7 Best Spots For Shopping Near Kumbhalgarh In 2020!

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Kumbhalgarh is a popular place near Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. This place is the fort of Mewar situated on the western border of the Aravalli hills. The place is a World Heritage Site due to the fort built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century. If you are planning to go Shopping near Kumbhalgarh, Then you are advised to shop in Udaipur, Jodhpur, Mewar and the like. You will not be able to believe your eyes seeing the glow of shopping places in Udaipur. If you are on a trip to Kumbhalgarh, you should go shopping with your family and friends in Udaipur and Jodhpur and give them some gifts, which can be with them forever as an indelible memory.

Top 7 places to shop near Kumbhalgarh

There are important and famous shopping places near Kumbhalgarh which you are visiting on Kumbhalgarh.

1. Elephant pole market – 80 km from Kumbhalgarh
2. Fence Market – 81 km from Kumbhalgarh
3. Shilpgram – 76.3 km from Kumbhalgarh
4. Lake Palace Road – 81 km from Kumbhalgarh
5. Sadar Bazar – 451 km from Kumbhalgarh
6. Nai Slip – 179.4 km from Kumbhalgarh
7. Cobbler Market – 51.8 km from Kumbhalgarh

1. Elephant pole market

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The way you can decorate your home is with the help of beautiful and attractive pictures. If you are a lover of paintings, then you should visit the Hathi Pol Bazaar in Udaipur and buy some of the best handmade paintings by local artists. The place is famous for its handicraft material which is a sign of the folk arts of Rajasthan. The price of the products is very reasonable and if you are an art lover, then surely you are going to love this place. A large variety of local products will put you in a puzzle hat as to what to buy and what to leave out.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 80 km
Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
What to buy: Wooden handicrafts, chappals made of camel skins, Rajasthani miniature paintings

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2. Fence Market

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Bada Bazaar is another famous shopping destination and if you are on a trip to Kumbhalgarh, this place will be the next thing to amaze you. The place is filled with many small and big shops, all of which display the rich colors and culture of Rajasthan. From handcrafted clothes to fashionable jewelery, the market will give you many more things which will confuse you and you will get the real pleasure of shopping here. This place is ideal for souvenir shopping and this market has something special near and dear to you.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 81 km
Time: 9:30 am to 6 pm
What to buy: Handmade jattis, batik and bandhini print saris, and garments, jewelry

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3. Shilpgram

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Shilpagram is a famous shopping place in Udaipur that you should visit on your trip to Kumbhalgarh. The place is spread over an extensive area of ​​70 acres where houses are made of mud and straw. You can buy some traditional potter here with some handmade paintings. Wooden furniture is also available here at very reasonable prices. Walk to this place for the memory of your lifetime as this place will leave you speechless. If you are a lover of tradition and culture, then this place is suitable for you.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 76.3 km
Time: 11am to 7pm
What to buy: Handicraft items, clothes, potters

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4. Lake Palace Road

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Lake Palace Road is a famous shopping center in Udaipur. This place is famous for embroidered textiles and wooden sculptures. You can see souvenir shops on both sides of the road as they are full of Rajasthani traditional items. You can buy hand printed clothes which are famous in the area. Lake Palace Road is well known to all those who are shopping lovers and they know the specialty of the market. Clothing is available in this market at a nominal price and you can buy it for your family members as they are very beautiful and display Rajasthani style of living.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 81 km
Time: 10 am to 6:30 pm (closed on Sundays)
What to buy: Statues of Hindu deities made of cloth, knitted goods, brass and wood.

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5. Sadar Bazar

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One of the very popular market areas in Chittorgarh is Sadar Bazar. A large number of tourists from India and abroad visit the place to shop for the special items found in the market. Sadar Bazaar is popular due to its huge collection of fancy Rajasthani products. From clothing to camel leather products to jewelry, you can find various items in the market. However, the common favorite of most buyers is metal wares. You can also buy the beautiful camel leather ‘juti’, which is crafted with intricately embroidered works.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 451 km
Time: 10am to 6pm
What to buy: Jewelry, camel leather, metal beads and clothes.

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6. Nai Slip

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Nai Sarak is a popular market area in Jodhpur near Kumbhalgarh. The specialty of the market is traditional bandhani. From suit pieces to saris to dupattas, you can shop a variety of items in the market. If you have souvenirs to buy for your loved ones, this may be the ideal place for you. Apart from bandhani, you can also explore leather products. You can buy some of the best items of Jodhpur in this market.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 179.4 km
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
What to buy: Sarees, Turban, Dupattas, Leather Goods and Suit Pieces.

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7. Cobbler Market

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-529244″ data-lazy-type=”image” src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Jutti-Gram.jpg” alt=”Jutti ” width=”700″ height=”401″/>

Picture courtesy: thegreyvalley

Mochi Bazaar is yet another attractive market place in Jodhpur. If you are visiting Kumbhalgarh, then you should visit this market. The entire market is filled with swarms of beautiful juttis. You can get them in various colors, designs, patterns and categories. You can wear this shoe with any of your matching attire and look good. Apart from jutis, you can find a great collection of junk jewelry in the market.

Distance from Kumbhalgarh: 51. Km
Time: 10am to 6pm
What to buy: Jodhpuri jutis, junk jewelery, and lac bangles

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These are famous places for shopping near Kumbhalgarh in Udaipur, Jodhpur and Chittorgarh. If you are going on a trip to Rajasthan, then you must visit these shopping places to buy some of the best things related to the tradition and culture of Rajasthan. These places are full of things which are in the form of heritage.

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Frequently asked questions about shopping near Kumbhalgarh

Q. What is famous for shopping near Kumbhalgarh?

a. There are many things that are famous for shopping near Kumbhalgarh. Some of them are Rajasthani textiles, handicrafts and traditional items. These things reflect the Rajasthani style of living.

Q. Which are the famous shopping places near Kumbhalgarh?

a. There are various famous places near Kumbhalgarh which can be visited by visitors for shopping. Bada Bazar, Lake Place Road, Nai Sarak, Mochi Bazaar etc. are famous places where one can buy items typical of the tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

Q. What is the best time to visit Kumbhalgarh?

a. The winter season is the best time to visit Kumbhalgarh. The month of October to March is good for visiting Kumbhalgarh. The temperature of the place is favorable and one can visit the famous places of Kumbhalgarh.

Q. How to reach Kumbhalgarh?

a. Kumbhalgarh is a prominent place of Rajasthan state which is a center of attraction for tourists. The place is well connected by rail and road transport system. You can choose any mode of transportation to visit this grand and ethnic place.

Q. What is the famous food item Kumbhalgarh?

a. If you are traveling to the shopping spots near Kumbhalgarh, don’t forget to taste some of the city’s famous street food. Some of the famous street foods are kachori and gol gappas.

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