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7 Opulent Villas in Wayanad To Plan Your Stay At In 2021

Villas in Wayanad: Known for its picturesque beauty, mesmerizing landscape and serenity, Wayanad is one of the places in India that has carved out its identity. It is known for its wildlife reserves, spice plantations, prehistoric caves and a wide range of flora and fauna. This place is a paradise for trekkers. You come to many scenic spots and walking through lush green forests is a serene experience.

The heart shaped lake is one of the major attractions. Wayanad caves are 6000 years old. Weather in Wayanad is favorable throughout the year. You can choose from Villas in Wayanad To stay and experience the peace and beauty of this place.

op 7 Villas in Wayanad

If you have all this sorted out, but staying is what is bothering you for your trip to Wayanad, then this list of villas in Wayanad can solve all your problems.

Villas in Wayanad
Villas in Wayanad

1. Gallery Stream View

The Vaithiri Stream View is one of the finest villas in Wayanad and is located close to Plukod Lake and surrounded by lush green gardens. It comes with many features and features. Wi-Fi is free in all rooms. It is a holiday home equipped with a comfortable bed, a flatscreen TV, and an outstanding view from the balcony. Breakfast is served every day and it has a playground for children. It has a kitchen that is fully equipped, and a balcony that provides an excellent view of the river.

You can go fishing in the lake and have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The popular Chambra peak is a few kilometers away. This place is ideal for couples, solo travelers and family vacation. Enjoy being in the midst of a natural green environment and take a dip in the nearby Kabini River. The rooms have a private entrance and all rooms are soundproof. The outdoor garden has furniture and BBQ facilities. The bridal suite and family room are available. All rooms are clean, spacious, and ensure a comfortable stay.

place: Taluk Office, Vain
cost: Starting at 2558 INR
main characteristics: All the facilities, surrounded by lush greenery and situated on a hilltop, provide an excellent view from the balcony.

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2. Vintage Garden Resort

Enjoy your vacation in this holiday home which is close to many other places of temples and sightseeing making it one of the popular villas in Wayanad. It is surrounded by lush green and beautiful surroundings. All rooms have amenities. Vegetarian breakfast is served. The villa has a children’s playground, which lets them kill boredom and entertain themselves. The outdoor area is seated to relax and enjoy a beautiful view of nature.

There is a terrace and garden area which features BBQ. There is no Wi-Fi available and you have to depend on your phone’s network. This holiday home fee for pets allowed. Parking is free of charge and comes with electric charging station facilities. Hiking and tennis are activities offered on this site. If you need them you can order a diet menu. There is a game room and a car rental service. Family and non-smoking rooms make your stay convenient.

place: Naikatti, Wayanad
cost: Starting from 1754 INR
main characteristics: It is one of the best holiday homes in Wayanad surrounded by lush green and available at affordable prices.

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3. Nandam Villa

A beautiful holiday home with a garden, all amenities and free Wi-Fi. It has a shared lounge and kitchen. This is the best accommodation to choose your road trip which allows you a comfortable stay and enjoy the view from your room. It provides rental car service making your traffic in Wayanad easy. A children’s playground is available to entertain children during the holidays. Washing machine, electric kettle, fridge, and many other facilities are available in the room and shared kitchen. The garden area has outdoor furniture and BBQ facilities. Board games are available for entertainment, which is one of the well thought out villas in Wayanad.

place: Kaniambetta, Wayanad
cost: Starting from 5000 INR
main characteristics: A comfortable accommodation that offers good facilities and a nice view from the room. It gives a beautiful view from the room.

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4. Kalidasa Tree House

Kalidas Treehouse is one of the finest villas in Wayanad. You are served continental breakfast daily. Guests can enjoy the view in the garden and relax in the outdoor area. Shuttle service is provided from the holiday home and you can enjoy candlelight dinner at this place. You can enjoy BBQ facilities in the outdoor area. Pets are not allowed. This villa is suitable for couples, solo travelers and family.

Breakfast is served in the room and many health facilities are available. You can choose from a variety of available massages and feel rejuvenated amidst nature. A great place to enjoy the quaint and serenity away from the noise of the city. It is a library for those who like to read. It does not provide Wi-Fi service that allows you to separate from the digital world and connect with nature.

place: Chekadi, Wayanad
cost: Starting from 3000 INR
main characteristics: It is situated in a beautiful location and provides excellent facilities at a reasonable price.

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5. Green Garden Daisy Villa

When you visit this beautiful city, a beautiful villa with a great view of the garden makes your stay enjoyable. The rooms have large windows that give a view of the garden. It has a comfortable bedside table, free Wi-Fi, shared kitchen and free private parking. Outdoor activities like cycling and hiking are provided here.

All rooms are soundproof, have a private entrance, clothes rack, and all other amenities that make you feel at home. The outdoor area has BBQ facilities, picnic area, chimney, dining area and a seating area to enjoy the view of the surrounding green space. It has a business center and meeting facilities. You can stay at one of the fancy villas in Wayanad for business as well as relax.

place: Vetri, Wayanad
cost: Starting at INR 2924
main characteristics: A luxurious villa is available with excellent facilities and facilities at a reasonable price.

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6. Ripon Eco Woods

The beautiful rooms from the wood are spread over an area of ​​3 acres, from which the rooms and breathtaking views of the valley are visible. A honeymoon, an exhilarating place for solo travelers and families with children. All facilities and facilities are available in these rooms. All the places of sightseeing are located close to the villa. Parking and Wi-Fi are free. You will experience excellent hospitality from the staff. Water sports facilities, hiking and darts activities are available in this villa.

The restaurant serves delicious food and breakfast in the room. All rooms are soundproof. A terrace, garden and BBQ facilities are available for you to enjoy grilled dishes in the cold season, making it one of Wayanad’s luxurious villas. The villa offers a shuttle to the airport and a rental car. Game rooms entertain children. You can also give an encore to attend karaoke nights arranged by the villa.

place: Fantasy, Wayanad
cost: Starting price 3136 INR
main characteristics: Exceptional decor and view from the room at a reasonable price.

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7. Green Garden Lotus Villa

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains from every room of this villa nestled on a hill. Each room has a spacious balcony where you can enjoy breakfast with a view. It has a restaurant that serves delicious food and Wi-Fi is available 24 hours. All rooms are clean and spacious. A place to relax and chill on holidays and vacations.

The outdoor space has a picnic area, chimney, terrace and garden. Entertainment options are available for children and families. Shuttle service and bicycles are available for rent, making it one of the preferred villas in Wayanad. You can ride the beautiful view of nature that surrounds this place. Feel the quaint countryside living in this holiday home. The staff is hospitable and provides excellent service.

place: Veithiri, Wayanad
cost: Starting at INR 2924
main characteristics: A great view from every room, with all amenities available at a reasonable price.

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Wayanad is one of the most scenic hill stations in Kerala and a popular destination among backpackers, honeymooners and families. Adding to the above information, most of Wayanad’s villas offer natural views and have excellent facilities for a comfortable stay. so what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Kerala and go!

Frequently Asked Questions about Villas in Wayanad

Q. At what price are villas available in Wayanad?

a. Lowest prices start from 1700 ~ INR with all basic features.

Q. What are the best luxury villas available in Wayanad?

a. Z-Villas, Rainbow Wayanad are some of the best villas in Wayanad.

Q. In which region is Wayanad the largest villa?

a. Vithiri has the largest number of villas in Wayanad providing breathtaking views of mountains and valleys.

questions. What are the popular places in Wayanad to book villas?

a. Kalpetta, Banasur Sagar Dam, Vithiri are some popular places to book villas in Wayanad.

Q. Which is the best villa for a couple living in Wayanad?

a. Epic Hills are the best for Wayanad, Ripon Eco Woods, Orchid Villas and Jade-Villa Couples.

Q. Do all villas offer free Wi-Fi?

a. Most villas have free Wi-Fi facilities. Some people may not have this facility. You should see the list of facilities available before booking a villa.

Q. What are the activities provided by the villa?

a. Most villas offer outdoor activities such as bicycles, hiking, etc.

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