8 Best Home Remedies To Get Clear Blemish Free Skin with in Days

blemish free skin

Clear blemish free skin looks healthy. There are various skin clearing treatments available which cost a lot of money so how about using the home remedies for blemish free skin with no marks and spots. Most of the teenagers face pimples marks while mature people have darker age spots. At times, we can experience spots and blemishes on the body like on arms, legs, neck and back which are visible when skin revealing clothes are worn. So, here are some natural skin care tips and remedies for blemish free skin. Read our Tips for spotless and fair skin

Homemade Beauty Tips and Natural Remedies for Clear Blemish Free Skin

These are the best and effective home remedies using natural products to give you blemish free skin tone.

1. Cleanser:

Use a good cleanser like neem face wash or face wash that should do well for the oily skin as the primary reason for the skin blemishes is acne which should be avoided and taken care of.

2. Castor oil remedies for marks:

Marks and blemishes on the body can be faded with castor oil. It s enriched with nutrients which lighten the marks effectively. Apply castor oil on the marks on the body at night for a smoother blemish free skin. [Castor oil benefits]

3. Almond oil for lines:

Almond oil is high in Vitamin E which is an excellent skin nourisher and has antioxidants like polyphenols which not only keep the skin blemish free naturally but also aids in younger looking skin. Almond oil is not for oily skin for the facial use though can be used to get rid of the body marks and blemishes.

almond oil

4. Fade the marks with potato:

Potato is a great remedy to lighten the pimple marks for a blemish free skin. Cut the potato into thin slices and rub the slices on the face and marks which are filled with the potato juices. Take some Potato juice and mix some lime juice into it. Apply on the spots at night and wash in the morning. This another great remedy to treat pimples marks for a blemish free skin. It also lightens the age spots. [Potato face packs for fair skin]

5. Honey and lemon juice for dark spots and marks:

Mix some honey and lemon juice. Apply on the face and rinse after 20 minutes. This is good to get rid of acne spots and marks from the face and body. This mixture is known to lighten all those marks and spots due to acne. You just have to apply it daily.

6. Aloe Vera gel for blemish free skin:

Aloe vera is a natural skin healer and the capability to lighten the dark spots, blemishes and acne spots. Apply aloe vera gel for skin at night on the skin and wash in the morning. Mild massaging would be better. This is great for a youthful softer skin in winters also.

7. Papaya for Dark Spots

Rub papaya slices on the face and body where the marks are there. Leave it for half an hour for the juices to work on the skin. This remedy will give healthy blemish free skin naturally. [Papaya face mask for oily skin]

8. Strawberries for blemish free complexion:

Mash a strawberry and add some milk into it. For dry skin add milk cream and for oily skin add lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well and use on the face to make an even layer of this face pack. This will lighten the marks, pimple marks, dark spots and age spot effectively. This is good for mature people as well and men can also try this face pack remedy for clear blemish free skin.

So, these were the tips and recipes that you can use to get rid of the dark spots, marks and acne problem.

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