7 Beautiful Cottages In Ranikhet For A Home-Like Stay

The popular hill station, Ranikhet, also known as the Queen’s Farm, was developed by the British and around ancient temples. Surrounded by hills and forests, the hill station provides a natural beauty that can refresh the senses like no other. Popular as the headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment Ranikhet is offered spectacular views to the Nandadevi peak, trekking range, golf course, gardens, temples and hill climbers. The beautiful destination hosts a wide range of cottages that offer their own kind of beauty. Give us some exploration Cottages in Ranikhet Worth a mention.

7 Best Cottages in Ranikhet

Here is a list of the best cottages in Ranikhet that you can choose from for a soul-stirring experience. read along!

1. Vu sur la Montagne

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If you want to experience an idyllic beauty while living amidst nature, Vue Sur La Montagne is the perfect hut to offer you. Inspired by French architecture, the cottage offers popular views of the beautiful snowy mountain ranges. Nandadevi, Trishul, Panchuli etc. It is conveniently located atop a hilly landscape known as Majkhali, a peaceful retreat. As it is located 50k drive from the resort, it will take its tourists to many hill stations like Binsar, Kausani, Kasaradevi and Almora.

place: Located in Chaubatia, Uttarakhand
Features: Attached bathroom, room service, pets allowed, child-friendly
Cost for one night: 7450 INR
Distance from city center: Is 0.6 miles

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2. Sharanam

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Enjoy your vacation amidst nature while watching breathtaking views of the surroundings in Sharanam, a grand hill house of the hills. Offering holiday views of the magnificent peaks of Nandadevi, Trishul, Panchkuli, the holiday house hut is the ideal place for your vacation in Ranikhet. The duplex villa overlooks a forest which is surrounded by valleys. People around will provide their guests with the perfect atmosphere to make their holidays memorable. Tourists who want to visit other hill stations can visit them only by taking a 50 km drive from the beautiful cottages. Offering spacious bedrooms, perfect for a family getaway.

place: 15, Vimoksha Valley, Majkhali Digoti Road, Ranikhet
Features: Fridge, microwave, Wi-Fi, Internet access, etc.
Cost for one night: 8721 INR
Distance from City Center: 12.25km

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3. The Mistletoe Estate

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The Mistletoe Estate situated on the ancient hills of Uttarakhand is just 22 kilometers from Ranikhet. Surrounded by lush green fields of trees such as cedar, oak, rhododendron, pine tree and cypress, the property is a must visit for a family getaway or visiting with friends. Tastefully decorated, the cottage adds its own charm to nature. Boasting a mini orchard fruit, the orchard offers fresh produce of exotic fruits like peaches, plums and cherries. Beautifully furnished with artifacts and accents, the cozy retreat enhances the beauty of the lavish mountain surroundings.

place: Kalakhet Road, Thapla, Ranikhet
Features: Pets allowed, front desk, full bath
Cost for one night: 14000INR
Distance from City Center: 22km

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4. Jungle Homes

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Jungle Holiday Cottage refers to wooden houses amidst the lap of the Kumaon hills. Located 55 km from the famous Jim Corbett National Park Dhanagadi Gate, this retreat is situated for tourists to enjoy the best of both worlds. The wooden cottages have a cool climate between 25 ° to 5 ° C which is the best part of an extremely pleasant and enjoyable experience. Located near Ranikhet and Corbett National Park, Jungle Homes is the best retreat to experience on your vacation. Visit the trumpets that invite you to the destination of joy.

place: Swargashram Binsar Mahadev Temple, Ranikhet
Features: Child Friendly, Pets, Attached Bathroom, 1-4 Bedrooms
Cost for one night: INR 12,195
Distance from city center: 12 km

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5. Host Onella

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The mountain chalet overlooks a forest-covered valley that offers a grand beauty in itself. Nandadevi, with the high Himalayan peaks of Panchachuli and Trishul, is the perfect place for a holiday retreat. Conveniently located on a lush green hill known as Majkhali, this peaceful retreat is the destination to spend your vacation. The duplex offers a hilly view with villas, spacious bedrooms ideal for a getaway from family and friends. Compared to a grand expansive courtyard, the lush green lawn offers the mesmerizing beauty of the Someshwar Valley.

place: Majkhali, Ranikhet
Features: Kitchen, bathroom, LED TV, heater, power backup, housekeeping service etc.
Cost for one night: INR 10,352
Distance from city center: 1.2 mi

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6. Hosty Casa Belle Vu-Exuberance

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The cottage offers a luxurious life for luxury lovers who open their arms for panoramic views of the grand snow-capped mountains of Nandadevi, Trisul and Panchuli. Situated on a beautiful green hill near the village known as Shahar Phatak, the personal retreat offers a spectacular experience. Offering several hill stations to visit Binsar, Jageshwar, Almora and the surrounding area, the cottages are one of the most popular places to stay in Ranikhet. Book your stay here on your vacation to Ranikhet to experience a 200 degree view of the panoramic views of the valley covered with forests.

place: Shahad Gate near Mukteshwar, Ranikhet
Features: Large balcony, fully equipped kitchen, large spacious bedroom, deck, lawn
Cost for one night: INR 15,244
Distance from city center: 20 km

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7. Sacun Homestay

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Located near a small village called Jalna, the hut provides perfect peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This quaint cottage requires you to find complete peace after a tiring week at work. Acting as the perfect peaceful retreat, the Cottage offers beautiful architecture with an exceptional cuisine offering of its kind. Spread across a vast expanse of 3 acres of land around the Himalayas, the cottage celebrates Kumaoni in the best sense while enjoying the architecture, spirit and revelation. Breathing in peace, the relaxed homestay provides a unique essence of India and its culture.

place: Tikoli turn, Jalna Uttarakhand
Features: Pets allowed, child-friendly, housekeeping, cook, full bath
Cost for one night: INR 11,557
Distance from City Center: 74 km

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We hope this list entices you to book your next holiday in the beauty of Ranikhet. Investigate your best option from the cottages mentioned above and keep your travel shoes on. Go on a journey to feel closer to nature. Experience the true beauty of being close to nature and experience natural beauty by booking your stay at one of these cottages in Ranikhet. Holiday planning in Uttarakhand now!

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Frequently asked questions about cottages in Ranikhet

Q. What is the best time to visit Ranikhet?

a. The best time to visit Ranikhet is during the winter months which include the months from November to February. This is when the temperature is at its best and provides pleasant weather conditions for all.

Q. Which is the nearest travel destination from Ranikhet?

a. Ranikhet offers many destinations including Binsar, Jageshwar, Almora and so on. Each of these places offers a spectacular beauty of its kind and is easily accessible by car.

Q. Is Jim Corbett National Park close to Ranikhet?

a. The popular Jim Corbett National Park is located at a distance of 96KM from Corbett. Apart from exploring its beauty, you can roam around the place and see some exotic wildlife.

Q. What is the cost of one night in the cottage at Ranikhet?

a. The cottages in Ranikhet offer different price ranges, and usually range from INR to 10000-15000. The cottage offers large spacious multiple bedrooms that make it convenient for a large family to stay.

Q. What are the major attractions in Ranikhet?

a. Major attractions of Ranikhet include Hanuman Gadi Temple, Kalika Temple, Jim Corbett National Park etc. There are many scenic spots for visitors to see.

Q. How is the weather in Ranikhet?

a. The average temperature in Ranikhet rises to 39 ° C in the months of May and June. On the other hand, the coldest months are January and December which experience an average temperature of 8 ° C.

Q. How many people can be kept in a hut?

a. A cottage in Ranikhet can house a total of 9-10 people. This makes it easier for the whole family to book a hut and stay in the same place.

Q. Are pets allowed in Ranikhet’s cottages?

a. Yes, pets are allowed in Ranikhet’s cottages. A wide array of cottages provide convenience and therefore pet owners can easily travel without any worries.

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