7 Beautiful Places To Visit In Ranikhet In May For All Tourists In 2020!

Summer holidays bring back memories. However, sitting back at home, laying down – as tempting as it sounds – will certainly but be consistently boring. So want to make another summer vacation worthy of counting? The trick lies in spending time with family and friends and what better idea than to explore and see new places in our country of diversity, not abroad or anywhere else. Ranikhet awaits you in Almora district of Uttarakhand. Being one of the very few places, this beautiful creation of nature has it all – mountains, snow, lake and list. there are a lot of Places to visit in Ranikhet in May This will give you the main goals of the journey.

7 places to visit in Ranikhet in May

Working your mind to think of ways to make the most of your summer vacation in Ranikhet? Not to worry as there is a list of places to visit in Ranikhet in May.

1. Chaubatia
2. Fun
3. Balu Dam
4. Taraikhet Village
5. Haidakhan Temple
6. Jhula Devi Temple
7. Dwarahat

1. Chaubatia

Mountain view

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It is one of those meadows, directly from the stories of Enid Blyton, where the Famous Five go camping, where no enemy knows peace. A township in Almora district of Uttarakhand, it is a magnificent garden full of all kinds of flowers and fruits, especially known for apples. It is about 8 km ride from Ranikhet, which lies between the western peaks of the Himalayas. Despite the hard identification at the entrance, which may take some time, the reward you get for waiting is immense. The month of May, when the apples are about to ripen, can be a good time to visit this place.

Where to: 8 kilometers from Ranikhet

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2. Fun

Home stay

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Ranikhet in Almora district of Uttarakhand has a plethora of nature – green grasslands, high mountains, snow-clad peaks, etc. Majkhali is one of the many awe-inspiring places in Ranikhet that particularly introduces us to these words. Apart from its natural enchanted effect on us, it is also the temple of Goddess Kali. The place is dotted with many picnic spots and is a nursery of various flora and fauna. Being a 12 km ride from Ranikhet, it is easily accessible via road by car hire or often by public bus service.

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3. Balu Dam

Dam view

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A 3-4 km hike from Chaubatia to a Melancholi turn will lead us to this place where, despite all the chaos in the peace of the world, still win in all its glory. There is an artificial lake at a distance of 9 km from Ranikhet, which gives us a panoramic view of the Jhula Devi temples, the snow-covered Himalayan region. It is also a great place for boating, adventure and photography. With the temperature just about perfect — not too cold and not too hot — and the snow has just begun to melt, May is a great time for all nature lovers to visit this secret beauty.

Where to: 8 kilometers from Ranikhet
entrance fees: No one
Time: throughout the week. ; 7 AM – 7 PM

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4. Tariket Village

Village view

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It is a simple village, 8 km by road from Ranikhet to Nainital – Ranikhet. But as we all know that the most pleasant feelings are contained in the simplest things. This place with green meadows is a delight to our eyes, mainly famous for its Gandhi Kuti where Mahatma sometimes waits for his stay during the struggle for freedom of our country. Therefore, this place has a rich history of India’s freedom struggle. With its amazing natural beauty, it is a must visit in the time of May, when it will have very comfortable temperatures and weather.

Where to: 8 kilometers from Ranikhet

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5. Haidakhan Temple

Temple scene

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For the place also known as Dev Bhoomi (Land of Temples), many temples can be seen in Uttarakhand. These temples are open throughout the year and hence can be visited anytime, whether it is your summer vacation or something else. This particular piece of architecture is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, also built by one of his avatars, Haidakhan, after which the temple is named. At a distance of 4 km from Ranikhet, the place displays a statue of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva, even providing views of Himalayan peaks such as Nanda Devi and the like. At a distance of 4 km from Ranikhet, it is a place for people in search of peace, tranquility and peace.

Where to: NH 87, Chillianoula, Uttarakhand 263645
Time: 6: 30–11 pm, 12–8 pm
entrance fees: No one

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6. Jhula Devi Temple

Temple scene 1

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An 8th century piece of architecture, 7 km from Ranikhet, the temple of Jhula Devi is situated in the green hills of Kumaon near Chaubatia Garden. The wood surrounding the temple is believed to have been inhabited by wild animals in the past. The villagers offered their prayers to Goddess Durga and this temple was built when Goddess Durga came in the dream of a shepherd and asked him to excavate her idol. Relatively less peaceful temples, people come here in hopes of praying to Goddess Durga and fulfilling their wishes. Gazals of stones can also be seen at the entrance of the temple.

Where to: Chaubatia, Uttarakhand 263645
Time: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
entrance fees: No one

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7. Dwarahat

Temple scene 2

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This place is as breathtaking as its name. It is a place that justifies the importance of the name “Dev Bhoomi” to a great extent, which consists of 55 temples built by the Katyuri kings in medieval times. This incredible retreat between the mountains of Kumaon is an example of the rich and rich heritage of Ranikhet and includes a great deal of religious significance. About 33 km from Ranikhet, it is easily accessible via road and will take about an hour.

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And there you go! Another great summer holiday sorting. However, you should keep in mind how you want to check the above locations while planning your own schedule. Because at the end of the day it won’t matter how many places you can upload photos on social media but enrich your soul – because discovering and bonding with yourself is all it takes. So go ahead and enjoy your trip to Uttarakhand before it loses half its share with the loss of its natural elements.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Ranikhet in May

Q. Where is Ranikhet?

a. Ranikhet is a small hill station in the north of Uttarakhand, between the hills of Kumaon, about 1824 meters above sea level. The rustic and serene environment with its lush green grasslands makes this place worth visiting.

Q. What is the best time to visit Ranikhet?

a. Ranikhet, known for its scenic attractions, can be seen throughout the year. In May, June and July, the place experiences a comfortable weather to visit and it is also the time of the year that Chaubatia is in full bloom. To experience snow, winter will undoubtedly be the best season.

Q. Which is the best place to visit in Ranikhet?

a. Ranikhet is a place for tourists as well as travelers and hence it is completely your choice which is the perfect place to visit. However, the village of Tariket would be the perfect combo of rustic livelihoods and tourist attractions, associated with its rich history.

Q. How to reach Ranikhet?

a. Ranikhet does not have airports and thus you have to get off at the airport in Nainital and then on the road to reach Ranikhet. There are frequent flights in summer. If you plan to travel by train, you need to get off from Kathgodam and hit the roads again. Ranikhet is connected to all the nearby cities by road and frequent bus services are also available here.

Q. How is the weather in Ranikhet

a. The weather in Ranikhet is alpine with mild summers and cool winters. Ranikhet experiences snowfall in winter, while in summer you get a comfortable season to travel and explore.

Q. What is the weather like in Ranikhet in May?

A. Ranikhet weather in May is quite pleasant and comfortable with a temperature of 20 – 35 degrees Celsius.

Q. What can we buy in Ranikhet?

a. If you are a person with sweet teeth, Ranikhet is your place. You can buy famous dessert items such as “Bal Sweets” and “Singaudi” from Ranikhet. If you are planning to get a souvenir for family and friends, then shawls in Uttarakhand can be a good deal.

Q. How long should I stay in Ranikhet?

a. It completely depends on the person traveling. Ranikhet is a small hill station in its own right that can be included in a three-day weekend trip, but if you are a fan of one place a week, stay away from the chaotic city life to gradually live in solitude May also be possible.

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