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60 Best Hair Color Trends & Ideas for 2022



Let’s face it after a while hair colors become old and boring. While you may have loved your hue when you first received it, after spending months (or even years) staring at it in the mirror, it’s only natural to want something new. Luckily, coloring hair has become more sophisticated and innovative than ever. This means, there are plenty of new and exciting colors just waiting for you to give them a try, and they’re better than ever. Rich and filled with vibrancy, today’s coolest colors are full of life. Multi-tonal and dimensional, they’re unique and somewhat mysterious. These are the best hair color trends and ideas that are trending today.


1. Two-Toned Blue and Black Hair Color

Two-toned hair is a coloring technique that features two distinct colors. These colors can be of your choosing, but adding blue is a great way to do this if you have naturally dark hair and want to give it an update. Blue and black blend well, and although this is a look that takes confidence to pull off, it is not as daring as other combinations would be; for example, black and pink. Adding the blue to only your bangs is also an excellent way to shift the focus there. Bangs are a great addition to any haircut because they can highlight your facial features and make you look younger.


Two Toned Blue And Black Hair


2. Jet Black Hair Color

Jet black is a shade of black hair that is the darkest. It is a surprisingly flattering color and can complement most skin tones. This hue is also appealing because it has a shine to it, making your hair appear healthy and glossy. There are several ways to style jet black hair to draw attention to your face. You can also add a softness to it by adding dark brown highlights. Place these strategically to draw the eye to the facial features.


Black Hair With Middle Part


3. Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Black hair can look great when paired with other colors, letting them pop against the dark base. A color that compliments black is blue hair, and adding highlights to the hair will give it depth and dimension. The right shade of blue can also make your hair appear shiny and is great for creating a subtle contrast. Bold hair colors are also expressive and can show the world your playful side or that you are not afraid to take risks.


Black Hair With Blue Highlights


4. Solid Black Hair Color

There are many ways to wear black hair, making it a stylish and popular choice for any woman. The color suits most skin tones and can be styled in various ways to show off your hair texture. The appeal of solid black hair is that it is a powerful color and can make a statement with minimal effort. It can have a shine to it when it hits the light, creating gorgeous, healthy-looking locks.


Dark Shaggy Haircut


5. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Black and blonde make for an interesting combination. Adding blonde highlights to the hair can create depth and dimension, but it can also lighten your hair and brighten your appearance. Blonde on black can seem harsh, but the appeal is the pairing creates contrast. You can highlight this contrast by opting for chunky streaks, which can be strategically added around the face to frame it. Or you can opt for a subtle approach with thin highlights placed toward the ends of the hair.


Black Hair With Blonde Highlights


6. Black and Gray Ombre 

Ombre is a coloring technique that blends two colors, one light and the other dark. It is a low-maintenance option and fantastic for giving the hair lift. It can be challenging to pull off ombre with black hair, but try pairing it with grey if you want something exciting and different. Black and grey are complementary combinations that will brighten your hair. Grey will also create less contrast than blonde hair, making it easier to wear and less daring.


Black And Grey Ombre Curls


7. Black Hair with Subtle Face Framing Highlights

Black hair is gorgeous and often has a shine to it. It can be cut and styled however you wish, but a great choice would be with face-framing highlights. The way the hair falls on either side of the face can also draw attention to it, and this is magnified by strategically placing highlights around the face; this creates a face-framing effect that can complement your features. Opt for colors that blend well with your dark hair and are only a shade or two lighter to achieve a natural appearance.


Black Long Lob With Subtle Face Framing Highlights


8. Black and Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre hair color can be achieved in your chosen colors but looks excellent when adding blue to black hair. The transition between the two hues is noticeable but not in a way that is clashing as the colors complement each other. How dramatic you want your finish to be will depend on the shade of blue you choose, and darker colors will produce less contrast. The technique can be added to hair of all lengths and textures but is more noticeable on longer hair. It is fantastic for achieving depth and dimension and is low maintenance as you do not need to retouch the roots.


Black And Blue Ombre Hairstyle


9. Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

There are many color ideas for black hair that are daring and take confidence to pull off. However, adding caramel hair color highlights to your hair is an effortlessly cool approach that will lighten the hair and give it depth without being too dramatic or in your face. Caramel ranges in color, but choosing a warm brown will have the best results. You can add highlights throughout or strategically place them around the face for a framing effect.


Black Hair With Caramel Highlights


10. Black and Dark Red Hair Color

Black and red hair is a daring combination, with the red popping against the dark base color. You can add it to your hair in multiple ways, whether with red highlights throughout the hair, adding depth and dimension, or focusing the color on a section of the hair, such as the bangs. This color combination is daring and will give you a vampy finish, but it can also be incredibly sexy and will look great when worn with your favorite shade of red lipstick.


Black And Dark Red Hair


11. Black Purple Hair Color

Another fun color idea for black hair is purple hair, which lightens the darkness of the hair and gives it a modern update. It can be achieved on all hair textures and lengths but suits straight hair because it will better show the color. When determining which shade of purple is best, consider your complexion and how much of a contrast you wish to achieve. Dark colors like plum or eggplant will look more natural than pairing black hair with lighter purples like violet. Fashion-forward and cool, this could be the color you have been searching for you to transform your hair.


Black Purple Hair Color


12. Honey Blonde Highlights On Black Hair

Honey blonde is a golden yellow color that is incredibly pretty and versatile, and it will make a welcome addition to your black hair. With multiple highlights throughout the hair, it can change the color seamlessly while also adding a softness. The color can brighten your complexion.


Honey Blonde Highlights On Black Hair


13. Blonde Hair with Highlights

There is a saying that blondes have more fun, and now is your time to test if that is true. Blonde hair is incredibly versatile and suits most skin tones. The lightness of the color can enhance your hair texture and cut. To add even more depth and dimension to the hair, you can add highlights throughout, lightening the hair and brightening the complexion. It is a great way to give your hair an update but in a subtle and wearable way. 


Curly Blonde Hair With Highlights


14. Blonde Ombre Hair Color

If you want to draw attention to your hair, a great way to do this ombre. Ombre hair color is a great way to add depth and dimension to the hair and can be worn in various colors. The coloring technique blends two colors, one dark, and the other lighter. This includes natural hair colors or artificial hues. For the most natural results, you want to choose colors that are only a shade or two lighter. Or you can create a contrast that will feel edgy and cool. It is lower maintenance than traditional foil highlights because you do not have to worry about regrowth.


Crimped Blonde Ombre Hair


15. Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde hair is a shade of blonde with silver and grey tones. It is a cool hue that is incredibly flattering on those with cool skin tones. This hue works best on naturally light hair and can be a way to change your look. It is a great shade to try out if you want something different and the smoky tones make the hair feel fresh and modern. It can be hard to prevent the hair from looking dull, so you need to work with the hairstylist to find the right tone for you.


Ash Blonde Hair With Slick Backed Front


16. Bleached Blonde Hair Color

Bleached blonde is an unnatural color, making the hair even more visible. This hair can create a statement and make the hair appear thicker and fuller; however, the process is also damaging. To minimize the dryness of bleaching, it is best to get your hair done by a professional colorist. The appeal of bleached hair is the striking result, but it can be challenging to wear and feel dry and frizzy. The color is fantastic for standing out from the crowd, but you may feel it is restrictive in specific settings, including the workplace.


Bleached Blonde Curly Hair


17. Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde hair and is a guaranteed way to make a statement. The color is bright and will lighten your appearance. The hair can be styled in various ways and will highlight your features and enhance your complexion. It is also a way to show off your hair texture and can be styled in multiple ways. The downside to platinum is that it is high-maintenance and can be a time-consuming and damaging process.


Short Platinum Blonde Hair


18. Black and Blonde Hair Color

Black and blonde hair is a striking combination. You can achieve this by adding black highlights to the blonde, which gives it even more dimension. This hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd because it does not blend in, creating a contrast. How you style your hair is entirely up to you, but it will influence the placement of the colors. This is an edgy and cool hairstyle that lets you express yourself.


Black And Blonde Pixie Cut


19. Dark Blonde Hair with Blonde Ends

Dark blonde hair is a flattering color on many skin tones and is much easier to wear than lighter shades of blonde. The color is only a tone lighter than brown and feels warm, and while it is gorgeous on its own, you can add even more depth to the hair by lightening the ends. Dyeing the ends a lighter blonde can be a fun way to change your look, but it can also flatter your features. This is especially true if it is in a cut like a bob haircut or a lob hairstyle, which falls around the face.


Dark Blonde Hair With Blonde Ends


20. Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Most women choose to color their dark roots when dyeing their hair blonde to create a more blended and natural appearance. However, dark roots are becoming increasingly popular and will make an edgy and cool appearance because of the contrast. The different colors between the roots and the rest of the hair and give it depth and dimension. This is a modern approach to coloring and will not be for everyone, but if you like experimenting with different finishes, this could be for you.


Light Blonde Hair With Dark Roots


21. Blonde Hair with Multi-Colored Ends

Blonde hair complements most complexions and lightens and brightens your appearance. It can also highlight your hair texture and show off your haircut; layers and unusual angles are more noticeable on lighter hair. You can incorporate bold colors into the hair for an expressive and fun option. Instead of opting for streaks of color throughout, you can focus it at the ends of the hair, creating a dip-dyed effect. All colors pair well with blonde, and the hues you choose will determine how dramatic and daring the finish is. Light pinks and other pastel shades are easier to wear, whereas darker or more vibrant colors create more contrast.


Blonde Hair With Multi Colored Ends


22. Silver Blonde Hair Color

Silver-blonde is an interesting approach to blonde hair. Instead of opting for warm colors, this hue has a coolness. It is versatile and can be worn with most complexions, but it also feels edgy and cool. The shade will add a rebellious feel to your chosen hairstyle. Opting for a silvery blonde shade will add to the rebellious feel of your hairstyle. The downside is the color can be high-maintenance and requires regular root touch-ups, which makes the process time-consuming and expensive.


Blonde Buzz Cut


23. Shades of Blonde and Gray 

To add depth and dimension to your blonde hair, you can add silver-grey tones. This can be achieved with an ombre hair color effect, producing a blended effect, focusing the blonde on the bottom of the hair, and featuring darker roots. The combination creates contrast and can be a fantastic way to show off your hair texture.


Shades Of Grey Curly Braids


24. Light Blonde Hair with Strawberry Lowlights

You can achieve this with lowlights to create a subtle contrast in your light blonde hair. Unlike highlights which are lighter than the base color, lowlights are darker but are seamlessly blended into the hair to create a pretty, natural finish. Strawberry blonde is a red color with warm blonde tones, and adding it to light blonde hair will create depth and dimension.


Light Blonde Hair With Strawberry Lowlights


25. Red-Brown Hair Color

Reddish-brown hair tone is a great way to try out red hair, but the blending of the colors creates a more wearable hue. The combination also gives the hair depth and will complement all hair textures and cuts. You can style it as you wish, including a stylish lob haircut with subtle parting. The way the hair falls on the face is extremely flattering and can soften the features.


Red Brown Hair


26. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde is a gorgeous mix of blonde and red tones. It looks gorgeous on women with pale skin and light eyes, but there are various ways to wear this hair color, letting you adapt it to suit your preference and complement your skin tone. When introducing strawberry blonde to your hair, you can opt for a subtle approach by adding it in highlights or lowlights or creating a blended appearance with the ombre hair color technique. The versatility makes this color ideal for women of all ages and for all hair textures and lengths.


Strawberry Blonde Hair


27. Ruby Red Hair Color

There is ruby red hair for those who prefer to stand out from the crowd rather than blend in. This intense shade of dark pinkish-red is associated with passion and sensuality and looks great on women with pale and porcelain complexions and light eyes. It can be adapted to suit your preference, and darker skin tones can create a pretty contrast that draws even more attention to the hair. You can pair it with a textured and fashion-forward hairstyle to match the edgy color.


Ruby Red Hair Color


28. Red and Blonde Highlights

Red and blonde hair is an interesting combination and can look edgy and cool when worn together. Or, you can opt for a more wearable option by blending the colors and adding them to a dark brown base color. This gives the hair depth and dimension and provides more versatility with how you wear the hair. Focus the color around the sides of the face, strategically placing it to highlight your features and create a face-framing effect.


Red And Blonde Highlights


29. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

When determining which hair color is best for you, consider your complexion and how daring you want the finish to be. If you want to try strawberry blonde hair, but the idea of red tones feels daunting to you, you can opt to focus more on the blonde shades of the hair color. The color is one of the lightest shades of red and feels warm and luxurious, complementing all hair textures. To achieve a light strawberry blonde, you can also add highlights throughout the hair, giving it more depth and dimension.


Light Strawberry Blonde Hair


30. Red Orange Hair Color

Red hair is the rarest color, and choosing to dye your hair red is a great way to highlight your hair texture and cut. There are several shades to choose from, including reddish-orange. This hue is special: it is also bright, bold, and expressive. It is a color that demands attention and can be styled in various ways. When adding the color to your hair, you can focus it on thin streaks around the face, or add it throughout the hair, depending on your preference.


Red Orange Curls With Curtain Bangs


31. Cherry Red Hair Color

Cherry red is a bright red color that is a gorgeous addition to any hair texture and length. This is a daring choice for your hair and can brighten your appearance. It can be added to hair of all colors, either dyeing the entire head or trying out cherry red in a more subtle way, such as highlights or lowlights throughout the hair. You can style it as you wish.


Cherry Red Pixie Cut


32. Deep Cherry Red Color

Deep cherry red is more versatile than other red colors and will suit most complexions. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd, but the darker tone makes it easier to wear and less daring. Styling your hair with curls is a fantastic way to highlight your curl pattern, and leaving the hair to fall around the face will soften the features.


Deep Cherry Red Curls


33. Fiery Red Hair Color

Red hair comes in a wide range of shades, each of which has its appeal depending on your complexion and how vibrant you want your color to be. Fiery red is one of the rarest hair colors but looks gorgeous on those with pale skin and light eyes and is a fantastic way to get you noticed. The color complements all hair textures and lengths but works exceptionally well with curls which add a softness to the boldness of the color.


Fiery Red Permed Hairstyle


34. Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

Ombre is a hair coloring technique that blends two colors, one light, and the other dark. The lighter color is often at the bottom of the hair, lightening the strands and brightening your complexion. This makes it a low-maintenance coloring option because you do not have to worry about root regrowth. However, you could try to reverse strawberry blonde for a modern approach, featuring light roots and deeper, darker strawberry ends. The combination of reddish and blonde hair makes for a gorgeous, versatile look that is particularly flattering on people with pale skin.


Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair


35. Auburn Hair Color

Auburn hair is a reddish-brown shade that has orange-red tones in it. It is full of depth and is a fantastic color idea for those who want to change their appearance. The color is best suited to pale, neutral skin tones. Auburn also looks great when paired with colors, and adding lowlights or highlights to the hair will give it depth and dimension. It can also make the color feel warmer. This sophisticated color looks amazing with all hair textures and is great for every day; other red hues can feel restrictive and are not ideal for conservative environments.


Auburn Brushed Back Long Hairstyle


36. Bright Strawberry Hair Color

Strawberry blonde hair can be created in multiple shades, from soft, light colors to bright, bold ones. Fiery, bright colors can make a statement and are a way to highlight your hair texture. It looks best on women with fair skin and light eyes but can be added to the hair in various ways, including ombre or balayage for a more subtle approach. As with any vibrant shades, bright strawberry hair can be challenging to maintain and will require regular touch-ups.


Bright Strawberry Long Curly Hair


37. Honey Brown Hair Color

Honey brown is a warm color that has a golden undertone. There are several honey blonde shades and multiple ways to introduce it into your hair, including highlights on a darker base color. This is a great way to give the hair depth and dimension and lighten and brighten the appearance. You can strategically place the highlights to frame the face for a flattering finish that will draw the eye to your features.


Honey Brown Hair In Braid


38. Statement Highlight on Brown Hair

Statement highlights are a trend that emerged in the 80s when hair featured chunky streaks that created a contrast. This look was not about subtly but designed to stand out. The modern approach takes that same principle, placing the highlights in the hair to give it a lift and to create dimension. But it is more subtle and easier to wear, not taking quite as much confidence to pull off. It is best to stick to highlights only a shade or two lighter than the base color for a natural, sun-kissed appearance. However, if you want to create a look that is daring and edgy, you can opt for colors that are much lighter than your brown hair.


Statement Highlight On Brown Hair


39. Brown Balayage with Dark Roots

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that produces more natural results. Unlike traditional foil highlights, the color is less concentrated and hand-painted onto the hair in sections to create a sweeping effect. It has all the benefits of traditional foils, brightening the hair and enhancing it, but is low-maintenance as you do not have to worry about retouching the roots.


Brown Balayage With Dark Roots


40. Split Dye Pastel and Dark Brown Hair

Brown hair is one of the most versatile colors as there are multiple shades to choose from, making it easy to find something to reflect your preference and suit your complexion. Subtle options are fantastic for every day, but they are not expressive in the way that adding color to the hair is. Dark brown hair paired with pastel colors will create a contrast that will demand attention and get you noticed. There are several ways to add color to the hair, but the split dye trend is one of the most daring. This is a hair color idea for women who are not afraid to take risks, and it will be worth it!


Split Dye Pastel And Dark Brown Hair


41. Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut brown is a dark shade of brown with reddish undertones. It is a rich hue and incredibly versatile, looking great on all hair textures and lengths. It is also universally flattering, complementing all skin tones, making this an easy-to-wear color and ideal for women of all ages. Chestnut is a more interesting color than a standard brown and can make your hair look full and healthy. You can style it in various ways and pair it with hues like honey or caramel, making the color feel warmer.


Chestnut Brown Hair With Side Parting


42. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you have brown hair, a great way to give it a lift while adding depth and dimension is with blonde highlights. This simple and subtle color combination makes it perfect for every day. Pick a highlight shade that is only one or two colors lighter than your base tone for the most natural results.


Brown Bob Haircut With Blonde Highlights


43. Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown is a medium to dark shade of brown hair, given its name because it resembles the color of chocolate. It is a rich color that looks good on almost everyone and can complement your hairstyle and texture. Most chocolate brown also has some warm highlights, or you can add this throughout the hair to give it a lift and create a subtle contrast. Alternatively, you can try a bold approach by lightening the ends of the hair with a light brown hue.


Chocolate Brown Hair With Braided Sides


44. Light Brown Hair Color

Light brown hair is versatile and flattering, complementing all skin tones, and can be worn on hair of various textures and lengths. The color is not harsh to wear, making it perfect for every day, but it is not boring either. You can choose from a wide range of light brown colors but also incorporate it into the hair in several ways; this includes light brown highlights on dark hair to give it a lift, or by dyeing the ends of your light brown hair with a warm shade of blonde to produce a subtle contrast.


Straight Light Brown Hair With Bangs


45. Brown Hair with Fine Blonde Highlights

Brown hair benefits from highlights which can give it depth and dimension. Adding lighter shades to your hair, like blonde, can brighten the hair and lift it. There are many ways to combine these two colors, making it a versatile look that can be adapted to suit your preference. One of the most subtle ways to give your hair an update is with delicate blonde highlights, which will create a softer appearance and feel natural.


Light Brown Hair With Fine Blonde Highlights


46. Dark Brown Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

Strategically placing the highlights in your hair around the face will create a framing effect. This is incredibly flattering and draws the eyes to your features, complementing them. With dark brown hair, it is also a great way to give the hair depth and dimension by lighting the strands. Choose a shade close to the base color for the best and most natural results.


Dark Brown Hair With Face Framing Highlights


47. Brown Hair with Caramel Tips

Brown hair is a pretty and versatile color that can benefit from the addition of adding lighter or darker hues. It looks great with coloring techniques like ombre or dip-dye. Adding caramel to the tips creates a visually interesting look that draws the hair downward, giving the illusion of length. Caramel is a warm, golden brown tone that will lighten the hair and brighten your appearance, but subtly and gorgeously.


Long Curly Brown Hair With Caramel Balayage


48. Reddish-Brown Hair Color

Hair that combines red and brown is common, with chestnut, auburn, and burgundy shades. There are varying degrees of vibrancy, and some appear dark while others highlight the red tones more; this is great for letting you find a look that will complement your skin tone. The versatility of reddish-brown hair is what makes it appealing. It can be styled how you like.


Reddish Brown Brushed Back Curls


49. Blue and Purple Hair Color

Bright hair colors are expressive and fun, and there are various combinations to choose from depending on how vibrant you want your hair to be. A classic pairing is with blue and purple hair, two similar and complementary shades, which makes adding them to your hair appear more blended. You can do this in various ways, including an ombre hair color approach, with hair darker at the roots and gradually lightening toward the ends. This is a fantastic option for giving the hair depth and dimension.


Blue And Purple Curly Hair


50. Platinum Hair with Purple Roots

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde and demands attention. It is a great way to show off your hair texture and can complement all hair cuts. The crisp hue can also lighten and brighten your appearance, making it a sought-after color. The downside to platinum is that it can be an expensive and time-consuming process to lighten the hair. It also requires regular root touch-ups, so a way to get creative with this is to dye the roots purple. The contrast is gorgeous and a simple way to try out the color.


Platinum Hair With Purple Roots


51. Pink Hair with Blonde Roots

Pink hair is one of the most popular hair colors for women because it is universally flattering and ultra-feminine. Depending on the vibrancy you wish to achieve, there are various shades to choose from, but muted colors like pastels are much more versatile and easier to wear. Instead of adding pink throughout the hair, a fun alternative would be keeping your roots blonde and focusing on the pink.


Pink Curly Hair With Blonde Roots


52. Violet Hair Color

Violet hair is pretty and feminine. The light purple hair color is a flattering color that is easy to wear because it is soft and muted. It can give your hair edginess, but it is also a great way to add depth and dimension. Depending on your preference, there are many ways to add color to your hair. This could include dyeing the entire head or focusing the color on only the ends creating contrast and will make your hair feel modern.


Violet Lob Hairstyle


53. Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy is a reddish-brown color that can be adapted to suit your preference and complement your complexion. There are multiple shades to choose from, from rich hues that demand attention to lighter ones that feel less intense and are easier to pull off. The color is also ideal for drawing attention to the texture of your hair and can show off your curl pattern or add depth to straight hair.


Bold Burgundy Curls With Middle Part


54. Bold Silver Hair Color

Silver is an edgy and cool color for your hair. It works best on women with warm skin tones and is a way to have fun with your hair but is a more subtle option than brighter and bolder hues like oranges and blues. Silver can be added to the hair in various ways, depending on how vibrant you want it to be. You can opt to dye the entire head or add silver streaks onto blonde hair, giving it depth and dimension. The downside is that silver can be time-consuming to achieve, high-maintenance, and damaging. This is because the hair needs to be bleached to a light base color first.


Silver Pixie Cut


55. Platinum Blonde and Blue Hair Color

Platinum blonde is a great color and is flattering on most complexions. The lightness of the hue is both a pro and a con, as it demands attention and highlights your hair texture and cut, but it can also be incredibly challenging to maintain. It is versatile and pairs well with bold hair colors like blue. There are various ways to add blue hair, but one of the most stylish options is to add streaks throughout. You can also strategically place these around the face to draw attention to the features.


Platinum Blonde And Blue Hair


56. Shades of Pink Hair Color

Pink is one of the easiest colors to wear, and there are various shades of light and dark to choose from. You can combine several to give the hair depth and dimension. Pink will add a feminine finish to the hair and can also make a statement because it is associated with femininity and love. When styling the hair, it is best to leave it long and loose to show off the color entirely.


Shades Of Pink Hair With Braids


57. Half Pink and Orange Hair Color

Pink and orange shades complement each other, but the colors are still bold and bright, demanding attention and highlighting your hair texture and cut. You can combine the colors in several ways, including adding pink hair highlights to an orange base color, an ombre hair color effect, or split dye. The latter option is the most noticeable, with two distinct hues on either side of the head. This is a look that shows the world you are someone who is not afraid to take risks. How you style your hair is entirely up to you!


Half Orange Half Pink Box Braids


58. Bright Blue Hair Color

For those who want something different, an edgy and cool option is adding blue to the hair. Blue hair is made for those who want to stand out, not blend in. Despite being noticeable, blue is surprisingly versatile, and there is a range of colors to choose from, including midnight blue, which is deep and feels luxurious. Or bold, electric blue hair that feels energetic and fun. This color is a wonderful way to show the world your playful side.


Blue Afro Hairstyle


59. E-Girl Rainbow Hair Color

Rainbow hair is fun, youthful, and a guaranteed way to stand out. It is a popular option in the E-girl trend because it is so expressive and can give you a unique and edgy appearance. The idea with this coloring technique is to combine several of your favorite shades, creating a rainbow-like effect. You can add them throughout the hair or focus only on the bangs or around the face. The appeal of this look is that it can say a lot about your personality; you are not afraid to take risks and are not someone who conforms.


E Girl Rainbow Hair


60. Green Hair Color

Green hair is another fun and expressive color. There are various shades to choose from, including bright and vibrant and softer, muted colors like pastel green. The appeal of this color is that it is associated with growth and new beginnings, making your hair feel fresh, modern, and ultra-cool. There are multiple ways to try out this color, and it looks great on all hair textures and lengths.


Green Bob Haircut Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas FAQs

What is the hair color for 2022?

Bright, bold colors such as pink, blue, purple, and red have been some of the most popular colors for 2022. This aligns with people experimenting while in quarantine and the rise of the e-girl trend on social media.

What is the best hair color for home use?

If you’re dying your hair at home, try Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit, Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream, and L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color. Get vibrant DIY rainbow colors with Manic Panic or Arctic Fox.

How do I choose a hair color?

The first step to choosing a hair color is determining if you have warm, cool, or neutral tones in your skin. If you tend to look best in warm colors, you have warm tones, while cool colored clothing suits cool tones. If you look great in both, you have a neutral tone. Warmer hues such as buttery blonde, caramel, rose gold, and warm chocolate are great options for warm-toned women. Meanwhile, for cool hued skin, opt for platinum blonds, silver, taupe, merlot, burgundy, and mocha. Lastly, neutral-toned ladies have endless options, looking great in anything.

What is the best color to cover grey hair?

The best color to cover greys will depend on what shade your hair is, how much grey hair you have, and if you have warm or cool-toned skin. Blond highlights are a great way of disguising greys and making them less noticeable. It also allows you to keep a different base color, rather than jumping into a complete change. Alternatively, you can go blond all over, whether it’s something icy or even a soft silver. When it comes to darker colors, choose ashy brown, mocha, burgundy, or even copper.


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