8 Best Foot Scrubs in India with Prices (2020)

Best Foot Scrubs in India

8 best foot scrubs in india

Scrubbing can help to smooth out the skin. Scrubbing or exfoliation is also important to keep the skin dead skin free and smoother. Feet and heels get the most of the thick and dead skin cells. This is why the use of the scrubs for feet is also extremely important. Here are 10 best foot scrubs in India from the various brands like Jovees, vaadi Herbals etc.

8 Best Foot Scrubs in India with price

1. Jovees Foot Cream & Scrub

Jovees Foot Cream

This Jovees foot scrub is ideal to get beautiful and smoother feet. Just apply some of this foot scrub and scrub the feet in circular motions. This will make the feet super softer and radiant. This foot scrub is priced at 85 rupees.

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2. Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub Pack

Vaadi Herbals VP Foot Scrub Pack

Vaadi foot scrub has the goodness of the natural extracts of fenugreek and lemon grass oil. Fenugreek gently scrubs the uppermost dead skin cells and makes the skin smoother while lemon grass oil gives the feet moisturization and hydration. This is for 40 rupees.

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3. Avon Foot Works Exfoliating Scrub

Avon Foot Works Exfoliating Scrub

Avon foot scrub is ideal to give the feet pampering and nourishment. This foot scrub has the macadamia nut oil and nut shell powder. These two will gently buff away the dead skin cells, leaving the feet feeling refreshed and smooth. This Avon foot scrub costs 240 rupees.

4. The Body Shop Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub

The Body Shop Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub

The Body Shop foot scrub has the peppermint, glycerin, menthol, Aqua, Mentha Piperita Oil and pumice. This also contains volcanic rock granules which slough off the rough and dry patches to get the smoother and softer skin. This foot scrub is for 650 rupees.

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5. Biocare Foot Scrub

Biocare FootScrub

Biocare products are used in salons for facial, manicure, pedicures etc. This foot scrub has apricot, jojoba oil, and rosemary. This scrub for feet costs 160 rupees. Jojoba oil and rosemary oil gives proper nourishment and hydration to the dry feet.

6. Nature’s Walnut Foot Scrub

Nature'S Walnut Foot Scrub

Nature’s Essence Walnut Foot Scrub is formulated to keep the foot in good state when there is no dead skin or rough dry patches. All you need is to soak the foot in the warm water and then after 5-10 minutes, use the scrub to scrub off the dead skin away. This 100 g pack of this foot scrub is priced at 130 rupees.

7. Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub

Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub

The Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub enriched with the goodness of essential vitamins like Vitamins A, C, E and the extracts of Tea Tree Oil. This can be used by both men and women. This foot scrub is designed for the dry and rough feet so that dry feet can become softer and smoother feeling. Tea tree oil has anti fungal properties which also keeps the callus and corns away. Even the ingrown nail or fungal infection can also be taken care by this oil. This foot scrub is for 875 rupees for 115 grams.

8. The Body Care foot scrub

The Body Care foot scrub

This is the derma peel foot scrub with lactic acid. Lactic acid is also good to get rid of the marks and blemishes on the feet. This will improvise the circulation of the blood and feet feel softer and glowing. This The Body Care foot scrub costs 200 rupees.

Benefits of using Foot scrubs

Scrubbing the feet regularly can improve the smoothness and after over the time

Scrubbing removes the dry patches and rough patches.

Using foot scrubs will keep the dead skin away which makes the skin feel softer.

This also improvises the blood circulation which makes the skin of feet glow.

The blemishes and marks on the feet can also be lightened and faded by using the foot scrub regularly.

Corn and callus can also be treated with the help of foot scrubs.

How to use foot scrubs

Wash your feet clean water and then soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes.

Take some foot scrub around a teaspoonful and apply that to damp feet.

Massage the scrub on the feet with the circular motion for couple of minutes focusing on the areas like toes, heels and sole.

Rinse off the foot scrub thoroughly with water and massage the skin of feet using a foot cream to keep the feet nourished.

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