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8 Best Places To Visit In Himachal In June One Cannot Dare To Miss!

Inspiring, breath-taking and flawless, this beautiful destination is located in the northwest region of the Great Himalayan range. Yes, we are not talking about anyone other than “Himachal Pradesh”. A state with the most amazing borders of places that will definitely make your travel palate more colorful. Everything about the destination seems quite interesting. Begins with its name, meaning “piece of land” in foreign places that give the appearance of heaven on earth. We have included in our itinerary some of the many different places scattered around the state. In Himachal places to visit in June It is breathtaking in every sense and will definitely make for an impeccable getaway.

8 Best Places to Visit in Himachal in June

Like the entire mix of spices, which adds flavor and flavor to any culinary delight, Himachal Pradesh is fortunate to receive the right dose of places around its periphery. Bizarre and distinct, each place is wrapped in its own charm. The diverse topography, when compared with the scenery on each stage, simply fits into the description of the state as a land beyond the rules of imagination. Let us now get into the flesh of the matter and pave the way to visit some of these places to visit Himachal in June.

1. Kangra

Offers stunning views


This quaint little hamlet picturesque in every aspect will leave you spellbound. Formerly also known as Nagarkot, the city is located towards the southern part of the Great Himalayan Range. The valley lies at the confluence of the Burner and Majhi rivers and is best known for arts and crafts. While the locals get a chance to soak up the views of the mountains, the city is also known for its Ayurvedic massage that provides the ultimate detox.

Places to visit: Kangra Fort, Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple
entrance fees: The entry fee to Kangra Fort is INR 150 and INR 300 (foreign).
Time required: one day

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2. Sangla



This jaw dropping place is dotted with elegance in all aspects. Attractive and admirable, the tour around the place will surely make you forget all the sights of the city. Situated in the Kinnaur district, the valley offers a majestic view of the Himalayan range from above and nearby. While the city has all the amenities with an array of shops, one thing is to ensure that you will never get enough of this sleep.

Places to visit: Kamru Fort, Bering Nag Temple, Chitkul Village
entrance fees: No entry fee.
Time required: 1-2 days.

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3. Khajjiar

The mountains


The place has rolling hills whose peripheries are situated with stunning lakes. Do we need to say anything else? Famous by the “Switzerland of India” moniker, Khajjiar is a short drive from Dalhousie town. Once you enter the beautiful place, you will be warmly welcomed by lakes and pastures. Take this short detour from Dalhousie, one of the best places to visit Himachal in June and we believe you will not regret it. Also, join Khajiyar trek and Zorbing to fulfill your adventure-loving spirit.

Places to visit: Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajiyar Lake, Swarna Devi Temple
Charges: INR 300 for Zoring
Time required: 1-2 days.

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4. Shimla

Amazing hill station in Himachal


The capital of “Himachal Pradesh” is also known as the “Queen of the Hills”. Along the perimeter of the beautiful city are lofty mountains surrounded by unexplored forests. Every year honeymooners, visitors and tourists come here, but the beauty there is still untouched. The history of the city goes back to the British period and thus still the touch of colonial grandeur can be observed in the architecture around the capital. The heat in the plains becomes unbearable, but Shimla is a favorite hangout for all.

Places to visit: Chadwick Falls, Jakhu Temple
Charges: No entry fee
Time required: 2 days.

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5. Palampur

Greenery in the valley


It is another grand city which lies beneath the impressive Dhauladhar Range. Famous as the “tea capital of India”, the secluded city remains unexplained compared to other places in the state. Filled with extraordinary mountains, waterfalls, stepped fields, and serpent rivers, the city is postcard-perfect. Every second pleasure spent here will be given for a lifetime in the bank as it provides enjoyment. Also, in the city just go for long walks in the forest or just navigate through the tea gardens and see that nature is present at every step. An outdoor location, we can definitely tell that you will never want to return!

Places to visit: Dhauladhar National Park, Baijnath Temple
Time: 9 AM – 5 PM
Time required: 1-2 days.
entrance fees: No entry fee

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6. Caja



One thing you will notice while visiting this place is that the topography is marked by the jagged mountain. The capital city of Spiti Valley is decorated with snow-capped peaks and crystal clear waters of rivers. Although the place is far from the idea of ​​regular hill stations that do not stop people from setting foot on it. Inspired by many aspects, the city of Bukolic has adrenaline pumping activities such as river rafting and trekking. And those who want to stay away from these, they can roam in the monasteries and ancient villages, which are located in this place. Close your dates in the month of June for Ladacha fair, one of the scenic spots in Himachal.

Places to visit: Tabu Math, Ki Gompa
Time: 6 AM – 7 PM
Time required: 1-2 days.

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7. Mashobra

Mashobra Hills


Uniquely located at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, it is another picturesque destination. The rolling mountains, dense forests, fragrant gardens, all combined perfectly with the Himalayan view and blissful climate. The small town has a lot of outdoor activities for you such as paragliding, trekking, camping, etc. In addition, a visit to the Mahasu Devta Temple on top of Mahasu Devta can be set on foot as well as the architectural marvel “Carignano”. One of the great places to visit in Himachal in June, add it to your list.

Places to visit: Carignano, Mahasu Devta Temple
Time: 6 AM – 7 PM
Time required: 2 days.

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8. Chail

One of the top cottages in Chail


Nestled among the Shivalik ranges, this hill station is one of the scenic spots in the state. Established by the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh, the place is blessed with dense forests and huge rivers that cascade down. Traveling to this beautiful destination will make you forget the chaotic city life. Apart from the natural beauty, the place is abundant with various adventure activities. Trekking is very common in this region due to the peaks of Shimla and Chur. In addition, prayers can be offered in the temple on the “Kaal ka Dun”, which is frequented by tourists and locals.

Places to visit: Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaal’s Dunes Temple
Time: 6 AM – 5 PM
Time required: 2 days.

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Situated amidst the vast mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is a symbol of elegance and beauty, from fairs to festivals, wildlife, this natural habitat will leave you craving for more. Although winters occur in the state, summer is also a natural attraction. The different places to visit in Himachal in June make it the most comfortable retreat for people living in the plains. Apart from this, all this hospitality for the local people will also melt your heart with warmth. A trip so diverse and a destination so extraordinary Himachal Pradesh travel will top your bucket list.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Himachal in June

Q. Can we go to Himachal in June?

a. The month of June is perfect for sightseeing in the state as most of the treks and other destinations remain open due to the pleasant weather.

Q. Can I get snow in Himachal Pradesh in June?

a. Yes, June is a good time to visit Himachal Pradesh as some places in the state will still be covered in snow and will provide a pleasant experience to the travelers.

Q. Which is the most beautiful place in Himachal?

a. Almost all the places in the state are full of natural beauty and are dazzled in the splendor of nature, but Shimla will remain on the top of the list due to its grandeur and natural glamor.

Q. What is Himachal Pradesh famous for?

a. Himachal Pradesh is famous for beautiful hill stations, scenic locations and colonial architecture that still dominates its capital Shimla.

Q. Which place is often called Mini Switzerland?

a. The Khajiyar of Himachal Pradesh is often referred to as Mini Switzerland due to the picturesque valleys, vast plains and rolling hills.

Q. What is the best time to travel to Himachal Pradesh?

a. The best time to visit Himachal is from March to late June.

Q. Which is the coldest place in Himachal?

a. There are many places like Spiti, McLeodganj and Dalhousie which fall under the category of coldest places in the state.

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