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7 Gifts That Work Like Magic For Anyone!

7 Gifts That Work Like Magic For Anyone!

Are you fed up of applying the filters to find the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Finding the right gift gets very tiresome, sometimes you don’t find the right product, sometimes the cost is way too high, sometimes delivery becomes an issue, and sometimes it does not suit the recipient.

If you are also struggling with the searches and clicks then here is a blog to help you find the right gift for your loved ones.

This list is curated with special attention to suitability to the recipient and all of the 7 can bring a smile on almost anyone.

Let’s dig in!

1. A Handmade Painting 

Painting From Photo
Painting From Photo

How about a handmade oil painting or a charcoal sketch for a gift?

The photo frames and the chocolates have become obsolete, and it is high time we speak through our gifts!

A handmade painting is a very thoughtful gift and can suit everyone. Seriously who won’t want a painting of himself in his/her living room!

All you need for the painting is a photo of the recipient and any online service that can drop the painting at your doorstep.

To save your searches and clicks you can start with PortraitFlip who ship worldwide and have good reviews on Trustpilot as well.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

FujiFilm Camera
FujiFilm Camera

Well, who doesn’t like a camera which can dispense the photographs immediately?

Everyone, right!

Be it a movie night, dinner, picnic, a casual walk or a date, a camera that dispenses immediate photos adds a cherry on top of the occasion.

The photos can be used anywhere from a scrapbook to a wall art décor.

Find yours on Amazon.

3. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Mug
Ember Temperature Mug

 Ok so how many of your friends or loved ones don’t drink hot beverages?

None, right!

For everyone who loves enjoying the sip of tea, coffee or any other hot beverage here is an electronic cup which can keep the drinks at the same temperature even after several hours.

The cup comes in 2 variants – 295 ml & 414 ml.

It has a battery backup of an hour and if kept on the charging coaster, you don’t need to worry about the charging at all.

Isn’t that cool?

Find yours on Amazon.

4. Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Bkuetooth
Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Ok, so this is by far the universally accepted gift around the globe!

Who doesn’t want to add spice to their life with some fantastic songs!

This is a great gifting option and removes the guesswork. It fits perfectly into anyone’s pocket and is a speaker on the go!

Find yours on the official website of Bose.

5. Oil Diffuser

Oil Diffuser
Oil Diffuser

A pleasant fragrance is equal to a good mood.

Did you know that a human brain responds to the smell and can relate a scent to a person or location quite easily?

That means if you are just exposed to the smell of a person’s perfume, you can identify that person without even looking at the perfume bottle or flavor!

Considering that, how about an oil diffuser?

The good smell makes you feel relaxed and lets you enter deep sleep.

This is a perfect gifting option for anyone.

You can find an oil diffuser on Amazon

6. AirPods

Airpods” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/6.-Apple-Airpods-1024×1024.jpg” alt=”Apple Airpods” width=”618″ height=”618″ /> Apple Airpods

Coming one more from the music gadgets industry is Apple’s AirPods, which have revolutionized the way we all hear music.

This is an excellent gift for any who has ears ?

The usability is super cool, one can wear these almost everywhere the gym, for a run, in the car, and you say it!

Order yours from the official website.

7. A Classy Black Cap! 

Classy Black Cap
Classy Black Cap

 Nothing can beat the classic NY black cap!

How about that for a gift?

It goes almost on all the casuals, and everybody loves to fancy one!

You can find one on Amazon.

That’s all, folks!

We loved to see you here and hope that you are going away with a gift to buy for your loved ones.


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