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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

The great day is fast approaching, and you must choose a venue for it. But you don’t really know how to start choosing the perfect place for the wedding. This article got you covered. We’re going to share the most critical factors to consider when choosing the place for the happiest day of your life. It’s very important that your venue caters to the needs of your guests and ensures that your wedding day turns out perfect.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

To do that, find the answers to the following:

Is the location Accessible?

This is the first consideration to guide your decision. Many of the guests that you expect will come from different parts of the city or even outside the city. So, how easy will it be for them to access your wedding venue? This is one thing to check very well. When choosing a venue for my wedding, I considered the location that every guest will easily access and locate. We used two venues since the wedding was in the church while the entertainment was to be in a hotel garden. So, while choosing the hotel, we picked the one very close to the major road leading inside and outside town. It was such a hit because both people coming from town and those outside the town located it easily and also left without confusion. So, think hard before deciding.

What’s the capacity

Before my wedding, I attended my colleague’s wedding and swore never to make the same mistakes she did. It was the most uncomfortable wedding I’ve ever attended. Maybe the couple was aiming to cut costs, but they missed it because many guests left due to the discomfort. They chose a small venue that couldn’t contain the number of guests they had on that day. So, everybody was crammed into the tiny space and felt the stress.

But on the other hand, you’re not supposed to take a big venue if you’re expecting a lesser number of people. This will lead to unnecessary spending while trying to beautify the place. So, the best decision is to choose a place that will match your guests. That way, everyone will be comfortable and happy.

How will guests transport themselves

Your friends and family will come from different places to witness your happiest moment. So, how will they move up and down the wedding venue? You have to ensure that there will be an easy means of transportation to and fro the venue. Also, ensure that the hotels around will have parking spaces to accommodate guests who will drive down with their cars.

What other extras are available at the venue

Many venue owners offer various service packages to renters depending on the event they’re hosting. As someone preparing for a wedding, you may not have time to get everything you need from different locations. So, if you can get it the same place, that’ll be awesome. So check whether you can get other wedding necessities such as tables, cake stands, table cloths, etc. at that venue. This should guide your decision, depending on what you want to do.

How helpful and efficient is the management?

Yes, you need all the assistance you can get so that your day will be perfect. Lousy management may forget to provide everything you need or disappoint you at a critical moment. So, before you take any venue, pay attention to the people working there. How fast are they in providing the answer you seek, and are they attentive to you? These questions will help you to understand how efficient they operate or how lousy they are.

What’s your budget for the wedding?

Here is one of the determiners of the venue you will end up choosing. If you’re operating under a low budget, you have to be careful to get a low-priced but efficient venue. The best way is to start early and research all your options. You may be surprised at what you’ll find even at a low budget. But if you’re not concerned about the cost, it’ll be easy to choose the best there is without stress.

Do you need to worry about the weather?

Many people prefer an outdoor romantic wedding ceremony, while others prefer the cozy and compact feelings of the indoor setting. If you’re the outdoor type, consider how the weather will affect your wedding day. If your date is during the rainy season, the best is to accept an indoor option. But if it’s during the dry seasons, welcome to an outdoor bliss.


There are many factors to consider if you need the perfect venue. If you’re looking for the best wedding venue near Gatlinburg, we can help you out there. It’s better to get the most suitable venue for your wedding so that your day will be perfect.

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