8 Awesome Places To Visit In Antarctica That You’ll Surely Love

The northernmost part of the world, Antarctica appears once upon a time in a once-in-a-lifetime journey, nowhere else in the world. The antiquity of the ice is home to a large variety of polar wildlife. The breathtaking scenery is nothing short of an astonishing glimpse. The beautiful place offered tourists a large number of places to visit and fill their souls with satisfaction and joy. Let’s explore some places that deserve a mention.

8 Best Places to Visit in Antarctica

Listed below are some of the best places to visit in Antarctica that you should not miss! Scroll down!

1. South Shetland Islands
2. Antarctic Peninsula
3. Drake Passage
4. Falkland Islands
5. South Georgia
6. Lemaire Channel
7. Port Lockoy
8. Ross C / Ice Shelf

1. South Shetland Islands

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Located 160 km north of the Antarctic Peninsula, the magnificent South Shetland Islands are one of the most visited sites in Antarctica. The island is completely covered with snow and is home to some of the most incredible fjords and glaciers. The rocky coast, on the other hand, is inhabited by elephant seals and penguins. Eight different countries maintain research stations on the islands throughout the year, with most stations located on King George Island. Some of the other well-known islands include the island of deception, which is widely popular for the collapse of yet active volcanic cones.

place: North of the Antarctic Peninsula
Popular for: Island of Deception active volcanic area, penguins, elephant seals, a snow-covered island

2. Antarctic Peninsula

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It is the northernmost part of Antarctica and is home to a large group of polar wildlife. It consists of icebergs scattered waterways along narrow passages, often by expedition cruises with landings made on the natural harbor and the outer islands of the Antarctic Peninsula. Tourists visit the peninsula for breathtaking scenery with a combination of huge skies, huge glaciers. In addition to being a visual treat for the eyes, the place is also popular for penguin miscreants with coronant colonies. The migration season provides various opportunities to observe mink, humpback and killer whales closely.

place: Northern most part of Antarctica
Popular for: Opening unique species of whale, narrowing glaciers, narrow passages and so on

3. Drake Passage

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The route includes a wide stretch of water between South America and Antarctica that inspires a world of adventure and awe. Tourists visiting the place should know about the churning in the stomach due to waves, lanes and excitement. Enjoy watching the giant albatross from the deck while engaging in your own knowledge sessions of fascinating wildlife and geography. As you slowly approach the frozen continent, you make sure to never forget your first glimpse of the spectacular colossal iceberg.

place: Located between South America and Antarctica
Popular for: Huge iceberg, huge iceberg with attractive wildlife

4. Falkland Islands

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This remaining Falkland island is known for its abundant biodiversity, making it one of the most popular visited places in Antarctica. The island is slightly reflective of Britain due to its architecture and design. Offering a wide range of nesting areas, the islands provide the ultimate birring experience with a large number of marine animals. During an excursion on the island, visitors can enjoy the view of the giant albatross gliding from above along with four different species nesting on the shoreline. Meet people who are shared on the island in Port Stanley and discover their lifestyles and habits. Enjoy excursion around in Port Stanley, home to a wide range of fish, chip-cut with red phone boxes.

place: Near the arctic peninsula
things to do: Explore wildlife, visit historical dockyard museums, monuments, cemeteries, small villages near East Falkland, Stanley, penguins of Volunteer Point, etc.

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5. South Georgia

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South Georgia boasts a narrow and long island known as the Alps, located in the mid-ocean. Thanks to the soaring mountains that cover the mass of the land, the Alps are named. Enjoy the most picturesque parts of the place with dramatic meadows, lower meadows with powerful glaciers. In these abundance, it is undoubtedly one of the most visited sites in the region. The place is widely visited due to the beaches endowed with penguin colonies and seals. Photogenic remains of the relics as well as whaling stations make the place worth visiting. With the ease of landing on the island, tourism has become increasingly popular.

place: Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean
things to do: Visit Fortuna Bay, explore the history of the land, visit the beaches that are penguin packs, witness the breathtaking beauty of the glaciers.

6. Lemaire Channel

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A trip to Antarctica is incomplete without walking along the stunning Lemaire Channel. Glaciers, icebergs and sheer rocks dominate the region that lies above the water. Above these amazing creations lie hump whales and bee children below. During your expedition to this grand place, keep an eye out for the orche as well. The channel is completely erratic with 1600 meters being narrower and having loose icebergs. A paradise for photographers, the scene offers a breathtaking mirror view that is a dream for photographers.

place: Kyiv Peninsula in Graham Land
things to do: Explore wildlife, photography

7. Port Lockoy

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One of the most popular places to visit is a natural harbor located on the northwestern shore of Weinke Island. The tourist destination is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a large array of cruise-ship passengers in Antarctica. It is a natural harbor that was originally used for whaling and then as a military base in World War II. Soon after this the place started being used as a research station. The port is now a historical site with a post office and museum, along with being a popular stop destination for travelers exploring Antarctica. Half of the island of Wynneke is now closed to tourists as only penguins are allowed to flourish.

place: Weinke island’s northwest coast
things to do: Visit Penguin Post Office, Visit Branfield House

8. Ross C / Ice Shelf

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It is by far the largest snowball in Antarctica, which is as thick as several hundred meters. One of the world’s most impressive natural attractions, the largest floating body of ice is actually a treat to the eyes. An active volcano, Mount Erebus, located at an altitude of 3,794 meters, is found on Ross Island. The area is filled with penguins, colossal glaciers and many historical sites to be a popular tourist destination in Antarctica. The ice floats, covering a large southern part of Ross Sea with the entire island west of the Ross Sea.

place: Head of Ross C
things to do: The world’s most impressive natural attraction, the floating body of ice, click the pictures of beauty.

We hope that this article of our interest will help you pack your bags and plan a vacation in the snow-covered lands of penguins and whales. We assure you to come back with a heart full of contentment and not experience as before. Book a trip to Antarctica now to experience beauty through your own eyes, something that will not disappoint you.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Antarctica

Q. What is the best time to visit Antarctica?

a. The best time of the year is usually during the Antarctic summer from November to March. This is when wildlife are seen at their maximum, offering 24 hours of daylight.

Q. Which is the hottest month in Antarctica?

a. While the coast is a hot spot, the warmest temperature so far was recorded on 15 June 1974 at Wanda station with 15 degree Celsius.

Q. What is the ideal period to visit and visit Antarctica?

a. The duration of the journey may vary; However, ideally, a 10-day journey requires a thorough exploration of the land.

Q. What is the most common way to travel to Antarctica?

a. A special cruise ship is the most common way to travel to Antarctica.

Q. What are the housing options in Antarctica?

a. There are no accommodation options in Antarctica, and all tourists usually stay on expedition ships.

Q. What are the major activities in Antarctica that one can enjoy?

a. A wide range of activities can be enjoyed in Antarctica including zodiac excursions, sea kayaking, cross country skiing, camping, diving, bird watching, hiking, mountaineering, etc.

Q. What is the popular wildlife prevalent in Antarctica?

a. The most popular wildlife that thrive in Antarctica include penguins, whales, seals, albatrosses, seabirds and a variety of invertebrates that are the major components of the food web in Antarctica.

Q. Antarctica has polar bears?

a. No, penguins live in Antarctica while polar bears live in the Arctic. These two regions are completely separate, and wildlife have never met each other.

Q. What are the major tourist destinations of Antarctica?

a. Some of the most popular tourist places include Port Lockery Museum, Ross Sea / Ice Shelf, Drake Passage, Antarctica Peninsula and Falkland Islands etc.

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