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7 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

7 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

With the hectic pace of today’s world, many of us are so busy that we don’t notice when something is amiss in our homes until it’s too late. Now that nearly all families have two working parents, many people go to work and spend their weekends away from home doing something fun or relaxing. Because the whole family is gone for a significant portion of the day, no one is left at home who can watch for suspicious activity during these times.

7 Reasons to Install a Home Security System
7 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

You Have Expensive Items in Your Home

The most common reason to buy a security system is when you have expensive items in your home, such as jewelry, artwork, entertainment systems, etc. Burglars look for houses where they can find these things. A criminal will always choose the path of least resistance when it comes to breaking into a home. That usually means targeting homes that aren’t protected by a home security system.

You Don’t Have Roommates or Pets

If you live alone and the alarm goes off, no one will be in your house to turn it off. This is what criminals are banking on when they target unprotected homes in the suburbs. Burglars look for homes where they believe no one is home.

There Are Many Unprotected Houses In Your Area

High-profile security systems deter criminals because they know there’s a good chance their face will be recorded or someone will stop them before they’re able to escape the scene of the crime. If all your neighbors’ homes are unprotected, criminals will likely target the most expensive homes in the area with the least amount of security. It’s never a good idea to tempt fate with this type of location as your home could become an easy steal for criminals.

You Want Peace-of-mind

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and belongings are protected is priceless. Knowing you have the latest security technology protecting your home will allow you to rest easy after a long day at work or with the kids. A home burglary can often be traumatic. According to the FBI, 63% of residential burglaries involve forcible entry, which means criminals are breaking in through windows or forcing their way through locked doors.

Not all burglars are meticulous planners who scout houses before breaking in. Sometimes criminals will just go for the first unprotected home they come across. So, if you are unfortunate enough to be burglarized, having a security system can help law enforcement apprehend the criminal responsible.

Neighbors Have Home Security Systems

This is a simple case of ‘safety in numbers.’ Criminals typically avoid homes that have security systems. If all your neighbors have installed systems, then it becomes even less likely that you’re going to be targeted by criminals. You want an extra layer of protection should there ever be a fire or other emergency in your area.

Protect Your Children and Pets

If you have family members who are unable to defend themselves when you aren’t there, then it’s important to protect them with an alarm system. Additionally, many home security systems have panic buttons that you can press if you are unable to speak or get to the phone.

Your House Has Been Targeted in the Past

If criminals have gained entry to your home previously, you need to install a system immediately. Technology has improved so much over the years that most sensors can detect the smallest of intrusions.

Consider installing a home security system today. It will certainly act as another layer of protection for you and your family. Click here for more information.

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