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7 ways to make your logos influential

7 ways to make your logos influential

Logos influential: Standing out is not the sole purpose of a logo. Although it is a miniature image, it speaks volumes about a brand. A company logo must make a strong statement. So, the million dollar question is what to do to make an influential logo? These symbols should tell the audience what you represent. In this way, they should somewhat embody your aspiration.

Influential Logos
Influential Logos

This image must be able to convey to the customers about your brand value and meaning. Apple’s logo, for instance, mirrors how its products perform. User friendliness, simplicity and creativity are the three basic principles that this brand represents. Similarly, depending on your services or products you will have to figure out your competitive advantages. It can be attention to details, innovation, craftsmanship, elegance or any other factor that the clients may be looking for in solutions.

Although there are various ways in which you can create a compelling logo but let’s stick to 7 of them.

Simplicity is the key

Have you noticed that the most popular logos are simple in design? These provide a crystal clear idea to the viewer about the brand. An uncluttered image creates a better impact than a complicated one. Logos are used in various ways across several platforms and in a variety of sizes. An influential logo is the one that uses few elements that are easily identifiable and convey the message you are trying to put across. If there are additional elements that do not contribute to the entire message it is better to get rid of them.

Design a Memorable Logo

This is an essential point. If you want the potential buyers to identify with your brand then it is necessary that the logos are memorable. They should be easy to remember even after the first glance. In fact, most of the logos merely receive a fleeting glance. Hence, it is important that your logos stand for a singular thing. This will make it simple for the people looking at it to explain the basic elements. If you have an overtly stylized logo it will be difficult for the audience to get the message instantly.

Make it unique

Mimicking will not help you stand out from the crowd. Look at some of the most popular logos. They are unique and fresh yet they comply with the latest logo trends. Search online for the prevailing patterns but do not copy the images directly. That way you can never get noticed.

A logo should be fresh yet everlasting

Herein lies the catch. Your designers should come up with logos that are modern yet has a timeless appeal to it. You can pick up a trendy logo but trends fade with time. Thus, opt for designs that might be less stylish but is capable of capturing the relevance properly. However, as far as colours and patterns are concerned, you can check out the latest trends. These elements can be easily tweaked with time.

Elements should work as a whole

For creating an influential logo, it is imperative that all the elements in the work as a whole. The logo’s graphics device and typeface should be complementary.

A logo should be proportional

Symmetry and proportion are two fundamental principles which you cannot overlook while designing a logo. This balance brings forth an aesthetic appeal to the logos.

Versatility Sells

A logo is used across multiple platforms and in various contexts, like, t-shirts, caps, key chains, banners, flyers, pens, water bottles and on both black and white backgrounds.

Finally, your logo should serve the desired purpose no matter how you use it. The above-mentioned ways will guide you to design effective logos for your brands.


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