8 Best Things To Do In Edmonton On Your Canada Trip In 2020

Edmonton is located in the center of Alberta, and you can be the best witness to the culture, food and celebrations here. It features captivating natural beauty, rich history and rewarding culture with captivating sights that will welcome you at every step. The people of the city warmly welcome everyone with a homely feeling. There are many Things to do in Edmonton From visiting Canada’s largest living history museum to taking a stroll in the largest historical park, and even visiting the biggest malls in North America. If this is not enough, you will find many attractive sports teams and stunning architecture to captivate your senses. But the question is where to start and what to do? Scroll down to find the answer.

8 best things to do in Edmonton

Edmonton is the center for many activities, outdoor and indoors alike. You will find many spots for shopping, drinking, eating and engaging in various sports. But you should start with the following:

1. Be a part of festivals

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Edmonton is known as the Festival City of Canada. Edmonton has many events and festivals throughout the year. From arts and design to musicals, even theater festivals completely cover the entire landscape of the city and provide a vibrant atmosphere to the people. Rodeo and Farmfair are programs that only come second in Las Vegas and offer tourists the funniest things in Edmonton. You will never miss the events here as they are held regularly to arouse the mood of visitors! You can join a lot of games and other shows for power-packed entertainment.

Time: 8 AM – 5 PM

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2. River Valley Park – Have a Picnic

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Before you say that going to the park is boring, let us tell you that River Valley Park is a combination of twenty different parks. It has ten lakes and twenty ravines with many nature centers and golf courses. Now, it is a center of attraction for a picnic with your family or someone special. You can socialize and connect with people. Season wise, it offers many fun things to do in Edmonton. In summer, it creates hiking, camping, and cycling, while in winter, it offers skiing options.

place:: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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3. Edmonton Museum – Live History Life-Size

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Whether you like history or not, Edmonton’s museums have an attraction that attracts all kinds of people. Explore Canada’s specialty with the Royal Alberta Museum, with over 10 million objects to admire. If you like the aircraft, then the Alberta Aviation Museum will appeal to you. No? Then how about IMAX theater at Telus World of Science with constellations and observatories for all age groups. Now it is starting to get interesting. With depictions of various eras in its divided volumes, Fort Edmonton Park presents itself as Canada’s largest living history museum, and should be on the list of things to do in Edmonton Canada.

Average price: $ 20
Time: 10 AM – 5 PM

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4. Unleash Your Sporting Spirit

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The city of Edmonton has a number of sports teams. You can do a stroll and get a ticker for the game for a live experience. Calgary-born rivals Edmonton placed Edmonton Eskimos, Edmonton Oilers, FC Edmonton and many other famous teams. While there is a big league, you will also find junior teams. Regardless of size, each sport is a great apple of an eye for any sports enthusiast. You may get a chance to meet sports personalities, or the rise of future beginnings between teams.

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5. Edmonton Valley – Take a Skiing Trip

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Valley Park is an ideal destination in Edmonton, providing an excellent skiing experience in winter. Edmonton has four other fun ski slopes available. You will be able to enjoy Snow Valley and Sunridge Ski Area as if you are on a skiing walk. This will give you the full experience while you do not need to leave the area around the city. More importantly, you don’t have to spend countless rupees living in a real skiing resort because you are getting all the leeches in the city. If you are in Canada, you should try skiing for all its natural beauty and pleasant weather experience.

Average price: $ 40
Time: 10 AM – 5 PM

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6. Edmonton Valley Xu – Praise the Jungle

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Do you realize what Edmonton lacks? Do not care! With over 100 species, the Edmonton Valley Zoo provides a great platform for you to see unique animals. As it is divided into different parts, you will be able to enjoy the sight of different animals from different parts of the world. There are meerkats, otters, emus, alpacas, and red pandas. Other locations include the Makira outpost, while Carnivore Street has the last cats. If you want to know about the huge variety of elephants present in this world, then Elephant House is a wonderful place. More importantly, the zoo has a foundation stone and awareness campaign. When you appreciate these beautiful creatures, you can also contribute to their well being.

Average price: $ 10
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

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7. West Edmonton Mall – Go Shopping

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If you are in Alberta, you can not forget to shop because it has the largest mall in North America of about 490,000 square meters. There are about a thousand stores with various services and options. The West Edmonton Mall is the pride of the city, with more than 35 million people visiting each year. Edmonton has a plethora of theme parks, miniature golf courses and water parks for children to work on. In the center of the mall is a skating area which is one of its primary attractions. It has all the important features and facilities of a mall like a movie theater and a food stall.

Time: 10 AM – 9 PM

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8. University of Alberta Botanical Garden – Bloom with Flora

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The iconic pyramid design of the Edmonton City botanical garden certainly sets it apart from other such buildings. It is home to some rare species found worldwide from Australia, Africa and many other regions. Different levels offer suitable climatic conditions and maintenance. You can learn and learn about many unique species of plants with experts. If you like to gain some knowledge during your holiday trip, this is definitely a place to hit.

Average price: $ 10
Time: 10 AM – 5 PM

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Edmonton has encapsulated all the richness of the Canadian province of Alberta and has amazingly displayed it with astonishing versatility. It has many amazing creations and offers a completely new world for people to experience on their vacation to Canada. You will have very few days to fall to fully explore this beautiful city with lots of things to do in Edmonton.

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Frequently asked questions about things to do in Edmonton

Q. What are the travel options in Edmonton?

a. You can rent a bike, or use the bus. Many taxi services are also available here.

Q. What is Edmonton famous for?

a. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the largest mall in North America. It also has Canada’s largest living history museum and Edmonton Park is at least 22 times larger than New York’s Central Park.

Q. What things to do in Edmonton at night?

a. Yes, there are many things one can do in Edmonton at night, such as exploring haunted houses or visiting bars and clubs in the streets of lights. Telus World of Science also provides an enchanted experience at night.

Q. Is Edmonton suitable for couples?

a. Yes, many restaurants and pubs have a lot to offer, ranging from going to art galleries to enjoying dinner and drinks.

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