7 Best Spots That One Should Visit For Paragliding In Goa!

Among all recreational activities, paragliding is one of the most preferred by individuals of all ages. Tourists from all over the world love Goa as a hub for adventure sports and especially paragliding. This recreational activity makes you fly high in the sky giving you the wings of your dreams. Concepts are similar though Paragliding in Goa As an adventure sport you get 100 meters high a few meters high. Goa has a lot of fancy beaches that are a center for enjoying paragliding. This refreshing activity is essential for traveling to North Goa and South Goa.

Best time to enjoy Paragliding in Goa

Goa, the tropical beauty is at its best during the winter months of November to February. It mesmerises its travelers with its pristine beaches and spectacular views that can hold your breath. The period from November to March usually attracts tourists the most due to its weather and Christmas and New Year celebrations add glory to it. Paragliding, ideal for youngsters and adults, is also most enjoyed during these months as the weather is cold, neither too cold or hot, making it an ideal time to enjoy the sport.

7 Best Spots for Paragliding in Goa

Goa is a destination which has a considerable amount of activities. No one comes from Goa, a place for every kind of traveler. We have listed the top places for paragliding in Goa to check you out!

1. Arambol Beach

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Everyone loves Arambol Beach because it is a scene that features the best of both worlds. It not only provides a peaceful solitude, but also has a pleasant nightlife. It is located in North Goa which is a favorite tourist area among all. Here you will witness the most enjoyable of people enjoying adventure sports with paragliding. The flight starts here with a rock situated between Harmal and Arambol beaches. After taking off, you will be mesmerized to see the view of the plains and mountains along the long shore of the ancient coastline.

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 3000 per person
Period: 1 Hour

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2. Anjuna Beach

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Anjuna beach is very quiet compared to other beaches in Goa. However, it is full of many cafes, restaurants, hostels and adventure activities. It is recommended if you try paragliding on Anjuna beach on weekdays, with it being a busy time during the weekend. This is when the crowd is less and you will be able to enjoy the game better. This ancient beach is extremely popular for its beautiful construction of mysterious rock. If the gorgeous rock formations attract you, the best place to enjoy adventure sports is in Anjuna.

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 2000 per person
Period: 15 min

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3. Colva Beach

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The beach is famous for shrimp rice and sharma, it is also a center for the city’s most entertaining parties. The activity on this beach gives an aerial view of innumerable fishermen and passers by the coast. Paragliding activity on this beach can be enjoyed at a reasonable price as compared to other beaches in Goa. Kolwa beach, situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, reflects the stunning beauty of nature. Apart from paragliding, there are many fishing activities on this beach.

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 800 per person
Period: 20 minutes

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4. Vagator Beach

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The fame of Dil Chahta has made the beach highly popular which should be in addition to the Chapora Fort. The beach can be popularly seen in many Hindi films as it is a popular structure in the state. Apart from the lush landscape, the clear and pristine view of blue water and white sand is a treat to watch. Tourists in and around Vagator beach will have a spectacular view of the red rocks around Ara.

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 800 per person
Period: 20 minutes

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5. Bogmalo Beach

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Bogmalo beach is located in Vasco which is at one end of the northern part of Goa near Goa Airport. It is the best getaway for tourists seeking to get soaked in the sun while enjoying the thrilling water sports. Paragliding is done here on the pristine beaches surrounding the red cliffs that provide a fascinating flying experience. The luxury Bogmelo Beach Resort is basically a popular spot for foreign tourists who wander around the beach soaking in the basking sun.

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 800 per person
Period: 20 minutes

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6. Sinkim Beach

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Popular as the queen of water sports, Sinkirim beach is another important place where witnesses are at their best. It also has the popular Taj Resort and SinQ Club. When you enjoy paragliding here, a beautiful natural view of the Sinkerim Fort can be seen at a close distance. Tourists can visit the fort on the mud road next to the Taj Resort, capturing photographs from the small windows of the fort. Apart from paragliding you can also enjoy

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 600 per person
Period: 30 minutes

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7. Majorda Beach

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Known for spectacular sunset views, Majorda Beach supports a wide range of water relaxing activities. It also organizes the popular Christmas festival, Goa Christmas. Paragliding is popularly practiced on the beach where tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset and flying high in the sky. While visiting this beach, do not miss to visit the famous Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is also a treasured UNESCO heritage center.

Living Options: Resorts, Hotels, Hostels
Cost: INR 800 per person
Period: 10 minutes

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Goa, the tropical beauty thus not only boasts of its world famous beaches and nightlife, but also a wide range of water sports such as paragliding. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy an exciting relaxation in Goa, while enjoying thrilling water sports. Paragliding takes place in Goa, which should be based on the impeccable scenery offered to this destination. Whenever you are planning to holiday in Goa, adding some adventure sports to your itinerary will definitely be a big deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Paragliding in Goa

Q. What types of water sports are offered in Goa?

a. Goa has a diverse array of water sports including speed boat, banana boat, river rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, speed boat, paragliding, parasailing, knee and wakeboarding, jet skiing and so on.

Q. Paragliding has been done in Goa?

a. Yes, Paragliding is done on various beaches in Goa including Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Anjuna Beach, Sinkim Beach and others.

Q. What is the cost of Paragliding in Goa?

a. Paragliding in Goa costs from INR 600 to INR 3000 per person. However, INR 3000 is the price to enjoy an hour duration. Alternatively, you can, however, opt for one that is cheaper while providing a shorter time period of about 15 minutes.

Q. Is paragliding safe in Goa?

a. It is completely safe for paragliding in Goa as the sport is done under the supervision of an expert professional who equips you with the harness and safety gear you need.

Q. What is the duration of paragliding in Goa?

a. Paragliding in Goa ranges from about 15 minutes to an hour depending on different price categories. You can enjoy paragliding in just 15 minutes for 600-800INR, and one hour for 3000INR per person.

Q. What is the best time to go to Goa to enjoy paragliding?

a. The best time to visit Goa to enjoy paragliding is during the months of November to March. This is when the weather is at its best which allows you to enjoy the activities well.

Q. What are the stay options in Goa?

a. Tourists can take advantage of a wide range of accommodation options in Goa, including resorts, hotels and even hostels. While resorts are on the expensive side, you have hotels and hostels available on the cheaper side.

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