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8 Best Stovetop Cleaners 2020

All you have to do is fry a little bacon or cook a saucepan of tomato sauce. In this way, a clean, shiny hob is covered with greasy splashes and burned pieces. And the longer this mess remains, the more they bake, and the harder it is to remove them. If you have a flat electric or induction cooker, deposits, even residues from using the wrong cleaner, can affect the heating and cooking performance of the appliance. Since you are likely to use and clean your hob more than your oven, for example, a good stove cleaner should be an integral part of your kitchen cleaning arsenal.

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When we test hob cleaners in the cleaning laboratory of the Good Housekeeping Institute, we pollute our gas, electric, and induction hob just like at home. We roast bacon and hamburgers to make fat splashes, spill and bake on pasta sauce and let pots spillover. We also have the advantage of testing cleaning products in the test kitchen and laboratories of the GH Institute, where recipes are developed and devices are evaluated daily. We assess how good the products are clean, how neat or messy they are to use, how easy they are to rinse off, and how much residue they leave behind. Finally, we check the labeling for completeness of the instructions and for safety precautions that may be necessary due to the contained ingredients.

Here is the best stove cleaner from the cleaning laboratory tests of the Good Housekeeping Institute:

Best stove cleaner overall: EZ Brite glass and ceramic hob cleaner & conditioner
Best gas stove cleaner:
Weiman gas range cleaner & degreaser
Best cleaning paste for glass stovetops:
Weiman hob Max Cleaner & Polish
Best cleaning cloths for glass stoves:
Affresh hob cleaning wipes
Best cleaning set for glass stovetops:
Affresh hob cleaning set
Best residue-free glass stove cleaner: Carbona ceramic hob cleaner
Best cleaning tool for glass stovetops: Scotch-Brite Glass hob cleaning rod
Best hobs for hobs and kitchens:
Glitter hob & kitchen cleaning pads

Best overall hob cleaner

Glass and ceramic hob cleaner & conditioner

EZ Brite
ezbritebrands.com$ 7.45

EZ Brite glass and ceramic hob cleaner and conditioner is A versatile gel cleaner that can do everything. It not only treats dirty glass and ceramic hobs, but also glass and enamelled cookware and bakeware and also shines stainless steel and quartz surfaces. In our cleaning lab tests, we found that it was a gel that was easy to rinse off. And as a multi-purpose product, it not only cleans, but also helps to remove the clutter in your detergent cupboard.

Best gas stove cleaner

Gas stove cleaner and degreaser

Good Housekeeping Seal Stern Weiman Gas Range Cleaner and Degreaser has an easy to use Trigger spray bottle that delivers the fat cutting fluid exactly where you need it and is an easy way to do a quick cleaning. It works on sumps, buttons, stainless steel, glass, enamelled grids, even glass and metal baking pans. Allow the cleaner to soak in for a few minutes before wiping it off to remove heavy, burned dirt.

Best glass stove cleaning paste

Cook Top Max Cleaner and Polish

Weiman Cook Top Max is a cleaner and a Polish all-in-one. This GH Seal Star The paste contains microspheres for better scrubbing and protective agents to restore the shine. Moisten the cleaning pad, use it in the paste, and scrub in a circular motion. It did a better job of attacking burned floors with less scrubbing and dirt than liquid cleaners, and in our GH Cleaning Lab test, it didn’t make a little dirt any bigger. Kind!

Best cleaning cloths for glass stoves

Hob cleaning wipes

homedepot.com$ 4.99

Nothing beats cleaning up on the go like GH Seal Star Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Wipes. you are double-sided for additional cleaning power. Use the scrubber side to loosen stuck parts and the smooth side to allow for easy daily cleaning and polishing. They also work on gas stove burners and grates. We found that they are an easy way to be ahead of the clutter without much work.

Best cleaning set for glass stoves

Hob cleaning set

homedepot.com$ 8.99

For times when a cleaner alone is not enough to remove heavy dirt that has accumulated on a glass hob, the GH Seal Star Affresh hob cleaning kit offers everything you need to remove large, boiled dirt. The kit includes a Scraping tool to repel sticky parts, a creamy cleaner, scratch-resistant mini peeling pads. Use the scraping tool first, then apply the detergent and scrub it with the pads for thorough cleaning.

Best cleaning tool for glass stoves

Glass hob cleaning rod

Scotch Brit
amazon.com$ 9.99

This small tool won the 2020 Best Cleaning Product for Good Housekeeping 2020 award It’s easy to use and how well it cleans dirt and grime from glass stoves with just water. The washer is abrasive enough to clean without scratches, and when we tested it on a heavily used GH Test Kitchen hob, we were amazed at how well it is operated by grease and clinging dirt. It’s comfortable to hold and an easy way to rush through the cleaning after dinner without additional steps or clutter.

Best residue-free glass-ceramic hob cleaner

Ceramic hob cleaner

instacart.com$ 3.99

In general, creamy cooktop cleaners can be messy to use and difficult to rinse off, making cleaning your glass range a real task. But not Carbonas glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner. In our tests, it was not only effective in removing burned dirt, but also in simply rinsing it off – Exclusion of residues This can build up over time and affect the cooking performance of your hob.

Best hobs

Hob & kitchen cleaning pads

Summitbrands.com$ 4.70

These practical pads can be used far beyond the hob. Sure, they loosened grease and sticky dirt from the glass hob we tested them on, but there’s no need to stop here. Simply wet the dry pads to activate the built-in cleaner. Then use the frothy scrubbing side for your hob, microwave, sink, extractor hood, and more. After cleaning, rinse the pad under water and wipe the surface with the polishing side clean. Each pad is perforated so that it can be split in half for smaller jobs.

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