7 Mesmerising Villas In Rishikesh To Stay At In 2020

Villas in Rishikesh: One of the holiest places in India, Rishikesh is the place where the river Ganges originates. Apart from hosting a lot of tourist attractions, Rishikesh is one of the most literate places in the country and there are indeed very beautiful Villas in Rishikesh Where you can plan to stay. It is also a favorite place for those who like rafting in very cold water. It is also called the spiritual capital of the country. This is where you can find a deep spiritual connection.

Top 5 Villas in Rishikesh

If you were wondering which are the best villas in Rishikesh, then plan to stop here. Choose from these and you will not be disappointed.

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1. Garuda Chatti River Resort

One of the best villas in Rishikesh located in the yoga capital of the country. If you are looking for Silky Soft Sand Beach, where you can play volleyball around the hill, this villa has a lot to offer. Plenty of views can be seen from the rooms of this resort. The sound of the river flowing in the valley wakes you up in the morning. As there are lots of empty grounds around, this resort is best suited for stargazing. There are many trails where one can go hiking in the hills. It is one of the places where you can find a deep connection with nature. The villas are located very close to all major sightseeing places.

Specific characteristics:

  • free parking
  • Fitness Center
  • pets allowed
  • free breakfast
  • Play area for children

Address: Ratta Pani, Neelkanth Temple Road, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201.
Pricing: Starts at INR 2800 per night

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2. Panambi Resort

If you are in Rishikesh, want to enjoy some peace and bliss, then check out one of the top villas in Rishikesh, Panambi Resort. The villa is situated amidst a lot of mountains and other natural settings that leave you with awe when you have a look outside the room window that you have booked. The villa is with some of the best state-of-the-art facilities and one of the best things is that a person does not need to pay an exorbitant price to book a room in this excellent villa. If you are a person who loves adventure sports, this villa will make some arrangements for you and your family to spend a fun time together.

Specific characteristics:

  • swimming pool
  • times
  • Spa
  • Children’s play area
  • Free wifi
  • 24/7 housekeeping
  • Satellite / cable tv
  • Private balcony for each room

Address: Chila Dam – Rishikesh Road, Ganga Bhogpur Talla, Uttarakhand 249306.
cost: After INR 3000 per night

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3. Mane

If you are keen to stay in one of the villas in Rishikesh, which is full of divinity, then you can opt for Ayali. The most special aspect of this place is that you can ask the villa owners to arrange a private aarti for you and your family members in the Ganges basin. When you sit on the banks of this river and immerse yourself in the divine sanctity of Lord Shiva, it is a feeling of pure God and closeness to God.

Another special aspect of this villa is that there are private kitchens where you can cook for yourself and your family. The villa is situated in the midst of all the major tourist attractions, making it one of the top choices for those who do not want to waste a lot of time traveling from one place to another. The excellent hospitality provided by this place suggests this villa to visitors who are planning to visit Rishikesh in near time.

Specific characteristics:

  • Orbital service
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • Free wifi
  • free parking
  • Diet menu on request
  • Photo copy
  • Bicycle rental
  • Special arrangement for the disabled
  • free parking

Address: Ganga Vatika-2, Shivanand Ashram Near Badrinath Bypass Road, Muni ki Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201
cost: After INR 2800 per night

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4. Asma Greens Homestay

If you are looking for a private villa in Rishikesh where you can spend time with your loved one without any mess, then you should like to book Asma Green Homestay. It is a private independent villa with only one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom, one kitchen, with all facilities available. This is the perfect option for those who have booked this place for a honeymoon.

The entire villa is situated in the city center, but the location is very quiet and anyone can enjoy spending time with nature. If you are not in the position of cooking, you can take advantage of the home made food, which will be given to you by the room service personnel. There is ample parking space with a private garden blooming with flowers and other plants that provide very colorful views.

Specific characteristics:

  • free parking
  • Best Room Service
  • Newspaper
  • House kepping
  • Private Terrace and Garden
  • Interconnected rooms

Address: Delhi Farm Road, 249204 Rishikesh, India
Pricing: Starts at INR per night

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5. Dudley Manor by Vista Room

If you want to live like the cartoon character Heidi, milking cows and living in a long trail, then Dudley Manor of Vista Rooms is your best bet for a villa in Rishikesh. If you want to feel rejuvenated when you are on your trip to Rishikesh, book Dudley Manor without a second thought. Special massage sessions are arranged by those who are experienced in that field. The villa has a farm where you can spend some time with your family. There is also a BBQ stand where you can make some veg BBQ with your family. As non-veg and alcohol are not allowed in Rishikesh, one can only enjoy some freshly cooked vegetarian food. Some may also spend some time with the family by working on pottery.

Specific characteristics:

  • Driver on call
  • Lawn
  • Free wifi
  • Recreational activities arranged on request
  • swimming pool
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Laundry
  • free breakfast
  • Bonfire

Address: Lachhiwala Range, Uttarakhand 248140
Pricing: INR per person per night for INR and INR 37,000 a day to book the entire villa

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6. Shivoham Retreat

If you are keen to stay in a place in Rishikesh that does not give you the feeling of staying in a hotel. Then you can plan a stay in one of the most beautiful villas in Rishikesh. The place received its name for being one of the best villas to be built in the neighborhood of the place. The villa is a duplex house with more than 4 bedrooms and more than 2 balconies. That provide an excellent view of the mountains and all the greenery.

The Villa’s kitchen is a modular kitchen model equipped with some great technology that gives cooking a pure pleasure. The bathrooms at the villa are similar to those of a star hotel. Glass bathtubs separate the bath space and all rooms are clean. The rooms are furnished with some of the best interior decoration. The lighting of the rooms is so hot that it provides a romantic mood.

Specific characteristics:

  • Free wifi
  • Parking Free
  • Free shuttle service
  • Free toiletries
  • Basic Cooking Items
  • Private balcony and terrace

Address: Shivoham Yoga Retreat, 249201 Rishikesh, India
Pricing: INR 23000 for 6 persons per night

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7. Sarin Green Lawn MMR

If you are not taking your personal vehicle to roam around Rishikesh and you are planning to go to digital detox and spend some time connecting with nature, then Serene Green Lawns MMR should be your priority. These are 2 BHK villas with two attached bathrooms. Two families can book 2BHK villas and have a great time chit-chatting and have lots of fun together. It gives you the feeling of living in a house which is very situated in Dehradun. There is a fridge and every item needed to cook an ideal meal together with the whole family.

Specific characteristics:

  • Full house on rent
  • Private garden
  • Free heating of rooms
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fully furnished rooms

Address: Villa 101-B, Naturville Vedic Retreat Resort Lal Tupper, Resham Mazari, Haridwar – Dehradun Rd, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 248140, 248140 Rishikesh, India.
Pricing: Starts at INR 4500 per night

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So, these are some of the best villas in Rishikesh. They all have top class facilities and are very affordable. Another special factor to note is that most of these villas are relatively new and the rooms are very well maintained. This place serves as the gateway to the country’s top tourist destinations. Therefore, plan a trip to Rishikesh and have a wonderful stay.

Frequently asked questions about villas in Rishikesh

Q. Which is the best way to reach Rishikesh?

a. Rishikesh, located about 250 km from Delhi, can be reached by road. This is the best option.

Q. Are there good budget villas around Rishikesh?

a. Many budget villas start from INR 2000 per night in Rishikesh. Discounts can be availed by booking early.

Q. Smoking is allowed in Rishikesh villas?

a. Yes, it is allowed. However some villas do not allow smoking inside the rooms.

Q. The villa in Rishikesh has a campfire facility?

a. All villas have campfire facilities. Villa owners have to be informed in advance.

Q. Hot water is provided in Rishikesh villas?

a. Yes, hot water is provided. It is available throughout the year.

Q. All villas in Rishikesh are served breakfast for free?

a. Most villas offer free breakfast. If not, it is available at very low prices.

Q. Rishikesh villas are located close to tourist places?

a. All the villas in Rishikesh are located close to the tourist spots. Vehicle services are also provided.

Q. Villas of Rishikesh are friendly?

a. There are many places available for children for recreational activity. There are huge grounds where children can play.

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