8 Awesome types of Mehndi Designs to Decorate

8 Awesome types of Mehndi Designs to Decorate

Mehndi plays a significant role in women’s life, and you can see most of the women’s are obsessed with the mehndi designs because they love to use those.

Have you ever found any Indian Marriage without Mehndi?

I bet, you can’t see a traditional Indian marriage without any sort of Mehndi.  It is that crucial for the wedding, and in fact, the beauty of the Indian marriage can’t happen without the like of the mehndi.

Peacock Mehndi design


Not only in marriages, but you can also see some women who keen to keep mehndi for small functions. In some cases, you can see in festivals as well.

Some of the women are more obsessed with mehndi. So they will always try to keep when they got leisure time. Mehndi is having that craze among the women.

Nowadays, Mehndi is mostly used a trend by many girls, and you can see the mehndi tattoos frequently. In most of the present day parties, you can find the decoration of hands with the different kinds of the ravishing looking mehndi designs.

Previously, mehndi was mostly used by the countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries, but you can see mehndi’s craze in foreign countries like The USA, UK and Australia, etc.

Types of the mehndi designs:

Here are the different types of mehndi designs which are used popularly by girls to design their hands during all marriages and functions.

Full hand mehndi design

Indian Mehndi Designs:

Coming to the Mehndi Designs, the Indian mehndi designs are the best and attractive designs. Indian designs are based on the sketches of the unique things such as the flowers, Sketches of the gods, peacocks, unique flower designs, etc.

Indian Mehndi design

These designs are really special and ravishing designs, and you can find out the beautiful curves without any space left between the curves.

Indian Mehndi design

You can find the simple mehndi designs as well as ultra-modern designs in this Indian mehndi design types. The Indian mehndi designs are used to decorate your hands for marriages or any special occasions and so on.

Indian Mehndi design

If you strive to keep it generally, then you can make use of this type of mehndi. These are really famous around the world for the brides and other traditional looking girls.

Indian Mehndi design

Pakistani Mehndi Design:

Pakistani mehndi designs are similar to the Indian designs, but you can find some genuine difference between the Indian mehndi and Pakistani mehndi.

Pakistani mehndi design

The Pakistani mehndi is having the excellent balance of the geometric and it comes with the flower designs and paisley elements in the latest mehndi designs. You can find the simple floral lines which are hovering over your hand.

Pakistani mehndi design

The brides mostly use these type of mehndi designs on their marriages, and you can find these designs on Eid and other festivals as well.

Pakistani mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Arabic mehndi designs are different when compared to the Indian and Pakistani mehndi designs.  The Arabic mehndi designs are very simple when compared to the other mehndi designs, and you don’t have to spend much time for the Arabic mehndi. Arabic mehndi means mostly you will see the flowers, veins and leaves but these are different when compared to others.  These designs are very easy, and you can extend these designs all over your arm, or you can apply it all over your leg i.e. foot to the leg.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

You can find the patterns of flowers designs which are filled with some decoration, and you can also find some in patterns designs which are left like simple outlines because they are enough to decorate your hands or leg.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

These Arabic mehndi designs are very easy, and it requires less amount of mehndi you don’t need much amount mehndi for this sort of designs because these are applied slightly. If you want to design your hand in less amount of time, then you should try this design and also this type of mehndi designs are easy to remove.


African Mehndi Designs:

African Mehandi designs are almost similar to the Arabic mehndi designs, but this kind of mehndi designs are unfilled with the mehndi, and also they are based on the outline of flowers and geometrical shapes like squares, lines and dots, etc.

African Mehndi

The African Mehndi will use less amount of mehndi same as the Arabic mehndi but the space between the designs will be lesser than the Arabic mehndi designs, and these type of mehndi can easily cover your whole hand or leg. You can try some attractive designs in this mehndi designs.

African Mehndi

You can mostly find these types of mehndi designs in Asian countries and African countries and the younger generations mostly use these.

Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs:

The Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs are the typical mehndi design. The name itself states that this mehndi design style will be similar to the Indian and Arabic Mehndi designs.

Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs

These types of the mehndi designs are the bold and simple mehndi designs which are attractive in looks and also very easy to apply. Fashion Trends Tips

Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs

These designs are delicate, and it is filled with the traditional Indian style of the mehndi and the Arabic style. So it got the name as the indo Arabic mehndi designs. This indo Arabic are mostly visible in Indian functions and on the wedding occasions and family events as well.

Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs

Moroccan Mehndi Designs:

Moroccan Mehndi design is a different kind of mehndi designs, and these designs are from the Middle East, and so they are having a different name such as the Moroccan mehndi design.

Moroccan Mehndi Designs

These Moroccan mehndi designs have the geometric shapes such as the flower petals and other geometric pattern designs with unique designing than the other mehndi designs. You can find some unique patterns in this Moroccan mehndi design.  These designs are very attractive in nature, and they simply look stunning when you dry the mehndi.

Moroccan Mehndi Designs

These designs are somewhat easy to draw with the cone, you can easily extend these type of designs to your wrist and elbow as well. If you ever wanted unique variation, then you should use this kind of mehndi designs.


Rajasthani Mehndi designs:

The Rajasthani mehndi designs are the designs which are used as the signature of the Rajasthani marriages you can mostly see these types of mehndi designs in the Rajasthani weddings and functions.

Rajasthani Mehndi designs

These are the mehndi designs which are based on the complicated patterns they are tough than the traditional mehndi designs. They are typically an unusual pattern of the peacocks and the flowers. The designs are visible as the curls between the transparent spaces and the lines are often drawn to cover the hands and the fingers as well.

Rajasthani Mehndi designs

These designs are harder than expected but these are easy to extend from keens to toes and also from elbow to the fingertips.

Floral Mehandi Designs:

The Floral Mehndi designs are the recent designs which are slowly increasing its craze in people around the world. These are the current and latest mehndi designs. These are the designs which are purely based on the flowers.

As the name itself suggest these, you can see the different types of floral patterns in this type of the mehndi designs. These floral patterns are simply filled with the dots to attract.

Floral Mehandi Designs

Usual you can find the shimmers and glitters in the spaces of these floral mehndi designs. You can mostly see these types of the mehndi designs in the modern marriages.

To use this kind of mehndi designs always you need a professional who can take care of the look and designs of your mehndi.  The professional do a fabulous job with these types of designs. You can simply select any sort of the pattern on your own which suits your hands and which suits you if you choose a professional.

Floral Mehandi Designs

These are the various types of trending and excellent mehndi designs. These mehndi designs can be easily decorated with the help of the shimmers and glitters. These will not only improve your designs, but you can also improve your attractiveness.

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These are the awesome types of the mehndi designs which you can readily use for this New Year, or you can use these mehndi designs for any type of occasions as well. I hope you all liked this article if you have any suggestions you can comment us below in the comment section.

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