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64 Easy Fall Craft Ideas for Adults

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Your calendar may already be filling up with fun autumn activities, but you should still take the time to spend a few weekends in the house to use your DIY skills (especially when the inevitable autumn chill sets in). These creative fall craft ideas are a great place to start, whether you’re looking for an activity on a rainy day to keep your kids busy, or a simple, affordable way to give your home a seasonal feel. Best of all, each one of these DIY projects, which differ in the number of materials and skills required, also serves as autumn decorations that you can exhibit from Labor Day to Thanksgiving Day. Give your home a warm and cozy (and orange!) Atmosphere with these ideas, including pumpkins, leaves, acorns, sweet corn, and other autumn favorites.

You know what to do: take a cup of cider, gather some of your family members (children and adults alike) and enjoy an autumn afternoon. And while you’re at it, start brainstorming craft ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving, because these holidays will be here before you know it.

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Pumpkin pots

Decorate your mantelpiece, your front staircase or your dining table with these delightful floral arrangements. Carve out these minis as usual, then cut off the bottom of a water bottle and drop it as a vase. Fill them with ranunculus, mothers and dahlias – your choice.

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Pom pom pumpkins

Since carving pumpkins is sometimes more effort than it is worth, make these colorful yarn versions that last longer than one season. Just keep them inside on your mantelpiece or dining table to keep them in top shape.

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Pumpkin vase

If you have dinner parties on the horizon, use this centerpiece of flowers and fall. To do this, carve a deep hole in the top of a pumpkin and then slide into a plastic cup. Fill with water and a mixture of bright flowers.

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Pumpkin stress balls

Fill orange balloons with rice and draw on the faces with a black sharpie to get stress-relieving pumpkins. Both children and parents benefit from one or two pressures.


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Pumpkin pie soap

Although this clever craft looks good enough to eat, stick to the edible variety if you want a sweet treat. However, this cake-shaped soap comes in handy when everyone has to wash off before the festival.


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Pumpkin jam jars

Use used jam jars for something that is just as appealing: after you give the jars a clean bottom, stamp them with red apples or orange pumpkins, and then add gingham fabric in complementary colors.

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Polka dot pumpkin

To ensure that you can enjoy this sparkling beauty all season long, stick golden sequins on a white plastic pumpkin instead of a real one.


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Black plants

Lean into the haunt of the season by painting artificial plants and their pots with a rich black color.


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Pom-pom wreath

Glue a bundle of felted balls or pompoms in a circular shape for an instant door decoration. Choose fall colors that pop up on your door, including red, orange, and yellow.

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Leaf garland

Hang up scraps of fabric in crop tones and skillfully cut them in the form of leaves to instantly upgrade the coat.

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Colorful acorns

Paint stray acorns in fun colors and then cover them with glitter for a display-worthy shine. The rest is up to you: sprinkle them over your table landscape, spread them along your coat or use them as vase fillers.

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Leaf wreath

Cut from artificial plaids and flaky felt, the artificial foliage of this wreath looks fresh year after year.

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Secure heart

Let’s say cheese – grating, that is. Salvaged document shredders make a beautiful table decoration with the lighting of votive candles that sparkle through.

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