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8 Best Theme Parks In Bangkok In 2020 That Are All About Fun & Frolic!

Bangkok is popular for its scenic landscapes, nature, and adventure sports. You can choose from a yoga retreat, and enjoy boat rides & water sports on any of the scenic islands. There are many historic sites, temples, palaces, museums, and places to relish traditional Thai cuisine and fruits like Durian. Apart from this, one can also relax getting a Thai massage after exploring the city. If you are planning to visit with your friends then make sure that you visit one of the theme parks in Bangkok and have fun there.

8 Theme Parks In Bangkok

Check out the top theme parks in Bangkok and choose the best one for your vacation. You and your gang will have a fun time in Bangkok like never before.

1. Dream World



A beautiful amusement park that has scenic landscapes. There are numerous rides for all kinds of age groups. It has a Snow Park and roller coaster rides that people of any age can enjoy. There are many colorful shows, parades, Hollywood shows, water activities and rides, themed photoshoots, and umpteen rides in the snow, water, and ground.

There are many adventure games you can choose from. You can watch a 3D movie with special effects, 4D adventures, ride on the high-speed space train, get some thrills exploring the Haunted Mansion, or spend some time at the animal farm with exotic animals and birds. There is a lot to do at this park and have oodles of fun with your kids.

It also has restaurants, souvenir shops, clothing stores, supermarkets, and food stations where you can relax. Shuttle transfer services are available from the park. You can choose from 50 rides and have a fun-filled time at this park.

Location: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Location: Chang Wat Pathum Thani
Entry Fee:: 2896 INR

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2. Safari World

Safari World


Get a close encounter with wildlife at the Safari Park seated in your car. Many animal shows keep the people of all age groups excited. It is spread across a land of 180 acres. There are many animals you can hand-feed and play with. It houses numerous land, air, and sea animals that can be fun to watch. There are also shows where animals perform live stunts.

You can also enjoy feeding shows where you feed wild animals. The Dolphin Show is the most popular show amongst people of all age groups as it is fun to watch dolphins play ball games. Dolphins tricks and singing in the chorus are fun to watch. You can enjoy a lot of activities at the Marine Park. You can enjoy the view of fantasy carp gardens, bird shows, and animal performances.

Take a fun ride inside the tropical jungle and spot gorillas, orangutans, crocodiles and more. The Sealing World inside the park is a small town of mischievous Sea Lions doing all the tricks. You can watch them having fun with ball games and performing fun activities that could amuse you. You can buy tickets online and show the printout or copy inside your mobile on the counter.

Location: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Location: Klongsamwa
Entry Fee:: 1991 INR for adults, 1217 INR for kids

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3. Siam City Park

roller coaster


This is a large adventure park which has 5 zones. The Water World has fun rides, wave pools, speed slides, lagoons, spiral slides, and flowing pools. It also has a spa club and a mini slide. Make your vacation in Bangkok exciting with kids visiting this theme park. It has many activities, shows, and a wide variety of thrilling rides which can give an adrenaline rush to people of all ages.

Bring joy and smiles to your kids spending time with them at this park. The Adventure Zone provides maximum fun and thrill for people of all age groups. Kids will love taking a ride in the forest area with the stone age theme with Dinosaurs making 60 different sounds that keep kids entertained. There are a variety of thrilling rides in this zone for people of all age groups to enjoy.

The Family World is filled with learning and educational games. It has fun rides, merry-go-rounds, animal zone with various exhibits of animals. The African Adventure spreads across 8 acres with exhibits of many wild animals. You can take a boat ride through the waterfall cave and get a different experience. The Small World has fun rides for toddlers with thematic seats.

Location: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Location: Kannayao
Entry Fee:: 2212 INR

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4. Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone


This entire amusement park is based on famous cartoon characters. One of the best theme parks in Bangkok for kids and family to have the best entertainment and fun all day. It has one of the best attractions, activities, and things to do suitable for people of all ages. The Cartoonival is one of the biggest water attractions at this park. It has more than 150 features and activities.

You can enjoy cartoon character themed water rides at this activity zone. The Omnitrix is one of the biggest water domes in Bangkok that can take 4 people in a single ride. This water slide is at a height of 82-feet from the ground and gives a thrilling and fun experience for people of all age groups. The Alien Attack is a 320-meter ride that gives you a stunning view of the adjacent shoreline.

The Banana Spin is a cool attraction based on the Johnny Bravo cartoon character theme. You and your family can spin in the bowl and have a thrilling spin. There are many cartoon themed stores inside this amusement park where you can eat a variety of food, drinks and ice creams. Kids love Dexter’s ice cream lab that has a variety of tasty ice cream flavors. There are also private cabanas where you can relax and have a good time. There is also a surfing area for those who want to go surfing inside the amusement park. This amusement park is open throughout the year.

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm
Location: Jomtien Beach, Pattaya
Entry Fee:: Adults 4182 INR, Children 2854 INR

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5. Pororo Aquapark



You can take your kids to this Korean Cartoon themed park as it is most loved by kids. There are many attractions available inside this park. Kids will love sliding through then magical, funnel, and speed slides. The Tong Tong Magical slide is loved by most of the kids. This is a 120-meter slide that has many twists and turns that the kids enjoy. It has a colorful, double splash pool that is loved by the kids.

The funnel ride is 158 meters and kids will love their time taking a water ride inside this slide. Enjoy a cool weekend and vacation taking a water ride at this theme park and spend a fun-filled holiday with your kids. These rides are suitable for people of all age groups. Enjoy the thrills of taking speed rides with a lot of screaming in joy and fun at this theme park.

Have fun with unexpected twists and surprised with this fun water ride. It is 120 meters long and is colorful. You can make a splash and enjoy adventurous activities at the Eddy’s Invention Pool. Enjoy a splash and other activities at the adventurous playground with toys, slides, and climbing activities. There are many pools inside this aquapark with various activities enjoyable by kids of all ages.

Location: 10.30 am to 7.00 pm
Location: Bangna, Bangkok
Entry Fee:: Adults 885 INR, Children above 90 cms 619 INR, Free for children below 90 cms

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6. Kidzania Concept Park

Kidzania Concept Park


There are many Kidzania Concept Parks around the world. This theme park in Bangkok is a replica of the city and suitable for kids under the age of fifteen. Numerous role-playing games inside this park that are supervised by adults and are fun to participate in. There are various places inside this park that have fun tasks to be carried out.

It helps in building many skills in kids such as self-confidence, teamwork, and coordination. Participating in these fun tasks can boost their physical and mental abilities. A fun place that empowers kids and motivates them. This place is also suitable for toddlers as it comes with many toddler activities. There are as many as 80 role-playing games which are super fun for toddlers as well as pre-teens.

Kids can have fun at the acting or the art studio. Kids who love science can choose activities in the auto repair shop, milk and peanut factory, etc. There are also many fun activities inside the beauty salon, disco, TV studio, radio station, fashion boutique, car dealership, and many other themed zones for activities. Kids can choose from this humongous variety of activities which also provides edutainment for many hours. It is open on the weekends and kids can spend their entire day at this entertainment zone.

Location: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Location: Pathumwan, Bangkok
Entry Fee:: Adults 1327 INR to 1593 INR, Kids 2212 INR to 2655 INR

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7. Snow Town

 Snow Town


This is the first Snow Park in Bangkok that has many fun zones, activity areas, and games. Enjoy a game of Ice Hockey at this park. A cool place to visit on a hot day with family and kids for some entertainment. Various places are designed in the European and Japanese street style. It is suitable for people of all age groups.

You can enjoy skiing at the Mountain Hokkaido that recreates the atmosphere of skiing in the snowy mountains. You will be provided with all winter accessories and clothing inside this amusement park. Kids and adults can enjoy snow slides, soak in the water, play and interact with Polar Bear and perform a lot more fun activities at this theme park.

There are many malls and restaurants inside this theme town where you can relish delicious food and go sightseeing in this theme town. You can take a stroll in the streets of this town and experience a different kind of entertainment that beats the sun and the humidity outside. There are many performances and interactive fun and activities happening at this themed town. Bring out the child in you and have fun with your kids at this snow park.

Location: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm
Location: Klong Toey, Bangkok
Entry Fee:: 885 INR

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8. Imaginia Playland



This is a perfect place to take your kids for some edutainment. They can choose different activities to choose various ways of thinking, boost their curiosity and imagination. There are many play spaces provided where kids can come up with thousands of ideas and execute their creative ideas. This is a good place to take your kids to boost their skills and confidence. It is suitable for kids of age group 1 to 12 years.

There are nineteen zones for kids to have interactive fun and participate in fun activities and projects. There are different tours and activities you can choose from. The Wonder Car tour is a digital and interactive zone where kids can learn all about designing a car. The Shadow Forest is a thrilling and spooky game that boosts the concentration power of kids. Babies and toddlers can have fun at the Imaginia Fort and explore various shapes in this play area. The Twinkle Little Town is filled with architectural wooden blocks that let them build miniature structures using their imagination.

There are many other fun zones such as the Space Stadium, Dream Jungle, SoundCloud, Meteor Park, Magical Theatre, etc that are fun and each filled with different types of activities. Playing at any of these zones builds cognitive skills, develops their creativity and imagination. There are many facilities provided at this theme park. Lockers, bathrooms, nursing rooms, free Wi-Fi, baby changing room, and many other facilities are provided for babies and toddlers.

Location: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Location: Klongtoey, Bangkok
Entry Fee:: Ranges between 221 INR to 1106 INR depending on the activity

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Listed here are the best theme parks in Bangkok suitable for people of all age groups. Beat the heat of the sun by taking your kids to these theme parks and have fun all day long exploring different zones inside the park. So, if you are planning your vacation to Bangkok this year then make sure that you head to these parks and have fun with your peeps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Parks In Bangkok

Q. Is English spoken at all of the theme parks in Bangkok?

A. Yes, you can find English speaking staff at the theme parks in Bangkok. So, communicating will not be a problem in Bangkok theme parks.

Q. What is the best theme park for toddlers and younger children?

A. For edutainment and entertainment, you can take your kids to the Imaginia Playland and the Kidzania Concept park.

Q. What is the best time to visit Siam Park City?

A. November to January are the best months to visit Siam Park City and enjoy various activities and games.

Q. How big is the Safari World Park and what is the best time to visit this park?

A. The Safari World Park is spread across 80 acres of land. It can be visited all-year-around so you can plan your vacation at any time.

Q. Which is the most famous theme parks in Bangkok and what is the best time to visit this theme park?

A. Dream World is the best theme parks to visit in Bangkok. The best time to visit this theme park is April and May.

Q. Which is the best cartoon based theme park in Bangkok?

A. Kids love the Cartoon Network Amazone which is a cartoon based theme park. Every zone of this park is based on a famous cartoon character that you see on the Cartoon Network television channel.

Q. What is the best part of Siam Park City?

A. Roller coaster rides are the best thing to experience at Siam Park City. So, do not miss out on them.

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