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7 Trendsetting Styles for the Working Man

7 Trendsetting Styles for the Working Man

Clothes are, perhaps, one of the most important things in life and of course in your wardrobe. What you wear can represent who you are. It defines contours to your personality. The clothes you wear make the first impression and it is imperative that you make (and maintain) a good impression, especially at your workplace. As rightly said, the first impression is the last impression comes true to the style, that a man carries.

7 Trendsetting StylesClothing not only helps in boosting the morale of a person but also helps him presents himself in a much better and confident way. Many large corporates have relaxed the rules on formal wear giving breathing space to many other styles. But who says you can’t make the professional look work for you? It’s all about choosing the right style. Here are 7 trendsetting formal and semi-formal looks that will convert a man into Mr Perfect!

  • The Three-Piece Power Look

Anyone who has the TV series, Suits, will tell you how envious men are of Harvey Spectre. Always donning a three-piece suit, Mr Spectre exudes a cool but a powerful vibe. Choose from a wide range of formal trousers for men, from indigo blue to dark grey. Make sure that your jacket, as well as the vest, is made from the same material and colour as your trousers. Wear light coloured shirts that don’t clash with your suit. Finish up with a pair of Bata Men Derby shoes and you are all set. This completes your dressing, making you a perfect gentleman. Don’t forget to add that dash of square piece cloth folded in an attractive way on to your top pocket of stylish 3 pieces. Carry your trend comfortably with élan.

  • Lose the Jacket, Keep the Vest

This style includes wearing formal trousers with a long-sleeved shirt, a vest and a power tie. Although many don’t prefer this style, you can pull it off with the right colour combinations. For the vest and trousers, go in for deep dark colours like black and dark blue. Choose a shirt that is plain or has minute checks – white shirts work best.  Try to pick a tie that is not too brightly coloured – like dark maroon, blue and lilac.Whites are always in fashions and goes hand in hand with blues. Match the right combination for an everlasting impression.

  • Say your Goodbyes to Ties

This is a semi-formal look with just formal trousers and shirt (tucked in). The ideal look would be to pick a long sleeved shirt and roll back the sleeves till your elbows. Add a shiny watch on your wrist and you’ve got it. This style is the most popular today as it is easy to pick out during the morning rush. A few pressure points would be to choose the right belt and making sure that only your collar button is open. A long or short kurta with jeans is equally good for the different and unique look.

  • Marco Polo!

Polo shirts are all the rage, they always have been. The most comfortable shirt to wear, it is neither too formal nor too casual.You’re dressing sense, just apt for every reason and season. Polo shirts with chinos make the perfect outfit for Fridays. Crimson, royal blue, green and brown are popular colours. But ensure that you choose one that doesn’t make you stand out in the crowd in the wrong way. Wear this outfit with a pair of loafers and you’re ready for the weekend. Ravish your friend’s thoughts with this easy-to-go style!

  • You Can Never Go Wrong with Denim

Jackets are in for many reasons starting with style to keep winters at bay. Try out another semi-formal look – Denim pants with a plain casual tee and a formal straight-fit jacket. The jacket will transform any ordinary shirt into an elite wear. You can alter this combination by trying on formal shirts as well. Another hit in the fashion street, this look allows you to be comfortable while looking well-dressed. Remember to pick out dark coloured jeans (not faded, not torn and avoid low-waist) and a simple shirt. You can wear formal shoes with this outfit with sober coloured socks to fit into a bracket of a trendsetting guy.

  • Become a head turner – Your wardrobe may be full of shirts, jeans and trousers, but what you are looking is not the variety but creating your own style. The website provides you with endless opportunities for trending a new style and transforming you to be a head turner. Trousers and jackets never go out of style ensure that you have a range of khakis and joggers to start your early morning walk with jeans and sweatshirts to take you happily,the whole day long.  There is no pause to your style as you take over the buddies at your gym with cool track pants and casuals. Startle them with your cool style, even after a hectic work schedule.
  • Style with comfort- You may be gearing up for Christmas, New year parties or simply for the upcoming wedding season, to match your comfort level with style, the range of ties and jackets are added to the store every day.  Create your trend with checks and prints which never go out of fashion. This everlasting combination is just apt for your smartness that fosters masculine look good enough to become a crowd puller. Your style is for sure, to become a trendsetter on further occasions.

Shopping for all the above outfits is easy. Log on to abof.com and buy everything from accessories to Let jackets from chinos to formal shoes online.When everything is available here, then why to search it anywhere? Adopt your own unique trend and don’t choose to become a follower rather discover your macho looks for other to the trail!

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