7 Protein Hair Packs for Hair fall and Getting Thick Long Hair

homemade protein hair packsHomemade Protein hair packs

Hair packs are good to treat the hair fall and to make the hair thicker stronger. Hair packs with natural ingredients are enriched with so many wonderful herbs that improve the quality of hair and overall hair strength so that the hair fall can be controlled. Our hair too are made up of proteins which is why hair packs with protein can highly benefit the hair in making them stronger, silky, bouncier. We have so many different food items like curd/yoghurt, eggs, gram flour, etc which are rich in protein which can be used in preparing protein rich hair packs at home to get the benefits of natural proteins instead of using chemical laden hair are products.

We will share some homemade protein hair packs that can be made easily at home with kitchen products. These hair packs with protein rich ingredients will be beneficial in hair loss and damaged hair as well.

1. Gram flour protein hair pack with shikkakai for hair fall

This shikkakai protein pack treatment  is good to maintain the strength and health of the hair. Take some shikkakai powder around 3 teaspoonfuls and add 3 teaspoonful of besan or gram flour. Make a paste of these two ingredients using some water. Apply this protein hair pack on the scalp and hair. Leave for one hour an then rinse with water. You will not require shampoo as besan is a natural hair cleanser and shikkakai as well.

ayurvedic hair packs shikkakai

2. Egg protein hair pack for thicker stronger hair

Egg proteins are used in a lot of hair care products thus egg is also used for making protein hair pack at home. Take 2 eggs (only 1 for male’s short hair) and beat them in a bowl. Apply that pack on the scalp and hair with gentle massaging. Leave it for 1 hour and then wash with cold water. Shampoo the hair to ward off the smell of eggs from hair. This egg protein rich hair pack will enhance the shine of the hair as well.

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3. Curd protein hair pack for dandruff cure and shinier hair

Take half cup of curd or according to the hair length. Add half cup of besan (gram flour) in that. Mix them well and apply on the hair roots and hair strands. Leave this for 45 minutes and then rinse off. No need to shampoo the hair. Curd or yoghurt is also rich in the milk proteins which help to take the hair roots stronger. Milk proteins also make the hair grow longer and faster.

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4. Egg and honey protein hair pack

protein hair packs

Take 2 eggs and break them in a bowl beat them properly to make the consistency even. Add one table spoonful of honey in it and mix. Use this protein hair pack on the hair and scalp. Leave it for one hour then rinse off with cold water. Shampoo like usually and condition as well. Smell of eggs will go away.

5. Curd and avocado protein hair pack

Curd is another milk protein source hence makes a good protein hair pack with avocado pulp. Take half cup of curd/yoghurt and add 2 avocados pulp/flesh/ mash everything so that smooth texture is achieved. Apply this natural hair pack on the scalp and keep for 45 minutes. Wash off normal water. Avocados are rich in vitamins which nourishes the hair.

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6. Coconut milk and banana hair pack

Banana is rich in phosphorus and coconut milk in proteins thus this protein hair pack is ideal for getting stronger hair but getting rid of the banana pulp can be difficult hence do read the procedure properly. Take one banana and put that in the grinder along with half cup of coconut milk. Blend them well so that the banana gets pulpy and there are no lumps. Apply this puree like hair pack on the hair and scalp. Keep the pack for one half an hour and rinse with cold water. This will also nourish the dry damaged hair.

7. Triple nutrient protein hair pack

This hair pack has the goodness of three great ingredients rich in proteins like yoghurt, gram flour and eggs. Take one egg and break that in a bowl, add half cup of curd and half cup of gram flour. You can adjust the quantity as per the hair length. Men will need only some amount, so please adjust it! Mix them and use as hair pack on the hair and roots. Shampoo after 40- 45 minutes.

Benefits of protein hair packs

Hair is made up of proteins thus protein hair pack will help to nourish the hair though what you eat shows better results.

These hair packs have natural ingredients which help to make the hair texture better and hair smoother.

Coconut milk prevents split ends and avocados in the recipes mentioned above will help to repair the damage from hair.

Curd is excellent for treating dandruff naturally while eggs will add shine and strength to the hair.

Gram flour is a hair cleanser and shikkakai is good for all hair care related problems. Shikkakai in the protein hair pack mentioned above will also helps to make the hair grow faster.

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