7 Things To Do In Switzerland In June One Must Definitely Experience!

Immaculate Alps, lush green areas, and a beautiful culture to watch it all from above, Switzerland is nothing short of a dream place. The place itself has been a veteran in terms of hitting the right cord with passengers for ages. The ancient beauty of the place is a majestic example of nature living at every step. However, apart from being blessed with natural beauty, there are many other things to do in Switzerland in June for intrepid travelers. Hiking, boating, paragliding, skiing, and above all the culinary spots list some of the best Things to do in Switzerland in June To experience endless fun

7 things to do in Switzerland in June

Alpine beauty is an unprecedented destination for every visitor. However, the country also has its fair share of climate throughout the year. To experience more granular travel, the months between April and June are known as shoulder seasons for the country, as temperatures remain moderate and slightly warm. Now let’s take a look at various things to do in Switzerland in June.

1. Gurtain Mountain – Go for hiking and tobogganing

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Despite its sheer size, the barn manages to make headlines for a handful of obvious reasons. The city is steeped in medieval architecture which is reflected through buildings such as the Federal Palace and Church. However, the local is also ideal for other activities such as hiking and tobogganing. A person can visit the Guruten mountain which is about 860 meters above sea level. The total hike will take about 1-2 hours on average and for all those who want to save energy, “Gurthenbahn” can ride to the summit in the train and come down via tobogganing. Do we need to expand more?

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: For Toboganing: INR 256 for children, and INR 334 for adults
Gurteban ride: INR 445 for children, and INR 742 for adults
Entry Time and Closing Time: 9 am-8pm
place: Burn
Living Options: Hotels near Gurten

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2. Interlaken – Paragliding and Bungee Jumping

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A trip through Swiss Paradise is almost incomplete without mentioning “Interlaken”. With the right dose of blood sprinting movements, Interlaken finds itself on the list of every curious traveler. While the city is known for its quaint little stops that look like a page out of the fairy tale, there is something to vow for other activities as well. Bungee jumping and paragliding through the snow-capped Alps is a one-time experience. A free fall towards Lake Stockens from a height of 132 meters sounds exciting, doesn’t it? To make your trip even more enjoyable, the Swiss can opt for a paraglide under the sky and soak in the panoramic views with the help of certified instructors.

Ideal for: Adventure friends
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: INR 15,585 for bungee jumping, INR 11,133 for paragliding (INR 7,422 for double airtime, INR 2,969 for photos and videos)
Entry Time and Closing Time: 4:15 Pm (bungee jumping) and 7:00 am-10pm (paragliding)
place: Interlaken
Living Options: Hotels near Interlaken

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3. Rhine Falls – Boating Experience

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Rhine Falls, the name says it all! Being one of the largest falls in Switzerland, this natural wonder attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. The falls are situated on a high Rhine between Schaffhon and Zurich, where the milky water seeps through its wondrous journey. To create the most breathtaking view, one can take a boat ride to the middle of the falls and be amazed by this magnificent stream of water. One of the amazing things to do in Switzerland in June, is not to miss this major attraction!

Ideal for: Adventure friends
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: INR 330 / person
Entry Time and Closing Time: No time
place: 8212 Neurosen am Rinfall, Switzerland
Living Options: Nearby hotels

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4. Mount Pilatus – Experience Cable Car Riding

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What is an Alpine Adventure without a cable car ride? This stunning mountain range near Lucerne is one of the most outstanding sites you will visit. With a huge blanket of snow on its top, Mount Pilatus is one of the most impressive mountains in the country with a 48-degree gradient. The tour starts from the countryside where the picturesque view of Four Canton Lake awaits you to peek inside. From there the journey takes you to Creations where a gondola and cable car ride takes you to the summit, passing through the Alpine landscape. A true thrill for everyone, it is one of the best things to do in Switzerland in June.

Ideal for: Adventure, Family, and Friends
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: INR II, 334
Entry Time and Closing Time: 9:30 M-5: 00 p.m.
place: Pudding
Living Options: Nearby hotels

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5. Bernina Express ride

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A train ride is the most excellent way to enjoy the views of Switzerland. It is a great way to travel comfortably and to take picturesque views with your eyes up close. The Bernina Express offers the most extraordinary view of the country with its large glass windows. The train connects Switzerland and Italy to the Swiss Angadin Alps via major parts of the country. Also known as the most transalpine railway in Europe, the journey is over 145 km long and covers 55 tunnels and 196 bridges. To unveil all these beautiful places, this ride through comfortable valleys will be engraved in your mind forever.

Ideal for: Adventure, Family, and Friends
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: Starts at INR 19,297 depending on the package
Entry Time and Closing Time: Starts at 8:32
place: Banhofrosthes 25, 7002 Chur

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6. Jungfraujch – Explore Beauty

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-467339″ src=”″ data-lazy-type=”image” data-lazy-src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Jungfraujoch-Explore-The-Beauty_25-Jan.jpg” alt=” Jungfrajuch – Explore Beauty” width=”700″ height=”400″/>


Who doesn’t want to wander beyond glacier glaciers and travel in a mystic world? This is all for Jungfraujch’s journey to the summit of Europe and is one thing that no one should miss. The place has snow-clad mountains, small glacier plains, which make it worth visiting while in Switzerland. The coach’s journey runs from Brunig Lake towards Brijen claiming everything majestic. In addition, the voyage includes a beautiful view of the icy wonderland of the Alps, as well as the peaks of Agar, Munch, and Jungfra. So, make a deal with the “Alpine sensation” and walk along the tunnels for an experience that cannot be repeated.

Ideal for: Adventure, Family, and Friends
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: Starts at INR 17,958
Entry Time and Closing Time: 8:00 MM-7: 00 P.M.
place: Zurich
Living Options: Nearby hotels

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7. Lake Hopping

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If you think that Switzerland is home to only the Avid mountain ranges, are you wrong? The mainland of the country is filled with small waterfalls which will definitely keep you on the edge. Home to some of the most beautiful lakes, crystal clear water is a major departure from the blanketed peaks. Starting at Lake Constance which forms a lake along the borders of Germany and Austria which is Lake Magikor which is involved in its kitty windsurfing activities. And for those who need to freshen up their minds and detox from the exhausting journey, Lake Geneva is covered with amazing spa cities.

Ideal for: Adventure, Family, and Friends
Activity Cost / Ticket Fee: For windsurfing starts at INR 3,218
Entry Time and Closing Time: 10 am-7pm
Living Options: Nearby hotels

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Home to the Alps and an array of natural reserves, Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world. The country’s landscape is depicted with a spectrum of colors that are difficult to find in the rest of the world. It is true that according to its innumerable subject and culture, there are a large number of local people. So pack your bags now and plan a trip to Switzerland immediately as the destination is waiting for your presence. Also prepare a list of things to do in Switzerland in June to make your trip more complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions to do in Switzerland in June

Q. Is it a good time to visit Switzerland?

a. Yes, the months between April and June are shoulder months and one experiences hot weather.

Q. What is the average weather like in June in Switzerland?

a. The average temperature in June varies between 16 ° C-21 ° C.

Q. Can we see snowfall in the months of June?

a. Depending on the season, there is very little snowfall during June which stays on the ground for a short time, but the higher altitude gets covered in snow.

Q. Does Switzerland have a lot of rain in June?

a. Yes, some places may not get less rainfall during June. On an average, 15-17 days a month can experience rain during June.

Q. Which is the most beautiful city in Switzerland?

a. Zurich is the most beautiful city in Switzerland.

Q. There is snow in the Alps during June?

a. Yes, high altitude areas of the Alps also get snowfall in June.

What can you see in Switzerland in 3 days?

a. Zurich, Interlaken, and Lucerne can be visited in three days.

Q. Which food is famous in Zurich?

a. Cheese-fondue is a famous food available in Zurich.

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