fabrics:
Dry cleaner to take up and carpet

Upholstery is more difficult to clean than carpets because it can be made from a variety of fibers and fabrics. Some, like synthetic microfiber or cotton chenille, can be cleaned with most products. Silk damask, on the other hand, could be damaged if cleaned using a water-based method. So before you take an old cleaner out of your closet and start spraying, you need to know what type of cleaning process is safest for the fabric covering your chair. Before cleaning, check the care label on your upholstered furniture so that you know exactly how to clean your couch. A short cheat sheet:

  • W.: Water-based cleaning solutions are safe to use
  • S.: Only solvent-based cleaning solutions can be used safely
  • WS: Both water and solvent based cleaning solutions are safe to use
  • X.: Neither water-based nor solvent-based cleaning solutions are safe to use. Only vacuuming or professional cleaning is safe.

Best overall upholstery cleaner

Portable multi-purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner

Easy to store and easy to move from room to room, Bissell’s Little Green can only remove one stain or clean an entire sofa. Simply fill the clean tank with water and one of Bissell’s cleaning formulas. Then dispense the solution through the nozzle, scrub it gently with the soft brush and vacuum everything back into the dirty water tank for easy emptying. In our tests, this GH Seal star worked quickly or removed stains without damaging fabrics or carpets, and it absorbs spilled material faster and more thoroughly than you can with a cloth. The Bissell Little Green also carries our Green Good Housekeeping Seal.

Best leather upholstery cleaner and protection

Leather care set

Leather upholstery is more forgiving and easier to care for than fabrics, but must be observed from time to time. The leather care set from GH Seal Star Furniture Clinic is A double blow that removes dirt and Conditions and protects against future stains. In our tests, the cleaner removed dirt embedded in the grain and removed the blue dye from jeans that had been transferred to a leather car seat. The protector left our leather seats and color patches smooth and shiny, and helped remove ink stains that we attached later. The kit contains an applicator sponge and a polishing cloth.

Best upholstery cleaner for red wine stains

Red wine stain remover

Upholstery and wine stains seem to go hand in hand. Wine Away was the best red wine stain remover in GH Cleaning Lab tests. It completely removed fresh stains and brightened up so that they could be easily washed or rinsed off. Wine Away was easy to remove from fabrics without excessive dabbing or rinsing that could rub or damage the fabrics. And don’t just keep it for upholstery stains. Wine Away also works on clothing and carpeting.

Best cleaning cloths for leather upholstery

Leather towels

For a quick refresh of the leather upholstery, there is nothing better than Weiman’s scarves. The GH Seal Star Weiman Leather Wipes are practical to use and always at hand. They remove dirt and maintain leather upholstery, stools, car interiors, and more with just one pass. Oils in the wipe make the leather soft and give it shine. UV protection agents prevent the sun’s rays from drying out leather seats or chairs near windows or glass doors. In GH tests, Weiman’s wipes were effective and easy to use and offer an excellent way to maintain and protect leather regularly and without much work.

Best upholstery cleaner for animal stains

Professional stain and odor remover

Pet stains are problematic for two reasons. It’s not just that the stain looks bad, but that the smell – if left untreated – pulls Fluffy or Scout back to do their business in the same place. This GH Seal Star Bissell formula contains enzymes that attack both the stain and the smell of pets leave behind. After using too Erase the stain, place a damp cloth over the area and let it soak for 12 to 72 hours. In this way, the enzymes work to completely remove the smell and throw your pet off track. In GH tests, Bissell also excellently removed food stains and works just as well on carpets.

Best upholstery cleaner for animal hair

Large and wide roller

Large areas covered with animal hair require drastic measures. Drop your little lint roller for this oversized Scotch-Brite. Because it’s wide – not narrow – It is more comfortable to hold and covers pillows and backrests faster and with fewer wrist twists than a smaller roll required. Pet hair adheres to fabrics with static electricity, making the sheets on the Scotch-Brite roller 50% stickier to hold more hair with fewer passes. Scotch-Brite tools are always good for GH tests. They are well made with high-quality components and this is no exception. Thanks to its horizontal configuration, it is also easy to use on stairs.

Best upholstery cleaner for stains

INSTAclean stain remover

Blotting is an important first step in successfully removing upholstery stains. As a rule, however, you have to do more. The Woolite Instaclean stain remover contains ingredients that penetrate and dissolve stains on contact. Simply apply, leave on for a minute and dab. Hydrogen peroxide in the formula works like a tissue-safe bleach to fade stains like tomato sauce, coffee, fruit juice and more without damaging the fabric. In our tests, Woolite stain removers work quickly and thoroughly without the need for additional rinsing or dabbing. Woolite Instaclean also works with carpets.

Best upholstery cleaner for sensitive fabrics

Pick up carpet and carpet cleaners

Silk and other delicate fabrics marked with an S code cannot be cleaned with conventional water-based products. Therefore, they are not the best choice for high-traffic and frequently used rooms. If regular vacuuming with the upholstery tool is not sufficient, Capture’s dry powder formula can refresh and brighten sensitive fabrics without damage. Sprinkle Capture liberally on the pillows, back, armrests, and even the fresh stains, and gently brush them in. Allow the granules to work for 30 minutes to absorb dirt and stains, and then vacuum them off. Capture can also be used to clean carpets and is recommended for upholstery, including S-coded fabrics.

Although we have not tested this capture powder specifically on upholstery, the product has been on the market for many years. Based on our previous good results when testing on carpets and the cheap online reviews, we are happy to recommend it for upholstery. For stains on S-Code fabrics that have not been removed or inserted, it is best to contact a specialist.

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