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7 Karen Haircut Everyone’s Avoiding Right Now

Karen haircut

It’s the name on everyone’s lips right now – for all the wrong reasons! Yes, Karens everywhere carry the brunt of a million memes, which mock middle-aged white women for their legitimate attitude, crazy complaints, and outrageous demands. If you work in retail or customer service, you’ll know a Karen by her famous catchphrase: “Can I speak to your manager?” However, they also have an instantly recognizable “look”. With Karens making headlines around the world, here are the hairstyles you should avoid to make sure no one mistakes you for one!

What is a Karen haircut?

The Karen haircut is an inverted bob or lob, also known as an A-line cut. It is always longer in front and shorter in back. As a result, it creates an acute angle when viewed from the side. The Karen haircut can be center parted or feature asymmetrical bangs and is often paired with chunky highlights. While Karen’s classic look is blonde, it has evolved to include many different color combinations.

What is Karen's haircut

Karen haircuts

Karen’s Original Haircut

Karen’s original haircut, worn by reality TV star Kate Gosselin, is an asymmetrical blonde bob. The cut features long side bangs contrasting with a short, spiky cut at the back. Perhaps the most iconic part of the hairstyle is the chunky, unblended highlights, which create a “tiger stripe” effect. Scruffy and unflattering, Karen’s quirky haircut stands out for all the wrong reasons.

Karen's Original Haircut

Karen haircut for black hair

The Karen look isn’t just for blondes! Women with dark hair can undoubtedly fall victim to the thick, asymmetrical and unflattering haircut. Perhaps the worst part is the highlights. By keeping the blonde pieces unmixed and streaky, the dark haired Karen might look like a crosswalk. There are many better ways to rock dark hair with highlights.

Karen haircut for black hair

Karen Haircut with Red and Blonde Highlights

The Karens are known for their fiery temperament, and what better way to show it off than with red and blonde highlights? As with Karen’s other haircuts, the locks look deliberately unnatural and chunky, making them stand out more. With their flaming locks, these Karen show off their aggressive side!

Karen Haircut with Red and Blonde Highlights

Karen hair with brown and red highlights

Shaking off the traditional blonde look, some Karen brunettes opt for bold red highlights instead. Red streaks – from bright copper to dark auburn – grab attention and help a Karen stand out from the crowd. Because the red and brown color combination has a bolder vibe, it tends to pair with shorter, edgier Karen haircuts. However, for a more flattering look, Karens could choose different options for brown hair with highlights.

Karen hair with brown and red highlights

Karen’s Neat Haircut

Karen haircuts can range from edgy and spiky to primed and polished. For upper-class country club Karens, a neat, feathery haircut is the perfect look. Less eye-catching than the classic Karen cut, it has fewer exaggerated elements. However, the haircut retains Karen’s original elements of big highlights and a short length.

Karen's Neat Haircut

Karen’s Copper Blonde Hair

Although now is the perfect time to experiment with a new shade of blonde, beware! Your hair can become “brass” when the natural color has a warm undertone and is not toned after bleaching. For example, instead of pure, icy platinum, the hair might look yellow – or even orange. Due to the mix of cool and warm highlights in the classic Karen hairstyle, many of them end up with copper hair. It’s neither true blonde nor golden, but a mix of both.

Karen's Copper Blonde Hair

Karen platinum blonde haircut

The Karen haircut is far from natural – which might explain why so many Karens like to pair it with eye-catching colors like platinum blonde. Bright and icy, platinum blonde hair always commands attention, which Karens loves. However, they often also have obvious dark roots and eyebrows, which clash with their platinum locks. When platinum blonde goes bad, a copper blonde Karen will emerge!

Karen platinum blonde haircut

Karen Haircut Memes

The internet is full of Karen-themed memes. A Karen’s power to complain and demand special treatment is legendary, and there are so many ways to join in on the joke. Check out our selection of some of the funniest Karen memes, from kids with the Karen haircut to Karens facing off against their most worthy adversary: ​​a store manager.

Badass Karen

Emo Girl Karen Haircut MemeKaren's Meme GroupKaren Haircut Covid 19 MemeKaren, I want to see the manager MemeKaren Kid


Who is the original “Karen”?

Although the origin of the Karen meme is hard to pin down, some believe comedian Dane Cook was the first to use the term in 2005. In one of his stand-up routines, he used the name to refer to least popular member. of each friendship group. However, most identify the “original Karen” — and the best example of the Karen haircut — as reality TV star Kate Gosselin. She was best known for her appearance on the TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8, where she was known for her demanding and nurturing personality.


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