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7 Places To Visit In Asia In April For An Exotic Vacay!

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Traveling to Asia in the month of April can be a mixed experience for you as weather changes and festivals take place in many regions. Most of Southeast Asia is under the influence of warm weather. Despite the weather, there are many terrible Places to visit in Asia in April. There are many culture-rich regions including Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. Enjoy a lovely time with friends and family, to ensure that you get out of your Asian holiday in the month of April.

If you are planning a trip to the Asian continent in April, read further to know all the possible aspects that you should be aware of.

Why should you go to asia in april

Although major parts of South Asia experience hot and humid weather, there are plenty of reasons and places to visit in Asia in April. The continent has a lot of culture rich regions that celebrate world famous festivals that make your trip worthy of great stories.

The southern part of Asia is prepared for cooler temperatures and you can visit places like Bali and Malaysia where flight rates are very cheap. Visiting Thailand in April is also going to be cheaper as the peak tourist season is less and you will get cheap hotels for your stay.

In other parts of Asia, including Korea, Japan and China, spring begins to take shape and high temperatures are marked with cool evenings.

7 Best Places to Visit in Asia in April

Top 7 places to visit in Asia in April for a wonderful, unique and fascinating holiday to create beautiful memories:

1. Thailand
2. Indonesia
3. Vietnam
4. Maldives
5. Nepal
6. Malaysia
7. Singapore

1. Thailand



Thailand has plenty of places to visit in April as hot as it can be, the country is full of beaches and there are some festivals where you can enjoy with family. There will be a nice calm onshore wind which you can expect as soon as the game comes in the evening. Taste markets, shop til you drop, vibrant nightlife, beaches and lovely Thai at many authentic restaurants.

Top places to visit: Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai
Weather in April Mostly hot in the day and cool evenings in the evening
Function: Songkran, Chakri Memorial Day, Van Lai Bangsen Festival
Best Beaches: Karon Beach, Patong Beach
Living Options: Cubic Prunum, Easylife Bungalow, Glur Bangkok and Koh Chang Resort & Spa

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2. Indonesia



The month of April is the first month in Indonesia when the rainy season is not fixed. Therefore, this is a great time to arrive before the crowds start in June. Light rain and thunderstorms are expected in the evening, but this does not seem to last. Because of the thin congestion you will find quite cheap and inexpensive places.

Top places to visit: Bali, Lombok and Yogyakarta
Weather in April Cooler with a brief evening shower
Function: Mappanretasi
Best Beaches: Kuta Beach, Jimbaran Bay
Living Options: Hotel Palm Garden, Red Planet Jakarta nearby Baru and Almira Homestay

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3. Vietnam



Vietnam is considered a top place to visit in Asia in April as the temperature here is quite mild due to its location near northern latitudes. You will find affordable accommodation and flights in Vietnam. Taste delicious Vietnamese food that has a great French influence.

Top places to visit: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An
Weather in April Cold with a good breeze
Function: Phu Jie Festival, Hung King Temple Festival, Buddha’s Birthday and Revaluation Day
Best Beaches: Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, and Da Nang
Living Options: Alana Nha Trang Beach Hotel, Wimplair Hotel Ha Ten and Rosaka

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4. Maldives



Another awesome and has made it to the list of top places to travel in Asia in April. Either way, the Maldives is a country of islands covered in the sea. You can experience a beach holiday here as there are a variety of resorts that offer a wide range of services. Spend time at the water villa resort and release the joy of a beach.

Top places to visit: Male, sorry
Weather in April Warm but with lots of cool due to sea breeze
Function: Nothing major, just for beach parties and purposes
Best Beaches: Phuldhu, Dhidhdhu and Reethi Beach
Living Options: Paradise Island Resort, Adharan Prestige Vadu

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5. Nepal



Nepal is also called the land of princely Himalayas with ancient natural beauty. A land of diversity and colorful festivals, Nepal is one of the best places to visit in Asia in April for an adventure holiday. Trekking can be expensive depending on the length and outfit you choose. A small country lies between the borders of India and Tibet. You can experience a culture rich with Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Top places to visit: Pokhara, Mount Everest, Kathmandu
Weather in April Hot and dry
Function: Bisset Jatra, Kritipur Running Festival, and Rato Machhendranath
The festival
Living Options: Himalayan Front Hotel, Tuki Resort and Hotel Pristine Himalaya

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6. Malaysia



The Malaysian peninsula is a center for biodiversity rainforests and wildlife. The April solstice sits between the monsoons, which means that the winds are mild and the showers are infinite and local. It is a country of contrasts, if you consider the fusion of people, food and cultures that come here. There have been sudden changes in cuisine ranging from ancient to modern, affluent forests to luxury hotels, and from Beijing to Mecca.

Top places to visit: Cameron Highlands, Penang Hill, Georgetown, Kuala
Weather in April Humble but not as wet or as bad as the rest of the year
Function: Penang Water Festival, Hari Gavai, Regatta Lepa
Living Options: Sunway Resort, Doubletree Resort, Furma Bukit Bintang

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7. Singapore



There is no other city or country like Singapore in this world. Located at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, this vibrant city-state boasts a beautiful amalgamation of Indian, Arab, Chinese, Malaysian and English cultures – with its unique Singaorean twist.

Also known as “Lion City”, it is full of delightful culinary experiences, state-of-the-art accommodations and exciting lifestyles. The weather in Singapore in April is similar to the rest of the year as it is an equatorial location.

Top places to visit: Sentosa Island, Garden by the Universal Studios
Weather in April Equatorial climate throughout the year
Function: Songkran Music Festival, Hydest, Singapore Improve Festival
Accommodation options: Hotel Kai, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Quincy Hotel

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take this! The month of April has a list of diverse options spread across Asia for you to travel. Include these places in your list of places, plan a trip and be ready to spend a great time. You have a lot of variety in our tastes for diverse tastes. We hope this guide will help you make some cherished memories.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Asia in April

Q. Which is the best country to visit Asia in April?

a. Thailand is one of the best countries in April as there are many things to enjoy here with Sangkaran festival, beaches and lots of islands.

Q. What is the weather in Asia in April?

a. The average temperature in Asia is usually higher in April as summer starts in many countries, especially in Southeast Asia.

Q. What are the best places in Asia?

a. Asia is a vast continent and has many top places including Tokyo, Maldives, Phuket, Hong Kong, Bali, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh etc.

Q. Which is the best airline to fly to Asia?

a. There are many airlines in Asia including Singapore Airlines, Air India, Eva Air, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Thai Airways, Korean Air, Air Nippon Airways etc.

Q. Cambodia is better than Thailand?

a. It is rather a question of what you like. Thailand is undoubtedly a more comfortable destination to travel to than Cambodia. But if adventure is your thing then you want to travel to Cambodia.



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