8 Best Dieting tips for teenagers

8 Best Dieting tips for teenagers

Dieting tips for teenagers: Teenage is the most beautiful and also crucial phase of your life. So staying fit mentally and physically is necessary. And here comes the word ‘diet.’

Dieting tips for teenagers
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Now, what is diet?

Is it merely bidding farewell to your favorite junk food and chewing salads or living on soups? Not at all. Just as a fat body needs dieting, a thin one needs it too. Dieting is maintaining the appropriate quantities of your portions that is required for your body to be active and healthy.

Here are some tips that you would like to rehash upon to get motivated to follow a proper diet.

Do not skip a single meal, especially the breakfast.

Getting up late and skipping breakfast may sound cool, but is unhealthy. It doesn’t matter what you eat so do not freak out for boiled eggs or healthy cereals. Even a piece of chocolate cake, peanut butter or a bowl of pasta is better than an empty stomach. Have five small meals a day, with a gap of 3-4 hours.

Water, Water all the time.

Smoothies, cokes, sodas might have been your go-to drink to sip on, but that doesn’t count at all; it only disturbs the balance of your calories and blood sugar. So have enough of plain water. Occasionally, add flavor by squeezing a lemon or stirring up some sugar or making a fruit juice at home, but stay hydrated.

Love for green.

Have your green portions regularly. Vegetable wraps, cooked or boiled veggies- have it however you like.

Snacks can be tasty and healthy too.

Instead of KFC / potato fries being the rescue always, keep fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts or yogurt nearby next time you’re hungry. Of course, there can be cheat days too.

Move that body.

A gym is not the only option. Stretch 15 minutes, a walk in the morning/evening, swimming, or any outdoor game for half an hour every day is good enough to keep your body flexible and in motion.

One thing at a time.

Binge-watching is an absolute no-no. While you have your food, enjoy it, relish the taste, flavor, and mindfully chew it. Keep away from internet, TV or even your phone during that time. It’s essential to let your body know you are enjoying your food, and the body will love it back too.

Are you a Mumma’s boy or a Daddy’s girl?

You are still too young to go on crazy diet plans just because your peers say you look too fat or too thin. While still enjoying the comfort of your parents ‘ house, also obey and enjoy what they think is the right amount of food for you. Trust me; they know it the best.

And, once you start living alone or in a hostel, you are going to miss that ‘Ghar ka khana.’

Sleeping Beauty was right!

As necessary it is to enjoy your teenage, equally important is 7-8 hours of sleep. The glow in your face will show. Also, you are only in your teens, so stop stressing about things and life. Half of the things wouldn’t matter few years down the line. Stay happy and take care of yourself.

Eat your carbs, proteins, minerals and good fats correctly and see yourself become healthy, healthy, active and most importantly, happier. Also, read our articles published at yuwew.com